Making the most out of #StayingHome

We are 5 weeks into the Circuit Breaker (CB) and this means most of us get to spend 24/7 at home. How have you been coping?

For Bry and I, staying at home means waking up a little later, having breakfast together while we sit around the dining table at 9am in the morning, ready to tackle the day’s worklist and then spending lots of time after work just doing our own thing before we tuck into bed after watching an episode or two of “Crash Landing On You” together.

I enjoy this kind of (what he calls it) “quantity time” together. Of course, we have to sacrifice some other things that we love to do during this period as well, like visiting our family members who are staying away from us and going out to the malls. While we stay in to stay safe and minimise the spread of the pandemic, we are learning to make the most of our time too. Here are some of the things I do to keep myself productive, what about you?

  1. Pray, pray and more prayers
  2. Read, read and lots of reading
  3. Write and write
  4. Draw, doodle, paint
  5. Take Udemy classes
  6. Sort out my old images and files
  7. Learn how to cook
  8. Watch a Kdrama with my hubby
  9. Go out for a jog
  10. Connect with family and friends over web calls

Now, I am entering a new chapter of life too. I pray that the Lord continue to keep us all safe and guide us all in our daily lives. Till next time!

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