The Amazing 10 Months

Here’s a post dedicated to all the amazing people whom I’ve met and made a difference in the amazing 10 months I’ve locked in my memory bank.

I have come this far and who knows what the future holds. All I can sense now is that things are changing as the priorities in my life took a change of seats. There’s so much I know I’m going to miss and so much I know I can continue to achieve (in a different direction), bit by bit.

I am always grateful for the past, the present and the hope I embrace for the future.

Here’s to the 10 amazing months when I had all the time and freedom to pursue what I love – blogging, travelling, hanging out with family and friends, taking photographs of the world, meeting people of different backgrounds but similar interests. I am still loving what I am doing now, just that times like those were indeed hard to come by.

Here are just some of the experiences I have gained from that period:

1. Met my fellow hungrycats and grew closer
2. Hanging out with fellow foodies and starting out our monthly Eatmoresg gatherings
3. Going for events with like-minded people and opening our minds, hearts and eyes to what’s out there.
4. Travelling to Germany, Rome and Barcelona for a month – my first ever trip to Europe – spending some nights in AirBnB, venturing foreign lands, uncovering traces of history and returning home with a scar on my chin. (-.-)
5. Travelling to KL and Langkawi with the Berjaya Hotel staff and fellow travel bloggers to pamper ourselves with good food, good stay and wonderful adventures under the sun.
6. Travelling to Perth, Western Australia with fellow media and blogger friends to conquer new heights (literally – abseiling) and move beyond our comfort zone. Living and appreciating a countryside life and gradually yet awkwardly adapting back to city life.
7. Going for random outings just to take “emo” street photos for Instagram
8. Volunteering time for those in need and receiving so much love and insights from them rather than solely being on the giving end.
9. All the love, encouragement and never ceasing support from my family and friends while I was looking for the path to go.
10. All the opportunities that were given to me to share good things with others around me!

I would like to single out a few people I am really grateful to.
1. My mum and dad who never gave up on me and always support me in pursuing my dreams.
2. My family who are my pillars of joy, strength and comfort.
3. My fiance, Bryan, who always pull me back to reality when I needed a tug and always being so patient with me while I pursue what I love.
4. My church friends who are like my second family, always caring and praying for me.
5. William (@william82sg) for exposing me to a new circle of friends and acquaintances who share similar interests and hobbies. Especially for all the opportunities, he had given me to expand and grow this hidden passion of mine.
6. Elaine (@mselaineheng) my dear sister (from another mother) for always being so sweet, thoughtful and kind and sharing joy with me. It is always lovely to attend events together.
7. Vanessa, Hui Ting, Ling Er, Shi Hui, Mei Eng, Chu Lei – my girlfriends who listen to me when I need listening ears (many pairs lol) and urging me on.
8. My ex-colleagues/bosses who have journeyed with me and also supported me in what I pursue.
9. Kieffer, Vince, Xavier (@decipherkieffer, @shitty_vince, @xavierrrrtan) who are there to talk serious or to joke around when there’s a need to.
10. All the good friends who made the 10 months fun and exciting – Mel, Gwendolyn, Ben, Tyler, Yong Kai, Marc, Hannah, Leong, Jaren, Irene, Keith, Sophia, Shanye, Chloe, Audrey, Cindy, Ken, Kenny, Tony, Rachael, Maybeline, James and many many more! <3

Thanks everyone who have made it great and thanks everyone who have journeyed and supported me!

A new lifestyle and goal lie ahead. I am not saying I’m giving up on what I love but I’m just saying things will start to change and I may not be able to fully enjoy what I could do in those 10 months.

Till then. x

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