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A Beautiful #HengIMagYou Day with Everyone So Dear!

Our hearts are so full. A mighty big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to all who made our wedding smooth and stress-free, those who have travelled near and far to be with us and those who sent their blessings though they are not able to attend! THANK YOU! ♥

Walking down the aisle officially as husband & wife.
Photo captured by Lynette Lim.

Finally got my blog log in fixed and here’s my long thank you note to you guys!!! ♡ ♥ ♡

✢ Our Heavenly Father ✢  First of all, thank you to our blessed Father in heaven for making this union possible. It is hard to imagine how we could both meet and fell in love with each other on the first day we met at a random charity walk event filled with thousands of people and how we survived the 4 years long-distance relationship living in two countries 8000 miles apart. Thank you for your grace, your wisdom and your unconditional love for us. There were so many times I felt things didn’t go as planned or when I felt low and or lacked patience but you sent people and help to journey me through. Thank you!

✢ Our Parents ✢ Thank you to our dearest parents who raised us up. You all are the most amazing. Thank you for all the silent sacrifices, the wonderful times spent together, the toys, the food, the chores, the teachings and those times you stayed by our side when we were sick or afraid. For so many more indescribable dedication you’ve made in our lives to lead us to where we are today. Thank you for your patience and support in our relationship too.

Especially thank you for the sleepless nights you have put in to help us before and during our wedding day to ensure we have what we need and for everything to run smoothly. Things would never be complete and smooth-sailing without you all! It is not easy to marry off a daughter, especially your youngest daughter but you put my happiness before yours and for that I am grateful. Thank you for making me feel like a princess for the past 29 years of my life by giving me all you’ve got and for all the love showered upon me and all the hard work you put in to raise me up!

Especially like to thank my mummy for running all my wedding errands for me to make every detail so perfect! Thank you for wanting to put up the best for me. You look so beautiful in the qipao you custom-made! Thank you for all the understanding and patience you’ve put in. I am so blessed for being your daughter. Thank you for taking care of me and everything you can possibly think of for our wedding! <3

You know we cherish you all so much, so much, so much!

✢ Our Siblings ✢ 

Thank you Dajie, Erjie, Korkor, Anthony, Lynette! Thank you for standing by us through the good times and difficulties we face in our lives. Thank you for being our listening ears, our playmates, our partners in crime, our guardian angels. Life is so good with you around! Let’s create more magical moments together!

✢ Our Relatives from Singapore & Overseas ✢ 

Thank you all for coming to join us, to share our joy, to be our witnesses, to stand with us. Thank you so much for all the love and blessings poured upon us and for being such good examples of grandaunts, granduncles, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews! We are so blessed! Thanks for all the help at our wedding as well and for being a bundle of joy to us! We can’t wait to spend more time with you all!

✢ Wedding Bros & Sis (Valerie, Mei Eng, Ling Er, Shi Hui, Ricardo, William, JJ) ✢

Thank you for saying YES to be our brave, busy, but beautiful and charming sisters and brothers! Thanks so much for being there with us for our wedding preparations, planning and for all the crazy and amazing years of friendship we have!

Val, thank you for all your patience, prayers and readiness to be there when I need you! Thanks for being my church sister and rehearsing the ceremony with me and my nieces. For sharing your beautiful singing and reading with our guests.

Mei Eng, thank you for being so enthu and so helpful for my wedding! Thank you for guiding me what to look out for and helping me capture so many amazing photos and videos. Thank you for lending me your beautiful wedding decor so willingly and thank you for taking the initiative to help me with the reception table set up to create something that way surpassed what I wanted!

Ling Er and Shi Hui, thank you for staying up late at night before my wedding day to help me complete my angbao box and guestbook. Thank you for waking up early to help prepare the games prep and for carrying my heavy dress. Thanks for all the help at the wedding and for always being there for me!

Ricky, William and JJ, thanks for being so sporting to help Bryan through all the gatecrashing games and even flying down all the way from Canada to be here! Not just helping out with our wedding preparation but also battling jetlag at the same time. Thank you for the beautiful stage set up as well to make it something that I had always wanted!

✢ My Church Friends ✢  My Emmanuel members, Maryann, Joel, Alvin, Sandra, Evan, Uncle Clement, Teresa & hubby, Dorothy & John!

