Hai Xian Lao ♥

This December I’ve been going around SG having lots of good food and I just wanted to share about this steamboat place I went to last week called Hai Xian Lao which is located a 5 minute walk from Bugis/Rochor Mrt

8 Wilkie Rd #01-21, Singapore 228095
Phone:6509 6194

Opening hours: 1130AM-5AM everyday

Yes it opens till 5AM!!! It’s as good as a 24 hour food place! 😽

My company for the evening <3 i="">
They’ve had many great reviews on blogs as well as Hungry Go Where! The food there is really affordable as well especially if you’re a student eating there during lunch time.

Without further ado, I’m gonna share the mouth watering photos with you guys 😁

There are 7 soup bases for you to choose from: Laksa, Si Chuan Ma-la, Chicken, healthy Collagen, Mushroom, Tom yum and Tomato. We chose their signature collagen, as well as Chicken, Tom Yum and Laksa!! It was my first time hearing about the collagen soup although it’s pretty well known by other foodies, so I was really excited to try it

Collagen soup (left) comes in solid form before dissolving. SO COOL

Tons of ingredient choices! The amount we ordered isn’t even half the menu!!

The pork belly definitely won my heart that night, we finished 4 plates of this!!
The dumplings were one of my favourites too, I kept eating until I could stuff no more!!
They also have awesome cooked food. This looks so good and tastes even better!!

Sweet peanut sauce (not sure what it’s called because the labels were in Chinese)

I thought the sauces needed an honourable mention because I tried many of the sauces and they all tasted great and unique! My fav’s gotta be the peanut sauce (non-spicy), I’m quite sure it’s not meant to go with everything but I did exactly that because I just couldn’t get enough of it! 😋😋

I also NEED to highlight how good their service was!! They cleared our plates frequently to make sure our dining experience wasn’t hampered by the mess. What’s more they also offer to de-shell the prawns you order OMG!

Last but not least, a MUST TRY is their milk tea!! Just by the colour I could tell it’s gonna be great and I wasn’t disappointed at all, one of the best thai milk teas around! 

We were soooooo full after our buffet. The good thing about that place is since it closes late (or early hmm), you can just sit there and enjoy even more food!!

Anyway though I might wanna share, their latest promotion is their Mala Xian Guo promotion!! 

Haven’t got to try this yet but maybe in the near future!! 

Lots of love,

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