How to do a 2-day speed detox!

Being surrounded by so much good food and bombarded with countless drool-worthy Instagram pics several times a day, surely enticed me to voluntarily enrol into the “eat-and-eat-club”. Haha who else is like me? Guilty of eating all the tasty food, including high-sugar content, high fat and high cholesterol food. :/ 
Our body accumulates the toxins within and needs a good detox from time to time. I am so glad to come across Kinohimitsu’s Wellness Smooth’Ds! The best part of it? These Smooth’Ds have a great taste, texture and allow you to do a speed detox within 2 days! 
Here are the 10 cleansing benefits you get by doing a detox:
1. Flatter tummy
2. Clearer and smoother skin
3. Improve energy levels
4. Reset metabolism
5. Natural weight loss
6. Improve digestive health
7. Improve insulin sensitivity
8. Boost immunity
9. Reduce cravings
10. Improve whole body well-being
Here’s how you do a 2-day speed cleansing with Kinohimitsu’s Wellness Smooth’Ds:
1. Rise and shine: Drink 500ml of plain water 
2. Breakfast: have 2 sachets of Cleanse & Shape Smooth’D mixed with 250ml of water
3. In between breakfast and lunch: Drink 1 litre of plain water
4. Lunch: have 2 sachets of Cleanse & Boost Smooth’D mixed with 250ml of water
5. In between lunch and dinner: Drink 1 litre of plain water
6. Dinner: have 2 sachets of Cleanse & Beauty Smooth’D mixed with 250ml of water
7. After dinner: Drink 500m of plain water
Do it for 2 days consecutively and you will see the effect – helps you to clear bowels and toxins. You may also consider eating fruits in between meals if you are really hungry. However, be assured, the Smooth’Ds fill you up quite a bit! If you like it, this detox can be done once a month. 🙂
Available in 3 flavours – Cleanse & Shape Wellness Smooth’D (yellow) has a fresh lemon taste that perks you up. Containing Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee, it improves fat burning ability/metabolism and balances blood sugar levels, plus prevent insulin spikes.
Cleanse & Boost Wellness Smooth’D (green) has a pleasant vegetal taste. Containing Organic Wheatgrass and Spirulina, it helps balance our body’s pH and combat cell and DNA damage that leads to chronic diseases.
Lastly, Cleanse & Beauty Wellness Smooth’D (red) has a fruity berry flavour. Containing Collagen and Acai Berry, Grape Seed and Apple Extract, it helps to lock in skin moisture and improve skin elasticity. In addition, it has antioxidants that encourage cell and tissue growth, as well as inhibit damage from free radicals.
You can purchase them from Guardian, Watsons or on their website. Check out the discounts on their website too! 👈
Cheers to healthier living! 💟😊 

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