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More reasons to take a bus with SG BusLeh mobile app!

When it comes to taking a bus, I always had my reservations. Reason being? I had my fair share of waiting “forever” for the bus, finding the right bus stop, missing the bus, missing my stop, and more. Who else had one of those experiences?

Just when I thought I’ll stick to trains, I was introduced to this award-winning mobile app that was developed by a local mobile app development consultancy Originally US. The app, SG BusLeh, has got to be one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly bus apps around. Here are some of the reasons why I reckon everyone should download this app!
1. Discover what are the nearby buses and bus stops
Equipped with Google Maps, SG BusLeh shows you where you are and an overview of the nearby bus stops and services available at each bus stop. You can easily scroll around the map to have an exact view of the bus stop location.
2. Accuracy in bus arrival timings & first bus app to introduce 3rd arrival timing
Miss a bus and you’re wondering if you should wait for the next bus or take an alternative transportation? Fret not. You will be able to find out instantaneously when the next bus is coming. The numbers above the bars show the bus arrival timing (in minutes).

3. Know in advanced how crowded the ride will be
Plan your journey beforehand, as you predict the bus capacity through the colours in the bar, positioned next to the bus number. Green means the bus is relatively empty, oranges means it is moderately packed and red means you probably got limited space to stand in the bus.
4. Know how much is left in your EzLink Card
This has got to be one of the coolest functions in the app. See the little card icon on the top right, next to the menu button? Click on that, tap your EzLink Card on the back of your phone and you will see how much balance you have left in the card. In addition, SG BusLeh allows you to track your journey/transaction history under the same EzLink card.



5. Know your bus, Stalk it, and Track your journey
Besides knowing the bus arrival timings, you can find out what type bus is coming up next to pick you! Right below the bus capacity bar, you will see an indication if the bus is a benny bus or a double-decker. If it is blank, it will be a single deck bus.


Designed to increase accuracy for bus timings and reduce anxiousness for riders, SG BusLeh allows you to stalk where is your bus while you’re waiting at the bus stop. This way, you know for sure when you have to standby before you miss the bus.

When you are finally on the bus, you can track your journey and add a flag on your destination. The app will provide you live notification of your remaining journey so you know how many more stops till you alight.

6. Your journey won’t be boring

SG BusLeh was the first app in Singapore that featured Singlish. Be sure to be tickled by some of these familiar yet ‘appsolutely’ surprising feedback from the app. You will get responses such as “Mai Kanchiong, your bus is still at the interchange.” It is definitely a light-hearted way to kickstart your upcoming appointments!

7. Support local company
It is no surprise that an app that addresses almost every aspect of our bus woes, is developed by a local mobile app development consultancy, Originally US. Focusing their efforts on iOS android app development in Singapore, Originally US has worked with renowned brands such as insurance giant, AIA, River Safari, Mediacorp, CPF and Zalora. They are known for delivering the quality mobile experience. Established in 2015, Originally US is one of the top mobile app developers in Singapore.

  • Here is a list of accomplishments for SG BusLeh:
  • First bus app to introduce 3rd arrival timing (before SG BusLeh, bus apps in Singapore only offer up to 2 bus arrival timing per bus)
  • First bus app to introduce bus locator (known as ‘Stalk bus’ in BusLeh, this feature allows commuters to ‘stalk’ and see the actual current physical location of upcoming buses)
  • First bus app in Singapore to feature Singlish
  • First bus app to inform commuters whether the upcoming bus is double deckers, bendy or single decks.
  • First bus app to use machine learning to predict how full each bus will be when it arrives.
  • First bus app to be available for Android Wear (Android wearable watches)
  • First bus app to also provide NTU and NUS internal shuttle bus arrival timing
  • First bus app to also provide SMRT train timing
  • First bus app to be able to check your EZ-link card balance using your phone (on supported devices)
      Check out a short video of my experience using SG BusLeh!

      SG BusLeh is available for download on both iOS and Android.

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