The New Instant Food? ♥

Recently I discovered that there’s a new type of instant food which is instant (3 min) macaroni and omg it’s as good a finding a cold drinks store on a hot day. It saved my life so many times whenever the fridge was empty hehe.
Macaroni is my childhood comfort food and I haven’t had it in years. When I came across Kay’s instant macaroni I HAD to give it a try. And really, I had no regrets. 
They come in 5 flavours- Chicken, Anchovy, Vegetable, Curry, Tom Yam
 Since it’s made in Singapore and new you’ll think it’s probably expensive right? WRONG- Because it’s only $2.95 for 3 packets (source: Sheng Shiong Supermarket) WHICH MEANS $0.98333 PER PACK!!
As you can see from the instructions, it’s literally as easy as 1, 2, 3 haha. But it’s kinda only 2 because I don’t think you consider carrying the bowl of fresh macaroni a step.
In goes the macaroni
In goes the seasoning
3 minutes later
Of course whatever I cooked and served to myself is the very basic because of the lack of time I have on a daily basis 🙁 Fashion design life yay. Even so, I feel that the soup is flavourful enough to be served just as it is. But if you do put in other ingredients and effort yours should look something like this:

Looks SO good I’m starting to reevaluate my lack of investment of time into cooking.
Furthermore its Halal certified, has NO preservatives, no wax (which in fact most instant noodles have), non-fried. It’s really a healthy yet filling meal or snack! 
You can find out more and get more reviews at their website and of course you can find them at Sheng Shiong Supermarkets at $2.95 for 3.
Enjoy 😉
Lots of love,

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