Floral Garage Singapore

This is my first ever flower collab and I’m more than happy to be featuring Floral Garage Singapore! I believe the visual speak for itself in terms of how beautiful they are. These flower looks so pretty that it’s an ease capturing it. I’m loving each and every shot!

The bouquet featured in this shot is call ‘Cinnamon’ in red and I customise it by adding cotton flower! Since most of them are preserve flowers, that means they are very practical where you can separate them out and put them in cute vase! Perfect decor piece if you ask as they will last for a long time!

If you are looking into getting flower for the up coming Mother’s Day, you can also check them out HEREOr, if you are looking into flowers in general, they even have flower stand and some party supplies. Head over to Floral Garage Singapore and check them out!

Reflections Organics | Eco-friendly makeup line

Reflections Organics, founded by Nerissa is a local homegrown brand that’s organic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free makeup line. The colour pigmentation is on point and certainly impressed me upon trying it out myself. Reflections Organics consist a diverse range of highly pigmented and long lasting makeup from Anti-aging BB cream, mineral powder, highlighters, blush and the list goes on and on.

Each product is formulated with up to 90% USDA certified organic ingredients, while providing the wholesome natural nourishment for skin.

Since our skin also absorbs any chemicals in the cosmetics, Reflections Organics aims to protects your health as well as fragile ecosystems of the Earth with detailed attention for environmentally-friendly packaging such using soy-based ink for labels or translucent boxes to reduce printing wastage and recyclable pouches for packaging.

Their products are of quality so you get what you pay for. I use to think that organic products are not as pigmented until I’ve tried out Reflections Organics makeup that really change my persective. The two products that I’ve been using are the Sheer Mineral Bronzer and Mineral Eye Shadow. Since they are both really highly pigmented, I really only need a small amount of products in each use. The texture is very smooth and glides on the skin easily. The first shade on the top is the bronzer and the shade in the bottom is the eye shadow.

Reflections Organics believe in giving back to the less-privileged families hence Reflections is a supporter to the children of needy families in Christian Life Church in Cebu, Bantayan since the brand’s inception through donating a portion of profits made into providing for their education and livelihood. In fact, Nerissa personally has 2 kids whom she has been sponsoring for 2 years now. It’s always a beautiful thing when brands remembers to give back.

To learn more about the brands, you can check out their site at https://www.reflectionsorganics.com/.

You can also check out their Facebook or Instagram.

Last but not least, Reflections Organics is kindly giving my readers an exclusive 10% off when you key in ROCassandra17. (Code is valid from now till March 2017)

Hope you do check out their products and love it as much as I do!



My First Chemical Peeling Experience | Charismata Aesthetics

Here’s what I have to say

Firstly, it my first ever Chemical Peeling treatment which is done at Charismata Aesthetics. I was kind of worried at first since I’m in the mid of having a breakout as well as areas that are recovering hence, the idea of “Chemical Peel” sounds a little daunting to me. I even double confirm to ensure that with my skin condition, it isn’t gonna have a bad effect.

For Chemical Peeling based on my Beauty Therapist Kerlyn, she shared that the basic amount of acid use is around 35%. Since it’s my first try, she went with that amount. The acid at most should NEVER exceed 60% caused that would eventually burn the skin. (interesting to know)

Secondly, many would have asked does it hurt? For me, no. At 35%, you can feel a little bit of tingly effect but certainly not burning for me. I particularly enjoy the process because halfway through, I fall asleep. What woke me up was the COLD acne control relief mask that has Aloe Vera and a strong hint of Mint which is super cooling~ Instant refreshing!

Even though chemical peeling sound strong, it’s surprising quite mild on my skin, so mild that I would prefer a little stronger because the usual kind of facial that I’ve been before would go through the process of squeezing out the clogged pores. Which is why it hurts but I do prefer most my pore getting unclogging hence I didn’t mind enduring the pain.

As for chemical peeling, it perfect for people who doesn’t want to deal with any pain; have sensitive skin or even severe acne skin. Because Kerlyn shared that she used to have severe acne skin on her forehead area where she would go to doctors, go on pills and spend tons of money but what in the end really works for her was chemically peeling. Now if you look at her, you would not believe she used to have problematic skin.

