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Escape Restaurant & Lounge – One Farrer Hotel

Just a few doors down from Farrer Park MRT Station, Escape Restaurant and Lounge at One Farrer Hotel offers all-day, 24hours dining for buffet lovers! Find yourself walking along an open kitchen, picking your favourite dishes from a variety of local and international cuisine, while interacting with the chefs! As what its name suggests, you’ve just escaped into a food haven.

The restaurant and lounge is tastefully set up to provide you proximity to the chefs! It offers a melange fine dishes from DIY caesar salad, assortment of breads, Western pasta, Italian pizzas, India ayam masak merah, Japanese fresh cut sashimi to local roasted meat and delightful range of desserts. This rich dining experience, that allows you to interact and watch the chefs prepare your food is exciting and best of all, the freshness is uncompromised!

Starting March 29th, 2017, a new offering, Teochew porridge food spread will be available between 11pm to 3am, priced at $16++ per pax! There will be more than 20 different side dishes for you to choose from while you indulge in a bowl of warm and homely Teochew “mui”.
For those who’d like to patronise during non-peak hours, you may select your food from the a la carte menu. New additions on the menu are 3 Signature dishes: KL Tai Lok Mee, Seafood Chili Crab Noodles & Durian Fried Rice!

KL Tai Lok Mee (a la carte)

Served as an a la carte, the KL Tai Lok Mee is gastronomically delicious! The texture of the noodle is mouthfilling, silky and chewy, with just the right amount of dark sauce. This dish was cooked with a balance of dark sauce unique to Escape Restaurant and Lounge and the result is flavoursome! A definite dish to try! It is served with firm, sweet prawns and pork lards.

Seafood Chili Crab Noodles (a la carte)

Thanks to the progressive chefs at Escape Restaurant and Lounge, we got to try the Seafood Chili Crab noodles! A culinary invention that will satisfy those who can’t get enough of chilli crab sauce! The sauce is aromatic, rich in flavour and tastes just like the sauce we know and love. It does feel a little incomplete without eating a crab.

Durian Fried Rice (a la carte)

This is probably the dish where some may think you will either love it or hate it. Being a fan of durians, I was pleasantly surprised at how this fusion could work. The fried rice is served along with an aroma of durian, which is very appetising for durian lovers. For those who are not, do not worry; the majority of the durian taste comes from the puree that is placed on the top.

The fried rice itself carries a mild durian flavour. Overall, this dish is worth the try and satisfied my durian craving.


Back to the interactive foodspread, every table is served with a platter of Crayfish, Snow Crab legs, Scallops and Australian Yabbies on ice for four/six (depending on the number of diners). Ours was a serving for four. We were in for a treat! The crustaceans were served in generous portions and were fresh and delicate. My favourite was the Snow Crab leg, it was fleshy and juicy at the same time. If you desire more seafood, there is also free flow sweet sea prawns and venus clams.

Local Specialty

 It is interesting to see the shop front of typical roasted meat stall within a modern and chic restaurant. Just like the other stations, there are a variety of condiments placed right before you to spice up your dish before you indulge in the tender and succulent goodness!

Other local specialty dishes available include mee siam, crayfish laksa, popiah, dim sum and more!

Japanese Fresh Cut Sashimi and Sushi

 Be captivated by the freshness and smoothness of the sashimi! We ordered Tuna, Saba and Snapper. The texture of the fish is lean, firm and incredibly delicious! I would have gone back for more if only my stomach had a little more space!

Sweet Treats

Finally, after all the good food, be sure not to miss the dessert section that is near the entrance of the restaurant where the chocolate fondue flows! There, you’ll find an assortment of cakes, tarts, fruits and you can even customise your own yoghurt!

Buffet Price List as of March 2017
Sunday to Thursday
Lunch Buffet: $50++ per adult, $25++ per child (5-11 years old)
Dinner: $65++ per adult, $32.50++ per child (5-11 years old)
Friday, Saturday, Public Holiday eve and Public Holiday
Lunch: $50++ per adult, $25++ per child
Dinner: $68++ per adult, $34++ per child
Lobby Level One Farrer Hotel & Spa,
1 Farrer Park Station Road, 217562

Written on behalf of @william82sg.

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