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Asia’s Famous Bakkwa joint Bee Cheng Hiang serves up gourmet Bakkwa dishes and wine!

Good things are meant to be shared. What if I tell you that there are new ways to enjoy the all time favourite Bee Cheng Hiang’s bakkwa that we grew up with? Heads up, bakkwa lovers! It is time to rally your family and loved ones and bring them down to 1359 Serangoon Road for a wholesome bakkwa shopping and dining experience at The Grillery!

Check out my DIY Sliders with Chicken/Pork Coin Bakkwa slices!

The Grillery at 1359 Serangoon Road is the first Bee Cheng Hiang store that is packed with unique activities and experience for customers to discover, including a dine-in bistro and DIY BBQ area.

Try barbecuing your own Bakkwa at this BBQ gallery! It’s not that simple :/

Besides shopping for freshly grilled bakkwa and choosing from about 9 different types of them, you can try barbecuing your own bakkwa over the barbecue pit with some assistance from the experts! Tourists can also get their bakkwa vacuum-packed and customized with an external gift envelop with stamps of various Singapore motifs to make a perfect food souvenir to bring home!

Shop for your favourite snacks such as salted egg fish skins, pork/chicken floss and a range of other innovative flavours and variety!
The one and only Bee Cheng Hiang dine-in bistro in town!
Soak in this modern and deluxe ambiance that serves up tantalizing dishes and fine in-house wines (that doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets!)

Want to elevate your bakkwa dining experience? Try bakkwa and wine-pairing with Bee Cheng Hiang’s specially curated wine pairing menu! Driven by their passion to offer customers an unprecedented Bakkwa dining experience, they have flown in numerous wine chateaux in France, to select a nice collection of French red wine that pairs beautifully with Bee Cheng Hiang Bakkwa.

I must say, after trying their in-house red wine with signature pork bakkwa, there is no way of forgetting that experience. The tangy red wine blends perfectly with the slippery texture of the bakkwa, which makes you want to slow down every bite to savour the flavours bursting in your mouth.

Bring your Lou Hei/ Yusheng to the next level but substituting salmon with smoky and juicy bakkwa from Bee Cheng Hiang! In addition, swap out the rest of the ingredients for healthier and tastier options such as freshly julienned vegetables and all natural house-made yuzu dressing. The bakkwa is made with only premium ingredients and contains no added MSG, preservatives, meat-tenderiser and artificial colouring or flavouring. I reckoned this is one of the tastiest Lou Hei I’ve tasted so far and it definitely charmed me with its medley of flavours and made it to my favourite list!

This sweet-savoury and irresistible Bakkwa Lo Hei is retailing at only $18.80 and is available throughout the lunar new year period from now till 19 February.

Another dish that’s out to charm is their Truffle Bakkwa Tart ($4.50 per piece). This exquisite tart was designed by Bee Cheng Hiang’s chef consultant, Zor Tan. He created this dish for a Toggle programme ‘Foodie Makeover’, which peaked foodies’ interest, making it a highly sought-after dish. Pop one into your mouth and you will be surprised how perfect it tastes. The sweet, savoury tart and bakkwa were drizzled with an aromatic layer of truffle diced mushrooms and topped with light and thin bakkwa shavings with house-made mayonnaise. Simply mouth-watering!

Love some cheesy goodness? Bite into this hot and crisp Mozzarella Katsu and relish the taste of Bee Cheng Hiang’s Gourmet Fusion bakkwa garnished with mayonnaise freshly made in-house. Love how they prepared bakkwa in this croquette style.

Be surprised by how many innovative and crowd-pleasing dishes the chef can whip out with bakkwa. Next up on the menu was the Gourmet Enoki Roll. Inspired by bacon-wrapped enoki, the chef used premium Gourmet Bakkwa (pork belly) in place of bacon. This is yet another delicacy with a local touch. Savour on and becareful there with the juices oozing out.

Fancy making your own burger? You can make your own mini burger with this instagrammable DIY slider! Choose from Golden Coin (pork) or Chicken Coin (chicken) Bakkwa, then have it served with caramelized onions, quail eggs and house-made sambal mayonnaise. Each set entitles you to make 2 mini burgers. Something that both the kiddos and the folks will have fun making and eating!

Want something spicy? Here’s a salad made with potatos, chilli bakkwa and pork floss and finished with dashes of chilli sauce to spice it up! This will be a great dish to keep your taste buds sizzled up.

The menu doesn’t end here. Bee Cheng Hiang serves up mains like Bakkwa Carbonara and Seafood Quinoa with bakkwa bits. Cooked and presented with finesse, your meal at the Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery will surely delight and impress your guests and yourself.

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