Firsts: Eyebrow Embroidery ♥

Doing my brows take up the most time in my makeup routine. And even when so, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to get the perfect brow. Thus, I’ve been searching and searching for a place to get my brows embroidered!!
In case you guys don’t know what eyebrow embroidery is about, this is a detailed Buzzfeed video I had previously watched about embroidery, it’ll get you started! 😉
In summary, it’s a semi-permanent version of eyebrow tattooing. It’s painless and gives you PERFECT brows.
I’ve been looking out for various brow salons for a really long time (for about a year?) and finally my attention landed on Bellus De Charme. I’ve been seeing the Charme group on Instagram so often because they also provide nail and hair services. I see a lot of people getting their hair and nails done there! In fact they have most of the beauty serivces like IPL and facials as well. A lot of their customers gave very good reviews! 
@nicole.choo & @gnitil also got their brows done there and theirs are like super goals 😍😍
Chels was there at the salon so she helped me video the process 😊😊 THANK YOU BB!!
Anyway I went with fully drawn brows so they could have a better idea of what I wanted! It’s a common mistake to go without makeup because it could end up looking way less dramatic than you would want them to be.
So first they removed my brow makeup!
HAHAHA Ting Hao trying to get out of the shot
Removing my drawn-on brows


They trimmed, plucked and drew my brows to the designated shape



If only I could draw my brows so quickly and perfectly every morning 😽
Applying the numbing cream so that the process will be painless 😄😄 I waited for about 20 minutes for the cream to set in. Thankfully I had Chels and Ting to keep me company 😊😊

20 minutes later, they got me comfortable in the room while they mixed the ink to the colour that I wanted.
They removed the numbing cream and did a rough outline of my brows. I was super scared after seeing the blade and embroidery machine at first 😂😂

I was terrified man, just look at my face
Just outlining the guiding for the embroidery process
The embroidery machine

When they started, I was genuinely so surprised that I couldn’t feel a thing!! I even managed to do an Instagram live broadcast 😀




Individually drawing in the strands towards the middle for a more natural look
Last but not least, she let the ink sit in for a bit before removing all the excess. 
So gorg right
This is the final look! BROWS ON POINT 
Mine is actually the gradient mist brows. Quick tip: it’s a lot easier for you to bring a picture of what you want to show them 😊😊 Which I regret not doing so because I was quite bad at explaining what I wanted. Thankfully I still got what I hoped for and I got so many compliments after I had them done!! 
You’ll end up looking like an angry bird for the next 1 week or so while the ink continues to sink in and your skin will peel off. 

So as you guys can see, the “Angry Bird” brows peeled off to reveal my new shaped brows! Below is a picture of me with and without drawing them in. 

As you can see I can easily achieve the perfect drawn brows also! I’ll have to go back in 3 months to touch up and get a darker shade as well. Can’t wait for my next session! 😊😊
Here are Bellus De Charme’s Instagram and website for your reference!
I’ll do up a video if I have time, keep a look out for it 😀
Lots of love,

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