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Nando’s New Mango & Lime PERi-PERi Flavour !

Happy year of the Fire Rooster everyone! Speaking of the Fire Rooster, Nando’s, known for its Afro-Portuguese flame-grilled chicken glazed with different levels of spiciness, has introduced a brand-new flavour – Mango & Lime! Diners now have the choice to select any of your favourite Nando’s dishes and have them served with the Mango and Lime flavour!

Chicken is easily one of the most popular dishes you see at every table, but Mango and Lime flame-grilled chicken? That is new to me and I was eager to visit Nando’s to try when Will told me about it.

We went down to Nando’s Bishan in the evening. Besides being a great spot to hang out with friends at the spacious, two-level outlet, the interior decorations exude a warm and homey feeling.
Tropical Fruitea ($4.90)

I am highly pleased with this cup of refreshing fruit tea. It has a good mix of sweetness and sourness, with fruit pulps at the bottom.  The combination of mango, lime, infused with orange juice and ice lemon tea gives a perfect blend of fruitiness.
PERi-PERi Soup ($5.90)

Though this soup looks light, it is rich in taste. It has a nice blend of chicken and mushroom flavours. Finely diced mushrooms add texture to the soup. On top of it, there is a hint of PERi-PERi spiciness in the back palate that tingles the taste buds.  
Espetada ($17.90)

This Espetada tastes as good as it looks! I’ll never forget the first bite. It is a mouth-watering dish as the chicken is tender and juicy. If you are craving for something savory, this will surely satisfy that craving. Chunks of Mango and Lime marinated chargrilled chicken with mixed peppers are served on a skewer that hangs off the hook.
3 Chicken Wings ($10.90)

I am not a big fan of grilled chicken wings, but Nando’s wings are flavourful and I enjoyed the Mango and Lime taste to it! You got to eat it while it is hot!
Full Platter with 4 Regular Sides ($44.90)

Finally… we ordered a Mango and Lime flavoured Full Platter with 4 sides, Chargrilled Vegs, Mediterranean Rice, PERi Chips and Corn-On-The-Cob (2 other sides are not shown in this photo). A meal at Nando’s is never complete without their signature flame-grilled PERi-PERi Chicken, which they leave to marinade for 24 hours overnight so that the sauce is well seasoned into the meat.
Without a doubt, the meat was as tender as we expected and the Mango and Lime flavour adds a sweet, tangy and zesty taste to it! I am starting to enjoy this over the original PERi-PERi sauce. This Full Platter is good for sharing amongst a group of 4.

There are many varieties at Nando’s. These were our orders for the night! It was a good thing that I reserved my stomach for a sumptuous dinner!

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