Lasting Hydration with Cryolift Correct Hydra Facial Therapy [Art by Verita]

Breakouts, followed by dry skin around healing areas were some of the facial concerns I had. Clogged pores were also common for me until I explored various ways to keep my skin hydrated and clean as much as I can. I was glad to find out about Cryolift Correct Hydra facial therapy with Art by Verita and I witnessed lasting hydration levels on my skin after the therapy. My skin had more glow in it and remained supple effortlessly for a good two weeks after the facial.

I was intrigued when I heard that Art Cryolift Facials uses rapid temperature reduction to penetrate the skin without discomfort. The treatment ensures active substances are more efficiently transported into the skin, enhance oxygenation of skin cells and achieve optimal lifting and tightening effects. Exciting as it sounds, I decided to go for the Correct Hydra Facial Therapy session that is also good for anti-ageing!

As with any other facials, the skin is first cleansed and toned, followed by exfoliation of dead skin cells. Next, an intense rehydration serum with micro-filler effect is applied over the face to treat dehydrated face. Some hydrating ingredients in the serum include Pro-Vitamin B5, which enhances hydric balance and replenishes skin’s moisture barrier and 3 forms of hyaluronic acid help hydrate deeper layers of the skin. The serum is massaged into the face, with a special equipment that brings the temperature to sub 10 degrees to transport the active substances to deeper layers of the skin. The cold massage was bearable and refreshing.

At the end of massaging half of my face, you can visibly observe that the cheeks have been lifted up and pores tightened. As shown in the photo above you can tell that half of my face is less puffy than the other.

I really like the results of the Correct Hydra Facial Therapy! It provides deep hydration to skin cells to restore the skin’s moisture balance. my face felt plumper and radiant for two weeks without external help such as masking.

I love that Correct Hydra Facial Therapy improves skin textures, scars, pigmentations, tighten and lift skin and repair all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin. Art by Verita also offers a full suite of aesthetic wellness treatments such as aesthetics procedures, anti-ageing, hair remover and body contouring. These treatments are all designed by the board of certified doctors.

The next treatment that I am eyeing at Art by Verita would be their calming and soothing Art Pure Oxygen Facial therapy, which uses nanotechnology to infuse pure oxygen, therapeutic grace anti-oxidants and skin rejuvenating peptides within the skin!

Correct Hydra Facial Therapy
75 mins facial treatment: SGD210
90 mins facial and neck treatment: SGD270

ART Pure Oxygen Facial Therapy
60 mins facial treatment: SGD180
90 mins facial and neck treatment SGD240

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