. In my opinion, is best to go Chemical Peel Treatment a few times for long term result. Obviously, you can see the different after the first try where your skin is brighter, smoother and clearer, but if you want long term result then pampering yourself with Chemical Peeling would means better skin over time.

With all these said, if yourself or your friends are interested in trying out Chemical Peeling Treatment, 1 session is S$248 but Charismata Aesthetics is giving my readers 10% off if you quote my name! I hope this post gives you a little clarification and if you need to know more, just hit me up in the comment section below!

Thank you Charismata Aesthetics, for having me and the very sweet Eileen who was there the whole time to capture all these shots <3

Hugs, Cassandra

Raffles City Spring/Summer 2015

Hey lovely,
Recently I got to attend the Raffles City Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show event. The clothing pieces had a fairytale feel to it but still very wearable from brands like Aldo, Robinson to 
 The super gorgeous Vanessa Vanderstraaten is the host for the day!
 Yes to the skirt!
June’s favourite
A very unique trench coat where it’s laces and has hoodie.
Love her trench coat
Cape dress are a must!
Yes to the coat please!
She is so gorgeous
I love how this two are separately pieces where the top is being wore inside but tuck out at the neck area giving it a very powerful look 
 Photo taking with the super pretty Vanessa Vanderstraaten
Yes she is really tall!!!
  Group Shot!

Now when you shop at Raffles City in their participating fashion outlet with a spending of $500, you can get yourself a Vara Wang perfume! 
Last if you are there to watch the fashion show, do upload it to Instagram and #rafflescityspring15 to get a chance to win some shopping voucher!


NEW Essential haircare range

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Essential is a popular haircare brand from Japan. They has a wide range of products to help repair and care for hair by understanding the needs of Singaporean girls. Offering products ranging from basic care like Shampoo & Conditioner to more intensive treatments like Hair Masks and Leave On Serum/Lotions. 
Essential relaunches with brand new packaging, improved formula and a new variant! 
2 types of range: 
Orange & pink variants – are of richer formula and are suitable for dry/damaged hair without having oily roots 
Blue and yellow variants – are of lighter formula and are suitable for people with oily roots/scalp yet dry hair ends (combination hair) 
Here’s a simple way tp let you know about the 4 different variants better

Nourishing Breakage Defense – for weak & damaged hair 
Moisturizing Frizz Free – for dull & rough hair 
Light Finish Volumizing – for flat and limp hair 
Deep Cleansing Care – for oily scalp & dry ends (new)
So as stated that the blue and yellow variants are for combination hair, so what exactly is combination hair?
It is when the person have an oily roots but dry ends.
Most shampoo in the market do not cater to people with combination hair hence the Essential came out with a Light Finish Volumizing and Deep Cleansing Care that have the optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care & Sebum Cleansing Technology to target both problems of roots and hair ends. As a result, consumers experience the best of both worlds with one product – airy light roots and moisturized ends

Now it might seem a little confusing as to which to get, well no worries as this simple chart can help you to figure out how to pick the right product for your hair type.
I personally have very oily roots and I don’t have damage dry ends as I don’t use hot tools or ever dye my hair before. Hence the Blue and Pink range is for me.
Of course just by washing is not enough. You need to give your hair proper treatment in order to ensure the overall well-balance of your hair so here’s another chart for you to pick the right hair treatment/mask.
Treatment Tube improved treatment now works its magic on your hair in 30 seconds! 
the result, deeply moisturise and manageable hair. Perfect for busy days.
Hair Mask for more intensive treatment to treat those dry/damaged ends, leaving hair softer, smoother and more manageable.

Since the new Essential has Micro fine All Smooth Essence which delivers nutrients to repair damaged hair surface from root to tip conventional technology concentrates mainly at the roots only. 
I receive the pink range 30 seconds hair treatment tube which save me a lot of time using it as I only need 30 seconds to achieve smooth hair. 
My hair smell good, smooth and is easier to comb through. No worries about tangle.

