Nose Threadlift procedure + update

YAAASSSZZ I’ve finally jumped on the latest nose lift aesthetic procedure called nose Threadlift! I’m super fortunate to have found myself Dr Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic.

I’ve always wanted a narrower nose and lifting my nose bridge will tighten the skin and make my nose narrower as well! I was thrilled when Dr Ee told me the threads could correct my nose curve as well 😀


Nose Threadlift is non-surgical, meaning that it does not involve going under the knife. Recovery time is under a week for the slight swelling to subside, and you can wear makeup immediately after that. The best thing is, without all of those things that scare us, it has about the same effect as a nose bridge job. Dr Ee also uses a secret method he learnt from Korean to give the nose a higher, more natural lift which I wasn’t allowed to photograph but I can definitely vouch for the result!

Here are some of the things that it does:
❣ Higher nose bridge
❣ Straighter nose profile
❣ Natural nose contours
❣ Lifting of the nose tip to make it sharper and smaller

Nose threadlift is a very popular procedure in Korea and Japan for quite some time already. It is commonly known as the “lunch-time” nose lift in Korea and Japan because of its minimal down time. My entire treatment, from the consultation, numbing process to the procedure was less than an hour! Plus Dr Ee is really experienced so he only took 15 minutes for the procedure!

WARNING! Mild graphic visuals ahead!!

He injected a local anesthesia along my nose bridge. This is OVER the numbing cream so I really felt minimal pain. The vibrating machine the nurse was holding on my chin helped to divert my attention away from the jabs even more!

And this is how the threads were inserted into my nose >_< 1 thread already made such a huge difference! Looks painful, yes I know, but I really felt NOTHING after the LA was administered. Doctor was done before I knew it.

Here is a before and after photo of my frontal view 1 week after the procedure! You can clearly see how there is a super clear nose bridge contour with the curvature in my nose is corrected, and my entire nose is now narrower.

I really enjoyed my session there, Dr Ee is a super professional yet chill guy. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to do thread-lift and fillers!

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