Fun things to do at Marina Bay Carnival!

When it comes to theme parks, who else is with me? Feeling apprehensive yet a brimming sense of excitement? I was so excited when I heard that the biggest carnival in Singapore, Prudential Marina Bay Carnival was opening in December 2017 and will be around until April 2018! So I have finally set my feet on the carnival ground and no regrets! Here are 3 fun things you must do at Singapore’s Prudential Marina Bay Carnival.

1. Chill and relax at the food corner!

Tucked on the right-hand side of the entrance, you will find a row of food stalls offering an array of attractive and trending snacks. There were also ample benches and tables where you can sit and bond with friends over some finger food.

We had our hands on @the6ixsrosti and @soycubetofu ! We couldn’t resist the warm and cheesy rosti from The 6ixs Rosti served with four different toppings of your choice, so we tried all four! German Sausage, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Duck and Bacon. My personal pick would be the Smoked Salmon Rosti!

I guessed we underestimated the amount of food we were going to have at the theme park. SoyCube serves up generous portion of soy tofus. You can choose to savour these bites with a variety of sauces such as Thai Chilli Sauce, Goma Sauce (Japanese Sesame Sauce) and Yakitori Sauce. There are also other food stalls for you to explore!

2. Take the rides! 

Just Kieffer and I screaming for our lives on the Viking ride. 🙂

My heart dropped when I simply looked at the tallest ride, Mach 5, swung 360 degrees. Though I still can’t bring myself to sit on that ride, I can’t deny that going on rides with a bunch of friends never fail to bring us closer. We laughed, cried and screamed together!

At Prudential Marina Bay Carnival there are more than 40 rides and game stalls, there’s surely something that you will truly enjoy. For me, it was the Viking ride! It was thrilling but at the same time, as you learn to relax and enjoy the ride/swing/speed, it would be exhilarating!

3. Take wonderful lifestyle shots with friends!

@nillyfelt the hidden lifestyle model!

Whether you are an instagrammer or someone who wants a good time at the carnival, a good photo captures the moment and memory forever. The colourful surroundings and bright lights at the carnival make it a great place to capture light-hearted and pretty photographs. Check out some of the serious and not-so-serious photos we took along the way. We had so much fun spotting instagram-worthy angles and laughing at each other’s awkward poses. (oops.)

@craziben and I trying to be SWAG.
 @decipherkieffer and I at the games booth
 @craziben wanna bring his good friend home. 
 @shitty_vince in deep thoughts or amchio?
 @emily.eatingthyme and I having a heart to heart chat. 

@emily.eatingthyme enjoying the moment.

Head down to Bayfront before April 1st, 2018 to create unforgettable memories with cherished ones!
If you are walking from The Shoppes at Marina Bay, you can find the carnival at the nearest exit to LiHO bubble tea! There is no entrance fee to the carnival but rides are charged separately. You can purchase your tickets to the rides from the ticketing booths within the carnival.

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956 and Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018940

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