Here are the blue and pink variants products that I’ve receive for my hair type.

I wash my hair on alternate day so as usual I will use the Deep Cleansing Care shampoo whenever I wash my hair. Conditioning is important so I can use either the Deep Cleansing Care conditioner or my preferred 30 seconds treatment. On days that I feel like pampering my hair or feeling a little dry at the ends I will use the mask and skip the conditioner and treatment as the mask is strong enough to moisture and fizz free.
If you are interested you can get the sample size through HERE Also, remember to like Essential on Facebook and follow Essential on Instagram @essentialsingapore

All the products are already available in leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores.

I hope through those chart you will be able to find the right products for your hair type.

To beautiful and healthy hair~

February Bellabox | Fresh Beginnings |

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Hey lovely,
How was your new year celebration so far? Mine schedule basically was fully pack with activity hence I had a great one! I hope you have a great one too before heading back to work/school!
This month I have got my February Bellabox during Reunion Dinner so I was very excited about rocking my LAQA&CO Lip Lube that I have been looking forward to in the February Box! Guess what, I did rock the colour during Chinese New Year Day 1 which you can see it HERE
Now let’s jump right into this month box! As usual you will always be greet with well design info cards in the box upon opening the package and here it is! Sidenote, yes it shoot all these on an actual grass!
An invitation card for customer to rate the products and you can also earn 5 points per product reviewed! 

First up we have LAQA & CO Lip Lube Pencil in Stranger Danger. I love it when product have such interesting names! This colour is definitely the centre of attention especially when you have minimal makeup on and this will helps to brighten up the overall makeup. This lip lube is also enriched with peppermint-Shea butter hence it helps to keep your lips moisturising and I’m love with the minty part too! Comes in 4 different shades which can be seen on Here where the beauty Becks is wearing it!

This product is suitable especially for the normal to dry skin people. With 7 super seed and red yeast to hep firm and brighten skin at the same time. I have oily skin but it’s funny at times as I could have some dry patch on my nose area so that’s where I would focus in applying this product. It is lightweight gel texture that absorb into skin easily and smell pretty flowery. 
An anti-ageing cream that recharge skin’s electrical balance, penetrating deep into skin layers to stimulate cellular renewal and metabolism. We should start using anti-ageing products upon reaching the age of 20!
Brighten, refine and renew skin as this cream is packed with high concentration of 70% Mucin extract from snail mucus to hydrate and strengthen your skin.
Suitable for blond or highlight hair people, since I have dark brown hair then this would be great for my friends who have highlighted their hair!
With this product, you just need 1 minute to give your hair a regeneration treatment.
Goldwell Dualsense Shampoo

This Shampoo is also suitable for blond or highlight hair which works to neautralize brassiness or unwanted warm tones.

Goodal TransForm Cleansing Oil
A 2 in 1 makeup remover and foam cleanser that even wash away the most difficult water-proof make-up, leaving your skin smooth and thoroughly cleansed. I am definitely looking forward to using that!
Lastly is something for the tea lover. Ultra refreshing with astringency and a subtle sweetness, you can now recharge and embrace a well-balanced body and mind. Pop it into a cup and drink away!
Time for the Bellas to get your hand on your very own Bellabox if you haven over HERE
Also check out BellaBox Facebook page on more interesting updates!!

It’s Bella Time~

January Bellabox | The Beauty Spot |

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Hey lovely,
It a brand new year and I hope it has been so good so far for you! I am greet with the beautiful Bellabox as always and this month Bellabox is another pretty one with the theme of The Beauty Spot.
It has item from makeup to makeup remover as well as skin and hair care. If you have been reading my blog you would have know that some of the items in the box I have reviewed it before!
Now let’s jump right into!

Mane ‘n Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner
I remember buying Mane ‘N Tail hair wash when it first arrive in Singapore. Mane ‘N Tail is a very well-known brand in USA. This Deep Moisturising Shampoo/Conditioner is design for dry, damaged hair. Since I have oily hair I will be giving this product to my friends who happen to have dry hair due to dying of hair colour which I believe will be even suitable for the sensitive.

