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A hidden gem: Lighthouse Bistro & Bar

If you are looking for a sweet spot to dine in and enjoy a tranquil evening, while savouring fresh and delectable quality food… Lighthouse Bistro and Bar is the perfect choice!

The restaurant is a hidden gem along Jellicoe Street, walking distance from the Lavender MRT station. Having worked in this part of Singapore some time back, it is a pleasant surprise to discover this delightfully posh yet affordable bar and bistro in the neighbourhood.

Before I dive into the goodness of the food, there is something extraordinary about this bistro besides the jazzy ambience, and refreshing design of the utensils. The bistro is affiliated to the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union and the maritime community at large. It has been around for 14 years, and undergone three revamps to deliver the best to its guests and fellow union members. While chatting with the staff, we found out that the bistro is a host to the elderly during occasions and has also provided meals to stranded seamen. To me, that is another impressive commitment by the bistro.
For the cuisine menu, it is not extensive however it offers a great mix of choices to satisfy all taste buds! Whereas, the beverage menu contains a comprehensive range of drinks for everyone, ranging from milkshakes, mocktails, coffee, tea, chocolate delights, juices to beer and liquor!

Beverage – Double Choc Dunk ($10)
Being a chocoholic, I would say this mix is brilliant and every sip is satisfying! In contrast to chocolate drinks that make you feel overwhelmed by the richness or sweetness, the double choc dunk has an irresistible creaminess that makes you desire more. The rainbow sprinkles and chocolate bits in the drink add extra texture and crunch.

Starters – Seafood: Fishermen’s Board ($19)
We started our meal with the Fishermen’s Board, served hot and fresh. This is a wonderful dish for seafood lovers to get a taste of their favourite dishes all at once. This platter contains tiger prawns, batavia squid, atlantic dory and blue mussels! The uncompromised freshness of the ingredients, highlights the bistro’s Maritime identity. The dory was crispy-fried yet tender on the inside, the blue mussels are fleshy and carry a tinge of sweetness in it. The batavia squids were drizzled with tasty garlic sauce that is slightly spicy and finally the fresh tiger prawns were topped with creamy cocktail sauce. It was amazing!

Mains – Tiger Fish and Chips ($21)
A good set of fish and chips demands more than just the freshness of the fish. Lighthouse bistro offers guests tasty and crisped tiger beer battered crust on generous-cut sea bass with a choice of two sauces – curry mayo and orange tartar. I am highly pleased with the savoury curry mayo sauce as it adds a local flavour to the fish and chips. I reckoned this is an interesting twist that will be loved by many!

 Mains – Darling Downs Wagyu ($42)
The Wagyu beef served at Lighthouse bistro is juicy, succulent, and meaty! You get to indulge in a 180g organic ribeye, marbling grade four beef and 350 days grain fed. While it is deliciously tender in the mouth, the sauce is not overpowering and it allows you to appreciate the fine flavour of the meat. The tantalising dish is served alongside with mashed sweet potato, mushrooms and fresh baby boy choy. I enjoyed the sumptuous texture of the beef.

 Dessert – Nutella Plait ($10)
To end off the night, we ordered this beautiful and tasty dessert! I simply adore the combination of a warm eggwashed nutella pie paired with a cold scoop of vanilla ice cream. It may be true that Nutella goes well with almost anything, but you have got to try, Nutella with this perfect pastry pie! The texture is not flaky, instead it is light and airy. In my opinion, this generous serving of dessert is worth every cent!

Overall, the Lighthouse Bistro and Bar is a splendid venue for couples, friends and even business partners to get together to enjoy good food and ambience. It is also relatively affordable in comparison to other fine-dining options.
For the month of March to April 2017, Lighthouse Bistro is having a Lunch Deal! Here’s a chance to enjoy a palatable meal (1 Main Dish and 1 Drink) for a nett price of $19.90! Be sure to share it with your friends!

75 Jellicoe Road,
Wavelink Building, #01-00
Singapore 208738

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