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The Gift

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” – Matthew 7:7

I remember holding my rosary close to my tummy one night, asking mama Mary to help me intercede for a baby weeks before I start noticing possible signs of pregnancy.

It has always been my goal to have a baby before I turn 30. Papa bry knows that.

Before planning for a baby

From getting married to securing a new job and then planning to start a family together – all these may sound simple but it is extremely challenging to achieve especially in 2020. This year has been challenging for many and for us too, without exception.

The COVID-19 crisis struck Singapore just 3 weeks after our wedding and soon after, we moved into the circuit breaker period where all non-essential jobs have to cease operations at workplaces and we all have to telecommute with work-from-home (WFM) arrangements. Even visiting our family members who lives in a separated house is prohibited; to minimise the possible spread of this pandemic. Imagine if we had planned our wedding later during the year, we would not be able to have our banquet, lest to say have family members and friends from abroad to attend. We are truly grateful.

First signs

The most obvious sign that gets you pondering if you’re pregnant is a missed period. I was also hit by 1.5 weeks of constant fatigue before I finally decided to take a pregnancy test.

I had zero suspicion when I experienced fatigue since it could be the effect from flu jab which I took a while ago. My daddy would be able to testify how tired I felt since we started video calling every night last month (May).

This was the result from the test kit! We were quite doubtful because the 2nd line looked very faint. We took another test a week later and the test line was darker, which confirms the pregnancy! Then we went to the polyclinic to take a urine test and got a referral to the hospital for gynae appointments — (Highly recommended to go through this route if you are planning to go to public hospitals for gynae appointments. Getting a referral letter from the polyclinic entitles you to subsidised rates at the hospital on your subsequent follow ups.)

Lifestyle changes

Papa bry and I have been making mini lifestyle adjustments since taking the pregnancy test. I have been weary of what I eat (maybe a bit too weary — perhaps even contributing to food aversions which kicked in later) and Papa bry has been even more supportive and helpful when it comes to helping me do chores like getting my laptop charger from the room to dining room, pouring me water, reminding me to take breaks and rest earlier, eating the food that I abstain from (like pineapples, oranges, half-cooked eggs, tuna) and taking walks instead of weekly jogs.

My last jog with papa bry last week was a struggle for me too. As much as I thought my weekly workouts have increased my stamina, I could not even lift my feet to run up a mild slope and the abdomen area felt heavy then, so I ended up walking most of the time. Thanks papa bry for being so accommodating.

Photo from our last walk!

More signs

I’ve also noticed that I have been running to the toilet more frequently now. Even taking half the water from a styrofoam cup at work gave me the urge to go to the loo. My body must be undergoing many hormonal changes now. Going to toilet more frequently is due to increased blood flow to the pelvic area.

I’m also feeling a slight tightening sensation in the abdomen as I go through my day. Sometimes in the middle of the day, around 3pm, dizziness and fatigue would kick in.

I read up a lot on the net on what to expect and surely these are some of the symptoms. I’m just glad that I do not feel nauseous and there’s no vomiting too. (too soon to say!)

The bump at week 4

Baby is a size of a poppy seed here!

Till next post!

On a side note

Papa bry bought me a MacBook Pro! I am using it to do my blogging now. Thank so much my dearest for this! He says it’s not a gift though. (but he jokingly said, “It’s ours.”) haha. Thanks for thinking of me, my dearest!

With my new 16″ upgraded MacBook Pro! (after our 3rd attempt to purchase. haha)

Thank you papa bry! Love ya!

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