Thank you all so much for coming and sharing your time with us! Thanks so much for journeying in faith with us throughout the years and praying for us. We are super grateful to have you guys in our lives as our companions and brothers and sisters!

✢ My Colleagues & Ex-Colleagues ✢ 

It’s such a joy to see all of you at my wedding, thank you for showing your support by turning up to share the happiness! Super grateful for your presence and especially for those whom I have lost touch for a while now like Glynnis, Kevin, Xing Jie, Jamie, Wendy, Damian and family – thank you for keeping in touch all these time and still turning up for my big day!

✢ My Secondary Friends ✢ 

First of all, to my dearest sweet darlings (2e4 girls!). Thank you for being there for me and offering help! Thank you for wanting to be part of my big day! Special thanks to Sze Huey for taking up the challenge to be a wedding emcee for the first time! I am so honoured to have you as my wedding emcee, I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did! Also thank you so so much newlywed Rui Yi for your generosity in lending me all your beautiful wedding props and face masks! haha I really love them! Thank you Joel, Ying Liang and Zigui too for coming and for the gift, thoughts and time! Super appreciate! Looking forward to more adventures and fun times from this friendship that we all have built together!

✢ For our solo ninja friends ✢ 

A shoutout to Jacinth, Stephen, Angeline, Patrick, Sishuo, Gwendolyn. Haha though the full clique wasn’t present at our wedding, you guys still turn up and stay through our wedding. We are so happy and grateful for your presence!

✢ My iLead Friends ✢ 

Thank you all (Evelyn, Yu Wei, James and Sid) for coming to my wedding and to Yew Ngee who can’t come but still sent your blessings. Thank you for coming here to witness my big day even though we don’t hang out as often already! I can’t wait to witness all your big day too (except James cos no chance liao, but still got baby shower la ;)) haha and I look forward to our next outing/ dinner together with the rest! To more fun times together!

✢ My Blogging Friends ✢ 

Yooo! Thank you all for coming to my wedding and for capturing wonderful IG moments for us! I am always excited to hang out with you guys. Though I may not be as active as I was in the blogging circle, you all still turned up for my wedding, I am so happy! I am blessed to find a group of friends like you all who shares the same interests and hobbies with me! I hope we will have more opportunities to hang out again in future and continue to help each other capture awesome moments to remember!

✢ My New Family ✢ 

To my dearest new family (Mum, Dad, Sis, Grandparents, Grant aunts/ uncles, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and in-laws), I am so happy to see all of you at our wedding! Thank you for travelling all the way here and for the joy and blessings you all shared with us. It was definitely a cherished gathering to remember and we look forward to the next time we can all gather again to have some good time! I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have everyone here, especially gong gong, mama and popo! Thank you, mum and dad, for helping us with the wedding preparations like tea ceremony and coordination with the rest of the family. Thank you for all the big and silent sacrifices you’ve made for our wedding. To Yiyi, thank you for helping out with the tea ceremony and food! To Lynette and Ilya, thank you for being with us before our wedding and for all the help you’ve given to us to make this wedding complete. Thank you for capturing the beautiful moments and for being with us from our ROM day to wedding day! Can’t be happier!

To Sharon, Chun Kiat, Edward and Delicia, thank you for bringing your beautiful sons and daughters to join us in our church and dinner march in! haha We are so blessed with this cute and irresistible wedding entourage! They surely made our wedding march in a moment to remember! To Steph, Michelle and Yvonne, thank you for helping us out in church and at our wedding reception! We are so glad to see you all and we look forward to spending more amazing and fun times together the next time we meet, be it in Singapore or Msia! <3

✢ Our Videographer and Photographer, Makeup Artist, Bridal Shop, Church Choir, Coordinators ✢ 

Thank you all so much for the wonderful parts each of you played to make our wedding a smooth-sailing and beautiful one! I can’t get a better team than you guys!

✢ Father Tom ✢ 

Thank you so much for celebrating this precious milestone with us and for journeying with us throughout our wedding prep and for your prayers for us! So grateful and I pray that our good Lord keep watch over you too!

✢  ✢  ✢ 

I hope I didn’t miss out on anyone. I can only say so much on my blog. My heart is full and I simply can’t ask for more. Each of you plays a special part in my life! I look forward to keeping our friendship/ relationship going! God bless you all! See you all soon!! xxx

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