7 ways to fully maximise your holiday in Langkawi!

Exhale and relax. Don’t we all love a short getaway once in a while to rejuvenate and have some fun? You don’t have to look too far or spend so much to treat yourself to an unforgettable beach holiday when you have discovered the charm of Langkawi island. 
Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands that is off Malaysia’s west coast. Known for its emerald sea waters, tropical sunshine, thriving mangrove trees, lush rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, fun-filled beach activities and island-wide duty-free shopping, there are many ways to enjoy the perfect beach holiday of your dreams. Here are 7 ways to fully maximise your Langkawi holiday! 
1. Book a resort-style accommodation!

There are so many hotels and resorts in Langkawi to choose from, ranging from beachside accommodations to high-rise hotels and spas. If you’d like to own that authentic island life experience, be sure to opt for a resort-style accommodation that allows you to get close to nature and wake up to the sea! 
I was so glad that we went with Berjaya Langkawi Resort, one of the largest resorts on the island, with its premise spreading over 70 hectares of land with a swimming pool and an extensive view of sea, overlooking the horizon. 
With rooms built along the beachfront and amongst the lush greeneries of the rainforest, Berjaya Langkawi Resort offers a variety of room options, ranging from rainforest chalets to premier suite on water. Immerse yourself in nature, while staying connected to wifi when you need to with the resort’s wifi network. 
The beautiful resort offers clean and comfortable contemporary interior furnishings while maintaining the resort feel on the exterior. 
Just me relaxing on my bed in the rainforest chalet. The room was spacious, bright and clean! I was very surprised though I was staying in the middle of the rainforest for 4 days and 3 nights, I did not get any mosquito bites. 
Initially, I was rather reluctant about staying in the rainforest chalet because it looked secluded from the outside. Staying within the rainforest also mean that it will get dark outside around 6.30pm. However, my concerns were allayed and I was pleased to know about the 24-hours buggy service that brings us around the resort and back to our doorstep. 
Check out the beachfront room – Premier Suite on Water. You can literally sit in the jacuzzi, sip some wine and look out endlessly into the sea. 

The room was simply impressive and I felt like I could stay indoors all day too! (Check the rooms at Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL here, if you are looking to travel to Kuala Lumpur.)
2. Get wet and wild

Being at a beach destination, it would be incomplete without some fun activities at the sea! Over here at Berjaya Langkawi Resort, some of the sea activities you can do include single and double kayak, pedal boat, windsurfing, catamaran and banana boat! 
Just imagine how much fun you can have with your buddies and loved ones. Six of us hopped onto the banana boat, which was tied to a jet ski. It was more thrilling than I expected. Cruising at the speed of a jet-ski, we were pulled into the middle of the ocean and all of us were grabbing on to the banana boat like it was our lifeline, for the fear of capsizing into the sea. Eventually, we deliberately capsized the boat somewhere nearer to the shore just to experience the fun of it! It was too thrilling for me to capture photographs of us on a banana boat but you may check out a video of our adventure on @travelinspiration360 ‘s video here
I do have some photos of me on standup paddle boarding though! The fun and challenge were in balancing on the surfboard! Somehow all the pictures of me standing on the board were so close to the shore.
3. Go on a sunset cruise

One of the highlights of the Langkawi trip was the unique experience of going on a 3 hours sunset cruise! It may sound short to you but it is definitely going to be an experience to own! The cruises are booked under Tropical Charters Langkawi and the prices are really worth it, considering the wonderful experience you can gain out of it! The Adult tickets are at RM260, Children (age 4-12) at RM130 and Toddlers (< age 4) are free! 
There will be music, dinner and free flow drinks onboard! In addition, at a certain part of the journey where the water conditions are more stable, the net will be let loose and you can jump into the ocean from the cruise for a salt-water jacuzzi! How cool is that!! Check out some of the amazing views and photos we took on board!

4. Get close to nature

While we had lots of fun, our trip was enriching too. We had a tour around the resort with the guide to learn about the species of trees planted in the resort, their usefulness and their characteristics. Another interesting takeaway we had was our trip to the mangroves, which was led by a passionate volunteer guide. He shared with us the importance of the mangroves especially during the time when the tsunami hits. The mangrove roots helped to absorb much of the impacts and that “saved” the Langkawi island from the calamity, leaving the island untouched. 

5. Chase sunsets

We just can’t deny that sunsets are beautiful and especially mesmerising as it sets on the horizon above the sea. There are so many Instagram-worthy spots and angles for sunset shots within the Berjaya Langkawi Resort. I have a couple more photos to share, which I will put up on my Instagram, so keep your eyes peeled! 
6. Enjoy good food with a view

Within Berjaya Langkawi Resort, you can enjoy tantalising meals against stunning backdrops, such as dining at Pahn Thai. 

There are 8 different dining options here in the resort, from buffets, cafes, restaurants to a bar in the swimming pool! You will not get bored of the food and you will be spoilt for choice! 

7. Take lots of photographs! 

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