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With all the hype about Sweet monster, I was thrilled to be representing the Smitten team to be part of their new outlet launch at Velocity@Novena!! Finally got the chance to try it out. I’ll be sharing my honest opinions on the food in this post! 🙂 Is it really as good as it looks and seems?

Sweet monster is a Korean brand which created Popcorn soft serve ice cream and in 2015, it hit the shores of Singapore.

With my fellow Smitten Babes and the Sweet Monster mascot!

While waiting for our food

“Life is hard, enjoy soft” HAHAH what a catchphrase lmao

Other than ice cream they actually have a lot of products like coffee, popcorn and even cute notepads!! 

Bloggers doin their blogger thang

Cookie Mountain, my absolute favourite!! (6SGD)

Let me start off by introducing my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE pick!! Self-explanatory from the photo description above, it’s their soft meets hard Cookie Mountain; cookies and chocolatey sauce drizzled onto their signature soft ice cream. Although it was one of the last to be served and we were all super full already, I couldn’t stop eating!!! I can’t tell you over this computer screen, you gotta try it yourself!!

Hell yeah you can never go wrong with cookies and (ice) cream!

Chocolate popcorn, second fav! (6.80SGD)

My second fav would be their ice cream with Chocolate Popcorn. Initially it was hard to eat because the popcorn kept threatening to fall off HAHAHA. But the girls and I really enjoyed this one after a little bit of practice 🙂 The Cookie Mountain was a lot easier to eat hence my top vote went there! But taste-wise I think the Choc Popcorn can be on par. Even if you don’t get this combo, you definitely have to try their Chocolate popcorn (5.80SGD)! It’s something new and it was something we all agreed was great!

Peanut Butter Pretzel cone 

We were also very fortunate to be able to try out their new menu! Their Peanut Butter Pretzel and Original Tiramisu on their freshly-baked-daily cones!!

Their Peanut Butter Pretzel tasted very much like the popular Korean flavour injeolmi, a common Bingsu flavour. I enjoyed it a lot, in fact I think it goes better with soft-served ice cream rather than Bingsu 🙂

Cheese and caramel mix popcorn (6.80SGD)

I wasn’t a big fan of the cheese popcorn though; it’s probably because I don’t enjoy salted popcorn at all (I literally spit them out if I find one in movie popcorn boxes). But the combo of milk and cheese was alright, quote Belle: “Must eat alternate, one caramel one cheese”.

Of course they still have tons of food and flavours we didn’t have the stomach space for. I complied some of them for yall here ♥

Babes from my table ♥
With bby girl @shinamisstothea!!


All you need to do is to tag your photos#SweetmonsterSelfie with your Monster-saurus face and your icecream, and the most creative caption wins,1 winner per week!!! To participate,
1) Like Sweet Monster Facebook and follow Sweet monster on Instagram (links below)
2) Set your instagram account to “public”
3) Tag your photos with#sweetmonsterSelfie
4) Enjoy your Ice-cream!

All the best 

It was nice meeting all the new people from Smitten also! Hope to see yall soon again ♥

Special thanks to Sweet Monster for the invite!! 


Anyway after the event I met up with my home girl Chels for a short shoot, thought I might wanna share some of the pics I took with yall here! ♥

Her items she’s wearing can be found on her instashop @anchoretteslot! Do support her shop!! She’s also having a giveaway right now, one set of CALVIN KLEIN underwear set to be won!!! Link here to her giveaway post ♥

Also here’s a sneak preview of an outfit post that’ll be up real soon! 

Till next time loves ♥

Signing off,

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