Seasons Coconut Chicken Steamboat to delight food hunters!

This new year is all about gathering and spending quality time with loved ones for me. What’s better than to sit around a hearty pot of steamboat that encompasses great taste and nutrition; bringing the popular taste of southern China, yet specially prepared to suit local taste buds.  

Food lovers take heed! Switch up your palates for steamboat from mala, tomato, traditional chicken soup to coconut chicken soup for a good and refreshing change!

I was eager to dine at this cosy three-level steamboat joint along Prinsep Street, Seasons Coconut Chicken when I first heard about their coconut chicken steamboat base! So glad I came to try.

At Seasons Coconut Chicken, you get to choose from these two soup bases:

  • Bamboo Fungus Coconut Chicken (the original) – $32.80
  • Fish Maw Chicken with half chicken (new) – $42.80

Both soups were enjoyable. The Bamboo Fungus Coconut Chicken had a lighter and refreshing taste. It reminded me of sipping a warm cup of coconut water that is not too sweet and it paired well with the ingredients we added into the pot.

The soup was prepared using fresh coconut water, and kampung chicken was added in while it was boiling. While you add the chicken meat into the pot, be sure to use the 5 minutes hour-glass/timer on your table to ensure the meat is cooked for 5 mins, to the right amount of tenderness.

The Fish Maw Chicken soup was thick and packed with collagen. You could request to add more fish maw soup or more chicken soup when you top up the soup in the pot for round 2. That way, you can customise the taste of the soup to your liking.

Here’s another dish to try at Seasons Coconut Chicken, that is their specialty Signature Lap-Mei Rice. Mixed in with diced Chinese sausages, it had a homey and savoury taste.

Seasons Coconut Chicken also takes pride in customizing their sauces. Besides garlic and Thai chilli sauces, they also created a tantalizing sauce using sand ginger (specially imported from Southern China), soya sauce, chilli and lime. Dip in the ingredients and savour them with a delicious and zesty twist.

Finally, finish the steamboat session with their fresh and soft signature Coconut Jelly ($8). Topped with red dates. Thumbs up!

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