Pond’s Age Miracle Firm and Lift Day Cream SPF30
This cream consist of Pro-Cell Complex together with potent firming and lifting ingredients that firm sagging skin such as around the jaw line to achieve a younger looking skin.

Inglot Cosmetics
If you are into Makeup then this brand should not come as a surprise. Inglot is a brand that have recently open a store in Singapore and I’ve heard and seen so many of my makeup lover talking and ravelling about this makeup line. Their colour pigmentation is on point and with the freedom system palette, it is design to allow you to mix and match your own palette which definitely attracts many makeup lover! Bonus to the fact that the packaging is simple and slick. 

Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara

For bigger & brighter looking eyes, mascara plays a big part hence it’s important to get one that gives you a fuller lashes by using volumizing kind of mascara. Will try the mascara soon so stay tune for picture on my Instgram!

Biore Micellar Cleansing Water
I own a full size of this makeup remover and have been using it so much that its finishing soon so I am happy to receive this sample size one that would allow me to easily bring along when travelling! You can read more about this product over HERE as I have done a full blog post about it! In summary I would recommend this product if you do not like to have a sticky finish after using a makeup remover.

Mauboussin Lovely A La Folie Eau De Parfum

This scent simple description would be for the 
Classy | Elegant | Poise
type of lady.

Miacare Acne Patch For Day
I got to try this Miacare Acne Patch through an event and I am very impress with how thin this acne patch is. It is in fact the thinnest one I have seen so far. So thin that if you didn’t take a good look you would not realise that it’s there! Would recommend this product as I even got my boyfriend to use it!

Bellabox Cosmetic Pencil Pouch
Last but not least, the bonus product is this cute makeup pouch that’s long enough to place most of those makeup brush of yours! How cute is this! You can even use it as a pencil box too!

To get your very own BellaBox
  1. At just S$19.95 a month
  2. Free delivery to your door
  3. Cancel at anytime
  4. 5+ products monthly (this month consist of 8!)
  5. Join HERE!!!!
Enjoy being a Bella~

Exuviance AntiRedness Calming Serum

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Hey lovely,
Hope you have been well! I know many of us face redness on our skin especially on our face! Since I have very oily skin, breakout just seem inevitable therefore with a very bad habit of mine(squeezing pimple or blackheads) it often ends up leaving a big red patch on my face or the entire face is red if I breakouts during that time of the month. Worse part is having to head outside with your face looking red!

For some, skin just tends to be a little more red than the others or because their face are pretty sensitive and ends up looking red. Therefore I am introducing you the newly launch product Exuviance AntiRedness Calming Serum that I have tried recently! This serum helps to calm down the redness on your skin and you have to try it to believe it. 

This serum has a fragrance free milky texture, together with the combination of active science and proven botanicals that address the four underlying causes of redness in order to calm sensitive skin. Ingredients like Polyhydroxy acids helps to strengthen skin’s protective barrier, reducing skin redness and making skin less vulnerable to irritants over time.

Exuviance AntiRedness Calming Serum has also won the Singapore Women’s Weekly Best Buys 2015(Best Calming Fix Award) therefore you know it’s definitely something worth the try.

This is a picture showing before and after in just 10 minutes of usage after me squeezing a blackhead out and decided to use this product to calm the redness. 

After some time, the swallowing seem to reduce as well.
(forgive me for those vein thats showing on my skin as I always have them, problem when you dont have enough meat on the skin area ^.^)

So what do you think after seeing the result? If you want to give it a try you can get your hands on this Exuviance AntiRedness Calming Serum at 20% off by simply using this quote “cassarcs20” at http://www.exuviance.com.sg/ 
*Discount code vaild till 31st March 2015

I hope this product will work well for you too! In the mean time do go check them out!

 May those redness be gone!~

A Pop of Colour

By now you would know my obession with strip and monochrome so this time round I decided to add some pop of colours to give it a fresh look!
Outfit Details
Top [ Temt ]
Short | Heels [ H&M ]
Pink Coat [ Cache Cache ]
Bag [ Charlse & Keith ]