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A hermit, hot chocolate and roller coaster rides.

Hola! It’s been a while. Hope you guys are well and thanks for popping by to read my blog.

For those who are wondering where I’ve been. The title of this post reveals hints of my life for the past few months.

A hermit – the almost-perfect way, to sum up how I’ve been. Retreating into my comfort zone, falling in love with solitude. Hot chocolate – to describe how I feel inside… warm and fuzzy just the way I like it. Finally, roller coasters – not so much about the ups and downs but the exhilaration I get from diving into the unknown and embracing changes.

Sometimes it is in losing that we gain, in failing that we become stronger, in hurting that we become wiser.. Taking a step back from my usual hustling lifestyle, shed some light on the areas of my life where I can work on and feel more complete. For instance, stopping in my tracks to spend more time with loved ones, taking responsibility for minor details that were often overlooked and cherishing every moment.

What about you? What are the words that will describe your current state of life?

Thanks B for driving me to these beautiful places (to recce for our pre-wed outdoor shoot) and for helping me take these nice #ootd. You can officially be an #instagramhubby come next year. XD

I can almost smell the weekend! Have a fabulous friday and wacky weekend ahead! x

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