First in the World – a Newgen Retail, Tech-Enabled, Multi-Sensory Grocery & Dining Concept!

What are your plans for the week? A whole new grocery and dining concept is waiting to impress! It’s time to hop over to habitat by honestbee with the family or even friends to check out this tech-enabled, multi-sensory wonderland of food experiences! Here’s what unique about this amazing, first-in-the-world tech-enabled grocery and dining concept!

1. Unprecented cashless and automated checkout shopping experience

No wallet or cash? Don’t worry. Simply shop cashless here. All you need is to download honestbee mobile app and pre-link your card before you head over to habitat to shop and dine! Being fully tech-enabled, you will need to scan the QR code on your honestbee mobile app to enter the supermarket. 

After you have shopped for your items, you can head over to the AutoCheckout counter with your shopping trolley, scan your honestbee app and the robot will automatically pull your trolley in and do the packing for you. You can then proceed to the collection counter or chill and relax at various dining spots within habitat without worrying about carrying your shopping bags!

2. Ease of shopping

While you are able to shop and buy what you need off the shelves like how we do in any supermarkets, you can also go to the billboard in habitat and shop online from honestbee site. This is a really useful concept to save time and provide extra ease for the shoppers, especially for those who can’t seem to find the item they’d like to purchase. After selecting what you need from the billboard, you can proceed to shop for other items off the shelves and what you have previously ordered from the site will be packed and sent to the robotic collection point.

Orders can be processed between checkout and collection in as fast as 5 minutes. You don’t have to collect the shopping bags right away, instead you can continue browsing or even sit down for a meal at any of the 15 F&B outlets within habitat.

3. Full range of supermarket and speciality grocer all in one

The feeling of shopping at habitat reminds me of shopping in IKEA. There is plenty of room for walking and it is also comfortable lifestyle spots for you to have a cup of coffee and relax.

There are more than 20,000 products of Asia and global groceries, seasonal fruits and vegetables, seafood, meats, cheeses and daily essentials at habitat. The supermarket and various dining concepts spanned over 60,000 square feet. It is no wonder it is also called the wonderland of food experiences!


4. 15 brand new F&B concepts

Besides settling your groceries shopping at habitat, you can enjoy delectable food and desserts from seasonal seafood, grilled meats to grain bowls and homemade kombuchas. One of my favourites was the smooth and saucy soy chicken rice from Char. For desserts, we were sold when we tasted the light and wobbly Japanese pancake from Riz Labo Kitchen, a Michelin-mentioned Tokyo pancake cafe!

5. The future of habitat
Other enticing concepts or habitat that is in honestbee’s pipeline is its Invitation-only private dining space that takes your experience at habitat a notch higher, an oyster bar, a hidden bar as well as an entire section devoted to charcuterie and cheese.

From now till 11 November
In celebration of the launch of habitat by honestbee, shoppers can enjoy the ‘Festival of Fresh’ at habitat, where both young and old can ignite their five senses through pasta and bread making, tasting of seasonal produce and products, as well as coffee appreciation.

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