Rebel with a Cause ♥

Ignore what others think and do it your way, that’s what I live by and basically my character. Growing up was tough for me because I wasn’t the ordinary girl. I played soccer and hung out with boys a lot; unlike most girls, I was tan af and at that time it wasn’t “pretty” for girls to be tanned. It took a long time for me to realise the importance of loving yourself and following your aspirations. 

Up till today, I still get laughed at when I tell people (older generations I’m looking at you) that I play soccer or that I’m going to LaSalle to do fashion design, especially when they know that I come from a JC. But it really doesn’t matter what others say, as long as you live your life the way you want it to. 

Fairboy Official donates a part of proceeds to non-profit organizations like SPCA. If you wanna be a rebel, do it right and be a rebel with a cause 😉

30% off orders from them when you use discount code “LENGYEIN”! 🙂

Top: Fairboy Official
Denim Jacket: Forever 21
Runner shorts: Forever 21
Shades: Forever 21
Cap: H&M kids (Pro tip: if you have a small head get your caps from there ♥)
Choker: Rosebel

Special thanks to Fairboy offical for the top and of course photographers Shub Whale (@19thworld/@visual96th) and Darren (@darrenleongvisuals), show them some love and follow them! 🙂

Lots of love,

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