My favourite beauty picks from Guardian!

Guys, as the saying goes… “Hold on to your girlfriend’s hand in the shopping mall because if you let go, she will start shopping.” That statement is more important now than ever if your girlfriend loves shopping for beauty products and our friendly neighbourhood Guardian is just around the corner! 😉 
Ladies, good makeup and beauty products don’t necessarily come at a high price. There are tons of them for you to explore from at Guardian! So lately I have been eyeing at beauty products because there are simply so many new things to try. Here are some of my favourite picks from Guardian!
The first on my list would be the cushion compacts from CNP Laboratory and April Skin! I was a staunch user of liquid foundation because it provides a smoother coverage and doesn’t become cakey during mid-day, until I got my hands on these gems. Both brands happen to be Korean brands and you know you can almost never go wrong when you turn to Korean brands for a dewy makeup look.
CNP Laboratory is better-known for their skincare rather than makeup. For this fact, it puts me at ease when I chose their cushion compact as my foundation because it contains ingredients that are great for the skin. This CNP Propolis Ampule In Cushion Set (SPF50+) plumps your skin instantly with its light and moist texture. I love the natural-looking, long-lasting coverage and that elegant dewy glow it gives. Infused with Propolis nutrition, the skin underneath also looks healthier over time.
Yes, the next cushion compact that my girlfriends often rave about is April Skin! Their range is so extensive and I was recommended to try April Skin Perfect Magic Cover Proof Cushion (SPF50+/PA+++) based on my skin type and lifestyle events I attend. I love how they injected a sheen of blue and pink into the cushion compact to provide a flawless base for your makeup. This cushion compact is perfect for humid weather as well because it is sweatproof and waterproof. It is also great for sensitive skin as it is a hypoallergenic and non-irritant product. In contrary to CNP’s moist texture, this gives a semi-matte complexion with a silky finish. 
Check out these pretty shades of cheek and lip colours from Bourjois, a French cosmetics brand since 1863. The blushers I have are 34 Rose D’or (light pink with shimmer) and 74 Rose Ambre (earthy rose colour with matte finish). I simply fell in love with the powdery rose fragrance from these blushers. In addition, it is so convenient with the in-build mirrors; you can easily touch up on the go. The blusher is so fine and it blends impeccably into the skin.
For lipstick, I have chosen Boujois Rouge Edition Velvet – 19 Jolie-de-vin and 07-Nude-ist. They are easy to apply and have a nice velvety matte finish, however, reapplication is needed after a meal. For foundation, I tried Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation. It is infused with Vitamin C, E and B5 and provides up to 16 hours of medium coverage. I like the weightless texture and it effectively light up the face with extra radiance.

Here are the quick fixes for smooth-looking kissable lips from Sugao, a Japanese cosmetics brand. I have generally dry lips and I was surprised how Sugao’s lip tint was so watery and instantly moisturising. It makes my lips look more refreshed and smooth.

The next magical touch for the lips will be Sugao Cheek & Lip (Natural Red). I have yet to try it on my cheeks but this bottle of light, fluffy souffle-like texture adds on to any lipstick base nicely to give it a soft and matte finish. It is the magic that makes the lip pop! It can be easily applied with the fingertip. Try it!

Here’s some love for your eye and face, hailing from New Zealand. Antipodes has some nice certified organic skincare products. A good eye cream is really important as the signs of ageing is the most visible around the eyes. I tried different eye creams and some even gave me milias, little bumps around the eye caused by blocked pores. I am glad to find Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream that is very soothing and easy on the eyes. This bottle of eye cream should last me quite a while and I share it with my mum. 🙂 It is enriched with Vitamin C from the New Zealand superfruit, kiwi and it helps to moisturise and soften fine lines. Antipodes also has an Aura Manuka Honey Mask that cleanses and hydrates the skin to keep it fresh and blemish-free.

If you are struggling with acne-skin or breakouts, a set of good skincare and makeup products from the experts, Medicube would be ideal! They have a full range of products made for sensitive and blemish-prone skin. I like the Medicube Red No-Sebum Pact that helps set the foundation and control the production of sebum.
Here are some other products that are worth checking out! 🙂
It’s time to explore the beauty wonderland that’s close to your home! xx

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