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I cannot emphasise enough the importance of proper skincare. I’m 20, and I have already had my fair share of skin problems that people usually only twice my age have.


Too much sun. Bad diet. Zero skincare routine.

And when I say zero skincare routine I REALLY mean zero (e.g using normal body soap for my face because I’m lazy). This strips your face from all the natural oils and minerals it needs to stay glowy and dewy. 

Recently I managed to try out Blended Singapore’s Vitamin C serum and anti-pimple cream which are 100% natural!

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is a powerful miracle worker as it has many benefits to skin! It has been proven to brighten skin, fade scars, anti-ageing, reduce appearance of wrinkles and kick-start the skin’s natural repair mechanism. It does this as Vitamin C contains antioxidants which neutralizes free radicals – the culprit that leads to ageing skin! 

There are plenty of Vitamin C serums in high-end products in the market, but you’ll most likely find that they tend to be veryyyy expensive, and if you look closer at the ingredient list, you’ll find that the concentration of Vitamin C has been diluted down in order to cater to most skincare types (anything higher than 20% risks causing a chemical burn on sensitive skin).

But their Vitamin C serum has been specially formulated for greatest efficiency while keeping costs affordable for buyers and percentages can be customized!

Most recently they repackaged the serum into roll-on bottles so it’s super easy to apply! 🙂

Vitamin C serum (SGD39.90)
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If you think the Vitamin C serum is on the costly side, let’s directly compare it to a rejuvenating and moisturising product by New York Skin Solutions.

I was using that before switching to Blended’s Vitamin C serum. It costed me $60 for just ONE bottle and it’s not made of natural ingredients :'( In fact, when I used that NYSS serum on my BF’s skin, he got breakouts!! :O But his skin softened up again and cleared up with Blended’s products!! (tru story bro)

Pimple treatment cream

Pimples are formed because of the bacteria bred within oil-clogged pores. Thus the key active ingredient in their formulation is tea tree oil (found in TONS of really really expensive skincare products I’m talking $100++?! products), which penetrates deep into pores to kill bacteria – the culprit behind pimples and pus. It contains natural antibacterial properties which also dries out whiteheads and blackheads. The formulation also combines Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe skin, reduce redness and minimize scarring after the pimple has been zapped! 🙂

I usually used Oxy 5 pimple cream found in common drug stores to get rid of pimples but their formula is so full of chemicals, I never felt comfortable using it especially in the long term. Plus it give an unsightly white mask over your face, which I sometimes accidentally leave the house without washing it off xD Well Blended’s natural ingredients doesn’t leave a spot on your face after application 🙂

Squeezed out > after application (cred to google images)

I don’t have hyper sensitive skin but Blended’s founder has extremely sensitive and acne-prone skin, and got burnt badly by market pimple treatments including Oxy! After the incident, they realized she wasn’t the only one and she was inspired to create this product! Most market products like Oxy are very drying, as they usually use chemical ingredients which dries out the pimple but also the skin at the same time! For sensitive skins, this can lead to chemical burns and flaking, so they came up with a gentle yet effective version that won’t harm the skin while getting rid of those nasty pimples!

Natural’s the way to go man.

Pimple treatment cream (SGD17.90)
Quote ‘CHERYL15’ during checkout for 15% off 

Post-usage Review

After using their products for a couple of weeks (after showers or make-up removing), I did notice my face was looking hydrated and plump throughout the day, not look dull and lifeless even without foundation!

In fact, I’ve completely stopped using foundation, even for photo-shoots. Sorry Sephora hahaha.

Loving how the Vitamin C keeps my face radiant and plump when my facial treatment was wearing off
Thank you Blended SG for bringing me over to the bright side of natural products! 😀 Probably never gonna go back to chemical products as far as possible. 

Yes I do have a discount code!! Quote ‘CHERYL15’ during checkout for 15% off 

Hope you guys learnt more about skincare and natural skincare products through this article! I only preach about things that work and that are healthy for you girls out there ♥ 

I post pretty often nowadays (twice a week?) so do lookout for my next blogpost!!
Lots of love,

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