Old news bleh whatever. But yes this blog post is finally up!

Brought lil Whisky home on 22nd November 2017, she was around 1 year old then. In case you haven’t seen her yet on my social media, here’s her official Instagram page! 😽 www.instagram.com/whiskybabykitty


My parents used to HATE cats or rather animals, but after I brought dear Whisky home, they fell in love with her cheeky personality and treated her like a lil baby girl they never had (wait what? 🙃)

Anyway I’ll just do a lil Q&A first then I’ll show you guys what I got for her! 😽

1. Where did I get her from?

A local cat fosterer located in Jurong West. I found the fosterer on Facebook, contacted her, one week later hello new kitty

2. Where else can I get a cat?

Catwelfare.org and of course SPCA. But their adopting fees are higher and they give a lot more trouble to you especially if you live in a HDB. For example SPCA has ridiculous criterias like making your ENTIRE family to come down to adopt the cat even if you’re above 21, making you fence up your entire house including windows that are never open and staff there has terrible attitude. Yes I’m speaking from experience 😤 And CatWelfare isn’t updated with the animals, I contacted a dozen or so of owners and almost all of them had already been adopted which wasted me a LOT of time. End of mini rant

3. How much did I have to pay for Whisky?

Adoption fees from the fosterer was $80 plus $30 transport fees which is a really good deal compared to Catwelfare (~$200) and SPCA ($100-150 transport not provided).

4. What’s a fosterer?

They take in abandoned or homeless cats to care for until they find a permanent home 😽

5. How did you know she was for you?

The fosterer provided videos which showed her personality! They assured me that she was tame and good for first-time owners. A plus was that she’s toilet trained by the fosterers! But I’d advise against that, try to go visit the cat in person first in case you have any allergies whatsoever

6. What do I need to prepare for a new cat?

Wet food, dry food, water, a scratching post, some toys and a litter box

7. What are the vet fees?

The fosterers have already dewormed, microchipped and sterilized Whisky, it’s what the $80 fees covered! But when I brought her home I realised she was due for her 3-month deworming because worms were crawling out from her butt 😱 Vet consults would have costed me $40 but I just bought the deworming pills from the vet instead for $14 only ($7 each, 2 pills). You gotta ask for it if not they’ll just make you consult. MONEY SAVING HACKS 101 MAN

8. How long did Whisky take to settle in?

She took 2 days to start eating properly and a full week to show her full personality and of course to start marking her favourite spots

9. What problems did you encounter with Whisky?

Meowing at night for attention, accidentally knocking things over (NEVER ON PURPOSE she’s such an angel when she does she’ll just sit there looking super guilty), excessive climbing, making a sm0l mess outside the litter box after her poopies (I HOPE ITS NOT ON PURPOSE), eating my fish from my dinner plate. But ya nothing much 🙃

10. Why’d you name her Whisky?

I was highly inspired by Kingsman 2 the 2017 movie where each person with different roles in the whisky company would be named after liquor… JK who am I kidding I’m just an alcohol addict

I got all my pet supplies from www.kohepets.com.sg before Whisky’s arrival!

Was super happy with the GleePet Lounge Cat Condo purchase and I had lots of fun assembling it 😁 It was a pretty good deal for a 4 storey condo! You can find the link to the condo here

Ain’t she adorbssss 💕💕💕

This is the dry food I feed her daily: Sanabelle

You can find the links to the Sensitive No Grain Pheasant one here and the Sensitive with fresh poultry one here 

I started with Whisky the sensitive one because the fosterer said that she can’t eat cheap cat food, she’s been eating the No Grain pack afterward

For wet food I give her the best- Fancy Feast which can be found in any supermarket

Kohepets gave some Schesir wet food samples which Whisky really enjoyed as well but Fancy Feast is more accessible for me to stock up weekly 😹 Sometimes my mom jokes that Whisky gets better food than us with Chicken liver and even salmon

To make sure your cat is eating good quality food, make sure the main ingredient stated on the can is the first one!

I forgot to get a shot of her with the cat treats but her favourite treats are the cream kind and the one I got from Kohepets is Petz Route Kitty’s Cream Cat Treats. I feed it to her when I play fetch with her 😁

Kohepets was also nice enough to throw in a feather toy for her and it happened to be her favourite one now!! It drives her absolutely insane she’ll literally fly around the house chasing that fluffy thing around

I’m just gonna leave you with cute Whisky GIFs which I can’t stop watching urgh she’s SO CUTE

Once again this is the website I got these supplies from https://www.kohepets.com.sg/! Also did I mention delivery only takes 2 days  and delivery is FREE for orders S$60 and above! If your order falls below S$60, there will be a delivery charge of S$8.


Thanks so much for reading all the way through 😁 If you have any questions regarding cat care or on Whisky feel free to drop me a direct message on my Instagram @cherzinga 💕

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