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Thankful for the decade & the most-unglamourous 10 months of marriage!

2020 at Orchard Road.

10 years is a long time but in retrospect, the decade has gone by so quickly! Look at how much we have changed over these years.

2010 at Orchard Road.

9 years of being in courtship and almost a year of being married to each other. I feel that we’ve grown exponentially together in the past 10 months.

Marriage is indeed a new beginning, a huge commitment and a continuous process of acceptance and loving each other unconditionally.

We still put in the effort to look extra-fine on those days that we’re heading out but we spend most of our days at home, facing each other in our most comfortable yet most unglamorous PJs, “hair-undos” and at-ease poses. And guess what? We always frown at each other’s ridiculous look and burst out into a snigger or laughter. If not, we discreetly bring out our best photography skills to capture those moments when the other is not looking or even dreaming away in lala-land~

We talk about the weirdest discovery we find on our body (like a stubborn pimple on the neck or a hairier belly from pregnancy), while anticipating how the other would react in disgust instead of judging us.

We uncover each other’s imperfections and embrace them. With the coming of #limbaby, we talk about our perspectives of raising a child, saving up for the future and spend most of our money on baby instead of ourselves on special discount days like 10:10, 11:11 — yet our hearts are full and our individual thinking seems to converge into one.

Nothing is perfect but I learnt to see the beauty in imperfections with you. I am glad to be on this journey with you and I look forward to the lifetime ahead beside you. I am thankful. Truly.

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