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Movie Review: The Bravest (2019)

For movie junkies who’re looking for a good disaster movie to satisfy that itch, look no further. This 120-minute film set in scenes of a fiery chemical plant explosion is sure to keep your adrenaline pumping and heart anxious.

More than just an action-packed firefighting show, The Bravest (烈火英雄) has neatly kicked off the movie with a prelude of a neighbourhood fire, which stirred emotions surrounding a firefighter captain (Huang Xiaoming as Jiang Liwei) who caused the inadvertent death of a fellow firefighter – guilt, regrets, disgrace – nothing could turn things back. Even the captain’s only toddler son could not accept this uncalculated mistake that made his dad a “murderer”.

Jiang was asked to leave the firefighting team until the news of an oil pipeline explosion in the city harbour broke out, where he rejoined the team to save the city. It was a race against time and the uncontainable fiery fire. It was a one-way crossroad to pick – family or the duty to save the city’s fire while putting one’s life on the line. It was not a choice. It was bravery.

Various scenes almost moved me to tears. Tears of laughter, tears of pain and sorrow. The unwavering spirit of the firefighting team had to stand firm against the merciless flames that could blast a row of chemical plants and send toxins in the air to kill thousands within minutes. Lives saved, lives perished. Cowards to heroes. Selfless sacrifices that put brave men into unspeakable suicide missions, which require more than extraordinary strength and willpower.

It was a good plot put together with emotionally-charged scenes and movie effects. What more can I say, watch it and don’t miss it!

Thanks @ShawTheatres and @Ivannavich for this opportunity to be the first to watch this stunning movie!

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