Bad review: BodyBlendz VS Cotton On

Recently I purchased a coffee body scrub in coconut from Cotton On for $9.90, seemingly similar to the BodyBlendz Coconut Delight, $25 (but $23 if you use my discount code CHERZINGA). Prior to that purchase, I was using BodyBlendz from a reseller in Singapore. (link here) This post is entirely based on my true opinion. 


Anyway, I got the Cotton On body scrub from Cotton On Body at Bugis. At the store time I was thinking, since both BB and CO are from Australia, the difference can’t be too vast right? What’s more CO is a renowned label and I get A LOT of my clothes and accessories from them. 

But I was horribly wrong.

When I opened up the packet all the ‘coffee’ scrub was scrunched up and soggy, something like what happened to my BB scrub toward the end of the packet when a lot of my shower water got inside. I figured it was because of the coconut oil but seriously, how am I to pour it out properly? Huge chunks are bound to fall out. I didn’t have such a problem with BB at all.

Cotton On
Body Blendz
And why I put the apostrophes over coffee? Because it didn’t smell like coffee at all. It smelt like coconut oil ENTIRELY. Where’s my fragrant coffee??!

I admit I had pretty high expectations because I started out with BB and my experience was astounding. My skin went from 0 to 100, it was gentle on my eczema, removed some red itchy spots I had from shaving, toned down my acne etcetc.

My next big mistake was deciding to give the poor CO scrub a chance in the shower. I thought maybe it would feel and smell a lot better after adding with water and scrubbing it on. 

Wrong again.

Cotton On Coconut Body scrub

Unlike BB, the CO scrub hurt my eczema wounds and left them feeling sore after that 🙁 Conclusion: NOT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN OR PEOPLE WITH ECZEMA. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, I ended up smelling like a certain exotic race for the rest of the day.

From the Cotton On website

‘5-10min before rinsing’; HELL NO I rinsed it off 5-10 seconds because I couldn’t stand the stench. Smelt like coconut oil mixed with parsley and some weird shit.

Yes, it did ex-foliate. And my skin felt smooth… But the smoothness was only because of the oily coconut oil, which I had to soap my body twice to get the thick layer of oil off. 

Yay to hydrated skin.

Now I understand why all the BodyBlendz resellers in Singapore are emphasizing so much on purchasing their original products, because if you accidentally get a counterfeit, you’re gonna end up like me.

Sorry Cotton On, but not gonna get make-up or scrubs from y’all ever again.

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