Spoilt for Choice at Spanish restaurant, Don Quijote!

I remembered my first taste of Spanish cuisine during my short visit to Barcelona last year in July. Since then, I carried with me an insatiable craving for flavour-packed Spanish dishes until I settled down at Don Quijote with a group of foodies to enjoy a sumptuous spread of tasty creations.

This comfortable hide-out tucked in a corner of Demsey Hill is perfect for a dine out with a few good friends over memorable homestyle dishes, sipping away a cuppa traditional Sangria and catching up with one another. With a spacious and warm interior, communal dining in large groups is always welcomed.

The restaurant offers an extensive Spanish menu that includes over eighty food items, ranging from tapas to savoury soups, fresh seafood to salads, delectable pasta and succulent meats that go into home-made stews and steaks! The restaurant owner himself is a generous and welcoming person who frequently travels to and fro Spain and search for authentic recipes. He even photographed all the images displayed in the restaurant himself.

We started our meal with a few selections of tapas like the ‘Live’ Sea Prawns in Garlic and Olive Oil ($18). Freshness is something that the owner is quite particular about so you can look forward to sizeable, crunchy and juicy garlicky prawns!

I may not be a huge fan of squid but this plate of well-executed Spicy Calamari ($16) lured me with its nose-twitching grilled aroma. I couldn’t help but tried it out! It was interesting that the owner added a Singaporean touch to this dish by spicing it up! It was chewy, chunky and the smoky spiciness pleasantly spreads over your palate gradually.

Here’s another tapas that raised our expectations of what is to come, Croquettes with Spanish ham ($16). Bite into this warm, golden-brown and crisp crust and find a beautifully mashed fluffy goodness that comprised of potatoes and diced ham. I loved the contrast in textures and the nicely balanced flavours that whet your appetite.

Meat dishes are prized food items for Spaniards. For this Oven-roasted Spanish Suckling Pig ($169, medium sized), we were informed that the pork used was directly sourced from Spain and they feed the livestock corns. The meat was so tender that it could be cut through with a porcelain plate instead of a knife. The meat was not too dry, the skin was crackling and overall lavishly seasoned.

Another dish that stole the limelight was this extra-large Charcoal-flame-grilled bone-in Tomahawk Rib-Steak ($18/100gm). As usual, the dish was neatly marinated and I adored the flavourful seasoning that made each bite so tantalising. The premium quality meat was juicy, my only gripe was that it was rather rare. I personally prefer mine slightly more cooked. Do place a pre-order for this dish a day in advanced, or you’ll not be able to enjoy it!

This unpretentious Ox-tail Stew ($36) was simply remarkable and was probably the best I have tasted so far! The savoury concoction was well-simmered until the flavours all melded nicely into the meat. The sauce was rich, full of umami and punchy, while the meat was soft that it readily falls off the bones. I was surprised that I could actually enjoy a bowl of ox-tail stew this much.

Beautifully presented, isn’t it? This ‘Live’ Baby Boston Lobster Paella ($65 – large, $79 – with lobster) was a “secret” dish not found on the menu, however, you can find it being featured on social media. The lobster meat tasted naturally sweet from its freshness. I would think that the paella could be more moist and drizzled with more sauce to make it starchier and bring out the lingering flavours.

Fan of desserts? Do not miss these popular creations that were prepared with artisanal chocolates from Barcelona –  Churros with Chocolate Sauce ($16) and Bomba De Chocolate/ Warm-chocolate ‘lava’ cake ($19)! The chocolate was not too overwhelming and the scoop of ice cream that came with lava cake was heavenly!

Block 7 Dempsey Road, #01-02, 249671
Reservation: +65 6476 2811

Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 4pm–10:30pm
Friday: 4pm–12am
Saturday: 11am–12am
Sunday: 11am–10:30pm

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