When we were young and free.

Old music. Familiar lyrics. A feeling that I thought was long gone.

Here’s a quick post to recollect some thoughts and feelings that overwhelmed me all at once while I was doing housekeeping on my computer. You know that feeling? When your mind decided to bring back a piece of memory from the buried or long forgotten past? That’s what is happening to me now before I hit the sack.

“Photo girl.” That was my nickname during secondary and poly days. I loved going around with my favourite Nikon point-and-shoot to capture candid moments while hanging out with my friends. (Some things stick around and never change. Today, I love carrying my Nikon DSLR around snapping joyful moments.)

Happy memories. Loads of them and I am just so happy that each of them unveiled itself before me once again, just that, this time I am probably the only one who holds onto this memory. Wondering who else shares that piece of memory with me now. (yes, I sound like the most emotional person right now but trust me, I am not always like that, so please bear with me!)

A strong nostalgia from my poly days just consumed me all of a sudden. I recalled our random outings, the Facebook games we played “geo-challenge, restaurant city, and pet society”, those impromptu LAN game dates, especially “left-4-dead” and what struck me the most out of all these was my 18th birthday. Happened almost a decade ago but today those memories decided to return. I found a written record of what exactly happened then – my friends who woke up early in the morning to prepare the surprise for me – house filled with balloons, food, gifts and laughters. Memories that once etched close to me but now mostly buried. Deep inside, I do cherish the times we all had together.

Beautiful friendships. Fun memories. Of those golden days that fade away. I am grateful for the present, excited for the future and cherish the past. Thinking of this, makes me wonder – what is the purpose of having such memories. Those that you wish you could return and relive those moments yet it is impossible, what’s the point of keeping them? Even when them come back to you, it may already been long forgotten by the rest who shared those memories with you. So again, what’s the point of holding on to those memories. Will it add more pain than joy? Just my two cents, which may not make any sense. But yea, that’s enough for now. Goodnight!

— P.S. I used to blog about the happenings and thoughts every day so I can remember them! This is just one of such random posts. x

Image captured by Kenogi.

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