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Notable food that will look good on your Instagram!

Having a good time with @rachaelwong and @_boyz86

It is funny how we can connect with people through pictures of food on Instagram, isn’t it? Gone were the days when we get awkward stares for taking out our phone cameras to snap photos of food before we dive in to eat. Sometimes we just need to satisfy our eye-ppetite first before our appetite. If you are a foodie who also loves snapping photos and sharing what you have on your plate, be sure not to miss the hipster food market, Market-On-Wheels that is currently located outside Ang Mo Kio Hub from now till 9 Sep!

Here is the list of the participating vendors and some Instagram-worthy dishes to try!


Unicorn Crododo $8
Pink Soda $6
XXXL Rainbow Cotton Candy $6
Mao Shan Wan Crododo $10


Beef & Mash Basket $10
Over the Rainbow Gelato Ice Cream $7
(Mango, Yuzu, Raspberry topped with Green Apple Nata, Aloe Vera, Mango Jelly)


Satay Chicken Pad Thai $7
Satay Beef Pad Thai $9
Crab Pad Thai $10

Hasan Istanbul (no ig)
Chicken Kebab $4
Beef Kebab $6


Fried Oreos $4
Fried Toblerone $4


Smoked Duck Mentai $8
Teriyaki Donburi Chicken $9
Fries Frenzy $5 (Original, Truffle & Garlic Parmesan)

Thanks @Singaporefoodlisting for organising this!


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