Battled Skin to Better Skin with Q-Switch Laser at Aesthetic Central Clinic

Beneath the makeup are my battle scars. I have been fighting with acne marks and breakouts, it seems like a never-ending battle since my secondary school years. Besides pesky marks, I also have uneven skin tone and dry skin.

Since my wedding day is drawing closer, I am feeling more anxious than ever to get my skin in better shape. I am glad to finally go for Q-Switch laser at Aesthetic Central Clinic to help me see better results within a shorter time with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Here I am on my first Q-Switch laser appointment with Dr Ryan Tan. He explained to me what Q-switch laser is all about, what to expect, how to take care of my skin after the treatment and answered my questions about my skin.

Here’s a cosy and comfortable dressing room where you can remove your makeup and give your skin a good cleanse before the laser appointment.

This is a peek into Aesthetic Central Clinic’s room where the lasers are done.

What is Q-Switch Laser?

In the nutshell, Q-switch laser helps to effectively remove unwanted marks and spots on the face such as acne scars, pigmentations, age spots and freckles. It uses a non-invasive high-energy laser to breakdown pigments into smaller fragments to be absorbed by the skin, aiding in the skin’s natural healing process.

Is it painful?

Minimal. Bearable. It gets better. That’s what I’d say after going through 3 rounds of laser appointments. I did them all without numbing cream. The very first session was most intimidating for me as I was not sure how it would feel, I actually looked forward to each session thereafter and felt minimal to zero pain.

The sensation is almost like tiny sparks hitting the surface of the skin or some may say it feels like a mini rubber band snapping on your skin (but it’s less painful than it sounds). The stronger sensation I felt was on my accident scar below my lips since it was stitched up last year and the tissues around that area are more sensitive than other parts of the face. Still, it was bearable and gets better with each session.

In the process, if you smell light burning smell, don’t panic. That’s when the impurities and fine hair are being removed in the process.

Is there any downtime?

Zero to minimum downtime. Immediately after the laser, I could walk around and take public transport home without full-on redness. I’d say the little redness faded off after 1-3 hours.

With this minimal downtime, I could go back to work with makeup on the next day.

What I love about Q-Switch Laser?

I love how convenient and quick it is. The entire process was done within 10-15 minutes, a perfect lunch-time treatment. I love how mild and bearable the pain was and yet I see visible results each day. I love how I get up every morning and see my face get better each day. I love the minimal redness and zero downtime; I do not have to worry about rushing home immediately after the laser to hide from the glares of strangers.

The results?

After the first round my Q-Switch Laser at Aesthetic Central Clinic, I could observe that the brown pigmentations on my skin have diminished and some even disappeared. The most obvious was my accident scar below the chin. It had a brown mark around it but now it has cleared out and the scar has turned from brown to white/ almost hard to spot! I did not know that acne scar removal treatments can be so effective. Ask my colleagues, they can testify to you!

I love how the darker scars became lighter and how much cleaner my skin felt, even immediately after the laser.

Before my first session. (August 2019)

Before my 3rd session. (November 2019)
I book my appointments for about 1 month apart

Genesis Laser with Q-Switch Laser

If you are looking not just to remove scars but also want a renewed glow and brighter skin, pair the Q-Switch Laser session up with Genesis laser! I did it on my 2nd appointment with Aesthetic Central Clinic, under the recommendation by Dr. Ryan Tan and you can tell how my skin look visibly brighter, more even and smoother on the 3rd appointment.

According to Dr. Ryan Tan, this is a very popular combination and many Koreas does that too. I simply won’t turn back after trying both.

Genesis laser has a different sensation altogether. You will feel a warm sensation penetrating through your skin. It effectively tackles the deeper layers of your skin to even out skin tone, treat fine lines, wrinkles, scars and refine pores!

What to look out for after laser?

Moisturise and apply sunblock. These are the two things you need to remember doing especially during the first two weeks after the laser appointment. Try to avoid direct exposure to the sun if possible.

Overall, I am very happy with the results and now I feel more confident in my skin. Q-Switch and Genesis Lasers at Aesthetic Central Clinic would be what I’ll recommend to those who are also battle with acne marks like me. It is located conveniently behind The Central, Clarke Quay and all you need is just 10-15 minutes per session!

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