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Mesmerised by the fairy lights at William’s birthday party one year ago.

Welcome to my new blog on MyFatPocket! I am really thankful for this opportunity to host my site on one of my favourite online female magazines and share my passion for blogging with the rest of the audience here.

Check out the new look of my blog along with my new logo! I’m really excited to share these with y’all. Blogging has always been a part of me since I entered secondary school. Unfortunately, I did not have a clear direction then, on which areas I wanted to expand on. As a result, I’ve started and ended quite a few blogs.

Life works in a mysterious way, doesn’t it? Somehow, I am back to blogging and this time with the motivation from other food, lifestyle, beauty and travel bloggers around me. Blogging ignites a new surge of energy within me and I just love how it gives me a platform to broaden my perspectives, exercise my photography skills (my fav hobby!) as well as refine my writing. These are factors that drive me. Along the way, I met a wonderful group of blogging/Instagram friends and they complete my blogging life. 🙂

What are you passionate about? Have you given up on any of these interests because you do not have a clear direction about it at one point in life? Prioritise your life but always make time to do what you love. Somehow you will find yourself gravitating towards a path where you belong. Let’s keep the fire burning within us. x

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