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On Long Distance Relationship & How to Survive It!

Those who know me would know that I’ve been in a long distance relationship for some time now. I often get comments like “Aiyo when I see your Instagram feed, I get diabetes,” “Wow, how did you do that!” “Wah, so long already and he is not back yet” and finally…. “wow, time flies hor, he’s coming back …

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Food Restaurant

Nando’s New Mango & Lime PERi-PERi Flavour !

Happy year of the Fire Rooster everyone! Speaking of the Fire Rooster, Nando’s, known for its Afro-Portuguese flame-grilled chicken glazed with different levels of spiciness, has introduced a brand-new flavour – Mango & Lime! Diners now have the choice to select any of your favourite Nando’s dishes and have them served with the Mango and …

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