Bountiful Dim Sums and Set Menus at Yum Cha

Start off the Chinese New Year with bountiful dim sums and drool-worthy dishes from Yum Cha! Be sure to have a great time with family and loved ones as you indulge in the well-executed festive dishes here! Takeaway dishes are available as well to cater to those who prefer to have their reunion dinner at home. Yum Cha offers delivery services to your doorsteps!

Here are some of the dishes we had!

Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng

Come together and rekindle ties with family over a joyful toss of the Yu Sheng! As the saying goes, 吃在嘴里, 甜在心里 … this plate of Lo Hei offers a sweet medley of flavours as well.

Mini Abalone Siew Mai
Enjoy this all-time-favourite delicacy with a touch of prosperity as the juicy and flavourful siew mai were served with a mini abalone on the top! Embrace the goodness in each mouthful! 
Braised Dried Oyster and Lotus Root 
Sandwiched between the decadent oyster and crunchy lotus root was the tender and delectable prawn ball. 
Doggy Sausage Roll
The chef does it again! Instagrammable steamed buns but this time in the form of dog to coincide with the year of the Dog! You may also call it the “sausage dog” as this delicacy was served with sweet smoked Cantonese sausage! 
Tangerine Bun with Chicken Floss
Bite into these orange crusted buns and you will find both char siew and chicken floss within them. I didn’t get to try this but the sound of it is enough to make me regret not moving fast enough to grab one of these before they were gone! Try it and perhaps you can let me know what you think of it! 🙂
Prawn Dumplings
Prawns lovers would love these aromatic and sizeable dumplings wrapped within a thin layer of bouncy, melt-in-the mouth dumpling skin. Customised to fit the festive season, the dumplings were served with a touch of gold. 
Fried Yam with Bak Kwa
I am not a huge fan of yam but this version made an exception! I love the sticky, soft texture on the inside that contrasted with the slightly crisp exterior. It is not too salty as well! Thumbs up! 
Ginseng Chicken Soup
Share a nourishing bowl with the family with this well-simmered pot of chicken soup where the tender meat falls off readily from the bones. 
There are many more varieties to choose from, such as Abalone Pen Cai and Nian Gao Egg Tarts! The Chinese New Year menus start from $198++ onwards and will be available at its outlets until 05 March 2018! Listed below are three of its CNY Menu.
CNY Set Menu (A)
4 pax – $198++
– Salmon Yu Sheng
– Double Boiled Ginseng Chicken Soup
– Sauteed Pan-Fried Prawns
– Steamed Cod Fish with Light Soya Sauce
– Braised Tofu with Mushrooms & Vegetable
– Fragrant Fried Rice with Seafood and Dried Conpoy
– Red Bean Glutinous Rice Ball
CNY Set Menu (B)
6 pax – $398++
– Salmon and Crispy Fish Skin Yu Sheng
– Superior Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat
– Poached Prawns with Chinese Wine
– Braised Abalone with Dried Oysters and “Fatt Choy”
– Stir-fried Scallop with Mushrooms in Spicy Sauce
– Mongolian Pork Belly with Black Pepper Sauce
– Braised Noodles with Mushrooms and Dried Scallops
– Red Bean Glutinous Rice Ball

CNY Set Menu (C)
10 pax – $598++

– Salmon and Crispy Fish Skin Yu Sheng

– Braised Shark’s Fin with Fresh Crab Meat
– Braised Dried Oysters and “Fatt Choy”
– Stir-fried Abalone with Prawns and Mushrooms in Yum Cha Chilli Sauce
– Steamed Marble Goby in Hong Kong Style
– Braised Pig’s Trotter with “Fatt Choy”
– Fried Rice with Chinese Sausages in Lotus Leaf
– Red Bean Glutinous Rice Ball
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For more information on the CNY Set Menu and Takeaway, visit www.yumcha.com.sg .

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