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W O W. Just wow. I mean, the photos speak for themselves really. But for the sake of a truly thorough review, I’d like to dedicate an entire post to the Casio EXILIM EX-ZR5000. If you follow me on Instagram and have been watching my IG Stories, you would know that I only JUST got back from Bangkok yesterday and well, I guess you can tell how excited I am about the camera+trip to have churned this out within a day! Plus, the photos were so nice, I left them unedited just to show you how unreal yet real this baby is!

Flying out on Friday (28 Oct) was perfect cos Facebook had their Deepavali public holiday then so no annual leave had to be applied for – WOOHOO! Got to the airport at an ungodly hour of 530am and met the group which consisted of 11 people, including myself. Seven bloggers, two Casio reps and two journalists. Equipped with the latest addition to Casio’s EXILIM ZR series of compact point-and-shoot digital cameras, we got our bums on the plane and scooted over to the Land of Smiles!

Day 1:

  • Casio Thailand Office – Got the full download on the ZR5000 and its incredible capabilities
  • Featherstone Bistro Cafe – Superrrrr nice place with serious Alice in Wonderland vibes. Food was good too! Drinks were yum!
  • Asiatique
  • JJ Green – YAAASS. First time here but definitely won’t be my last time! Great shopping!

Day 2:

  • Flower Market @ Pak Klong Talad – Bought a huge bouquet of red roses for SGD $4. Poor Singaporean men… flowers here are just too expensive wth!
  • Wat Pho Temple – Didn’t go in as I already viewed a few Thai temples before and felt little need to explore this one
  • Eat Sight Story – THE HOR FUN HERE IS DA BOMB PLEASE GO AND EAT. Plus I got a Lychee Shake and it was phenomenal
  • Chatuchak – No explanation needed
  • Chocolate Ville – This place was soooo weird cos its called ‘Chocolate Ville’ and there wasn’t any chocolate?!??! But the Tom Yum Koong was heavenly. DRINK!

Day 3:

  • Pratunam Morning Market – MEH. Won’t go again. Not my style!
  • BaanNai Restaurant – Ambience 100% on point. Food was not too bad! Delicious mango sticky rice and green curry. This place is part of a four-room boutique hotel/Airbnb too!
  • Sundays – Took ages to get a seat indoors cos we didn’t manage to make a reservation here but the brownie with vanilla ice cream was OMNOMNOM. Picturesque!

We put up at the Maitria Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 18 for both nights. Location wasn’t too bad. The rooms were huge (a little scary at times lol) but their breakfast spread included an egg station so they have my vote HAHA. It definitely makes a great service apartment though!

So you see, all the photos above were not edited a single bit. That’s how powerful this camera really is. I kid you not. The ZR5000 makes my Samsung NX Mini look like a fool. Whoops. I’d also just like to mention that the night shots are beyond clear. There’s little to no noise and the colours are super vibrant! My fav feature would have to be the Bokeh effect but in all honesty, this mode still needs some fine tuning but for a point-and-shoot, it’s already doing a great job!

Available in Singapore since September this year, the camera features a 19mm super wide-angle lens and Wide View Photo mode to deliver impeccable photo results! Retailing at $629, the ZR5000 comes in White, Green, Pink and Black. The Black is slightly more expensive, retailing at $699. It contains so many modes, it’s highly likely you’ll be mind blown after fiddling with it for a good 10 minutes. This post wasn’t obligatory but the camera was just THAT impressive. If you’re looking for a good digital camera, you now know what to get aye?

A huge thank you to TJ and Peiling of Casio Singapore, dearest Maybeline of MFP and Ultravan for being incredible and gifting me this opportunity. What an amazing first time on a media trip! If you’re headed to BKK for the umpteenth time and are interested in visiting secret hideouts and cafes over the usual touristy activities, please whatsapp Vincent of Ultravan at 83331008 cos trust me, his wife, Wan, and himself are THE BEST GUIDES EVER! Do go support them yea?

I know I’ve yet to blog about Taiwan but this one had to be done asap! Hehehe patience, my dears. More amazing visuals will flood this space whhheeee!

Till then, goodnight! Gonna crash.



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