6-Course Vegetarian Meal That Even Your Pockets Will Love.

Earlier this week, I decided to give vegetarian meal another shot and I am sold. From appetisers to mains, every bite was memorable at Elemen Classic.

I am guilty of having the perception that a vegetarian meal would be incomplete and perhaps bland in taste but at Elemen, the dishes were thoughtfully paired and prepared, infused with piquant flavours that awaken your senses and whet the appetite.

Now you can enjoy a quality 6-course meal at just $26.80+ per person or a 8-course meal at $38.80+!

We started off the meal with a tantalising classic appetiser that featured 3 types of cuisines – Chinese, Japanese and Western. These 3 cuisines are what the restaurant specialises in. The rest of the dishes we had include truffle breadsticks served with truffle-infused blueberry sauce (we just can’t get enough of this!), double-boiled cordyceps flower soup that has a tinge of herbaceous bak kut teh soup, kale toufu with wild rice, aromatic truffle broth ramen, laksa fettuccine, homey stir-fried brown rice, healthier and tastier pulut hitam – purple rice porridge with coconut icecream and iced lychee rose drink!

Here are just some images of the dishes we had!

Classic appetiser
Truffle breadsticks
Stir-fried brown rice
Truffle broth ramen
Double-boiled cordyceps flower soup
Laksa fettuccine
Purple rice porridge with coconut icecream
Iced lychee rose drink

Elemen Classic is located at Great World City. I’ll be back for more of it! 🙂

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