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Waiting for andy, myfatpocket’s editor to
help me change my blog song… Gonna change it to
one of the blog song that i’ve used before, like last year?

Or anyone got any nice songs that suit my blog
can also intro to me, send to me email! =D

What do you guys think of this?
The higher you climb, the lonelier you’ll get?

Head to ECHO MUSIC STUDIO for ” Mi Lu Bing’s MV”
Female lead final audition… Damn scary, and i saw alot of pretty girls. BUT, HOW COME I DON’T KNOW THAT SINGAPORE GOT THIS MANY PRETTY GIRLS!? WHERE WERE THEY HIDING ?
And i just got to know, if selected ,there’ll be Kissing scences too!
With Mi Lu Bing’s Vocalist…
Anyway, after the audition, the person asked me if i can sing.
If i’m not wrong , he is MI LU BING’s investor…
Haha… They want me to give it a try and i did… BUT, i don’t know if i scare them off anot. HAHAHAHA… =P

Anyway, after audition, head to TAKA’s Artfriend alone and bought ALOT of stuffs. And one of my reader is working there
( She told me she read my blog) !!!
She came over and helped me with alot of stuffs.. Thanks ALYSSA
( Not sure if it’s the right spelling but i remembered her name )
She’s really helpful okay…So gotta thank her personally here,
Alyssa hope you don’t mind (=



I had my lunch alone too! It was my first time, so must take photo! Haha
I had Tofu Hamburger Omu rice, Omg, you guys should try OMU rice!
It’s inside TAKA’s foodcourt at basement.



Korea’s traditional crackers… Mum’s friend got it from Korea.

You got the smile that can light up the whole town

Steady, can someone tell them they are wasting too
much space on earth???


Very sexy !!!

No matter how many ups or downs we had, I still LOVE YOU BABY! In fact more(:  


This is not very cool, 2 of my closest’s birthday is coming…
Baby’s birthday is on the 17th sept, Steph’s is on the 18th sept.
I don’t know what to get and make for them man!

Don’t stress , don’t stress , don’t stress

Before i start blogging, just want to let you guys know
that i’m not CELESTINA TIEW LI PING! This is the first time Celestina
is asking someone to blog for her! I’m Choonyan and i’m blogging
on her behalf as she has requested me to do so.



 Baby has been complaining that i’ve not been bringing her out.
Which i did! To make her feel better, i brought her out for lunch(:
3 years ago, i brought her here too! 
It’s a Turkish Restaurant at Far East called



These are the 2 dishes we ordered .


After the sumptuous meal, we went to eat the ice cream
from the Turkish Restaurant. The uniqueness of it is that,
they will give you a hard time having the ice cream
by playing tricks on you.


HAHA…what is she trying to grab??


Brought my dearest to ION shopping mall as the both of us
haven’t been there before. Went to watch the movie,
THE FINAL DESTINATION. We watched the non 3D version.
But it seems like there were many scenes with 3D effects.
The 3D version of the show seems nicer. And i don’t mind bringing
my dearest to watch it, if she want to(:


Don’t ever leave the one you love for the one you like, because the one
you like will leave you for the one they love.

We’ve patched things up , thanks for the concern … =D



Credit : Cooljuhl 

Heading to Phuture now

Photo 62

It wasn’t because of what i have got
i want to grow with you but

You’re not sorry

Think many people will be jumping with joy knowing what happened.
But i’m still gonna blog about it. It-My real feelings.

Today, i woke up with that sudden excruciating pain when i saw ***
in my dream….

30th August 2009

In his mum’s car going to send his brother to Kranji camp,
had dinner with his mum and him later on ….




You’ll never be forgotten. Thanks for teaching me LOVE.