Meet Granger the Mongrel ♥

This is Granger ♥ Y’all might have seen her on my Snapchats or Instastories but I never properly introduced this sweet-pea. She’s a mongrel, meaning mixed breed, adopted as a small pup two years back by Keith. She wasn’t in a good condition but after lots of care and attention she grew up to be the sweetest thing ever. Granger’s the kind who will run and pounce on you when you come back and sometimes she even leaves pawprints all over my clothes when she gets too excited HAHA.

She’s very well trained by my boyf so she listens to commands by word alone so she never needed treats or rewards. So I decided to surprise her last week with an entire box of doggie treats and toys ♥ I ordered from because they give very detailed descriptions of the products which helped me a lot in selecting the best for Granger 

They have a ridiculously HUMONGOUS range of pet food, toys, dental foods etc. I didn’t even know there were so many brands in the market! The website is very well organized and they even categorized to small and big pets.

They also gave me lots of help in selecting the right dry food and dental-care foods which was the hard part for me as a pet supply idiot 😹😹

Here are the stuff that I got for her! (click for the links to the products)
Merrick grain-free real chicken sweet potato dry dog food

Smartbones rawhide-free mini dental dog chews; because she gets bad breath sometimes
Bow Wow Beef jerky dog treat, her favourite treat!
Doggyman cheese yogurt mix biscuit (She’s being such an angel in the background)

I also got her a new toy, perfect for her chewing tendencies. She used to have tennis balls to chew but they kept rolling out of the gate. Finally no more chewed up slippers 😊😊

All For Paws Extra durable stug dog toy

She’s been very receptive of the food and treats so far! This is her doing a handshake! 😊😊

Granger playing with her new dog toy 😀

And finally she get tired from running around but she still refuses to let go of her toy. One game that she never understood was ‘fetch’. Every time I threw something for her to fetch, she’ll sprint to get it and come back, but refusing to give it back to me HAHAHA
Thank you Kohepets for making Granger a happy pup ♥♥ 
On a side note happy Lunar New Year to all my readers!! 

Lots of love,

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