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Cathay Platinum Movie Suites – Power Rangers Movie Review

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It was exciting to attend the Power Rangers movie premiere at the Cathay Platinum Movie Suite! Growing up in the ‘90s, Power Rangers was a beloved and iconic television series, featuring a group of high school teenagers with special strengths, martial arts and bio-mechanical robots to combat the villains. For this 2017 reboot, I was eager to check out how this series could retain its essence while matching up with superheroes blockbusters by DC Comics or Marvel.
For someone who has watched Power Rangers on TV, this is a good Power Rangers movie. The movie has retained its essence, especially with the character-driven style. For those who have not watched, you may be expecting more spectacular battle scenes throughout the movie like most superhero shows today, but find that this movie takes time to build up to that climax.
[[Spoiler Alert !!!]]
Kudos to the filmmakers of Power Rangers, it is incredible to see how the story of five ordinary high-school kids with distinctly different personality unfolds and become the only ones who can save the planet through teamwork. Here are some of the highlights from the movie:
1. The fall of the Rangers
The film started off with the history of the previous Rangers. Zordon and Rita Repulsa were the Red and Green Rangers respectively, however, Zordon failed to lead his team to protect the Zeo crystal from Rita’s quest for power. Losing the Zeo crystal to her would also mean that all life on the planet would be obliterated.
2. The challenge
Five teenagers, who were complete strangers, each of them with strong characters of their own, came across a gold mine and an explosion revealed five glowing coins with different colours. Each of them took one and resumed their usual lifestyle, only to find that they have become inexplicably stronger and possess superpowers.
As the selected five were slowly discovering their powers and learning to morph into Power Rangers after meeting Alpha-5 and Zordon, Rita’s body was recovered from the ocean by a fishing vessel. Rita was awakened, she began her attacks around Angel Grove, collecting gold to restore her body and to recreate her henchman, Goldar. Rita’s quest for the Zeo Crystal remains a major threat.
3. Learning to trust and importance of Teamwork
Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger), the leader of the group was having doubts about Zordon’s motives and believed that Zordon was out to use the new rangers, so that he could escape and restore himself as the Red Ranger once more to finish his battle with his Rita.
Upon encountering Rita and receiving her threats to destroy the planet, the Rangers were anxious about mastering their superpowers before it is too late. They began to realise the reason for their inability to morph could be caused by a lack of understanding amongst them. Just as their relationship with each other deepens, Billy Cranston (Black Ranger) was drowned by Rita and lost his life.
This happened at the opportune time when Zordon had his chance to restore himself but Zordon sacrificed his only chance to bring Billy back to life. This reestablished Jason’s trust in Zordon.
4. The Battle, Megazord vs Goldar
As with all superheroes movies, this is the climax. Watch how the Rangers counterattack the giant Goldar with their zords. Goldar is unquestionably powerful and its massive size was a great challenge for the rangers to bring down with their individual zords. The battle scene re-emphasized the importance of teamwork.  The finale brought back many memories from the TV series, especially when the soundtrack was briefly played in the background in one of the scenes.
Overall, the Power Rangers movie has up the game, bringing more attractive special effects and having supervillains that looked intimidating than the buffoonish ones from the TV series.
The Cathay Platinum Movie Suites

The Lounge
The experience at Cathay’s Platinum Movie Suites was impressive, especially with the comfort of the spacious, cushiony, leather recliner chair!
Begin your movie date with some quiet time in the private lounge furnished with signature designer sofas and a cool, modern ambience. There is a bar counter where you may purchase some drinks or bites before the movie. 
For the food selection in months of March to April 2017, Cathay is providing a new offering for its customers, where they serve a complimentary Welcome Platter with every Platinum Movie Suites ticket purchased. You may choose your preferred option from the three mains, Vegetarian Delight, Signature Chicken Platter and Asian Delight. Your food will be served to your seat.
We ordered the Signature Chicken Platter and the serving for each person is generous. The Platter comes with Mexican wings, potato wedges and chicken popcorn. Since we went on Wednesday, we did not get the additional serving of wine and popcorn but we each got a glass of coke served to our seat.


Recliner Seats

This was my favourite part of the movie suites experience! Prior to entering the cinema, I had two things on my mind… Firstly, I did not bring a jacket and I was afraid I would feel cold. Secondly, we were seated on the first row and I was worried about sitting at an awkward angle throughout the show. As I entered the cinema, I realised how spacious the seats are and the seats were arranged in pairs with a shared table between. There was also a snugly and silky blanket on every seat and that allayed my worry of feeling cold.
The seat was heavily padded and it feels almost like you’ve just sank into a huge pillow. There is a button at the side of the chair that allows you to adjust to an angle you’re comfortable with. It can be lowered to a fully reclined position, which makes it feel like you’re lying on a comfortable bed. It was perfect and watching the movie from the first row was not a problem. Lastly, every table is equipped with a button for personal butler service throughout the movie!
It was definitely a memorable experience that allows you to relax your tired mind and body while enjoying the movie and company!
Pricing (2D)
Mondays – Thursdays                                      SGD28
Fridays – Sundays (incl PH and eve of PH)        SGD38

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