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Introducing INNI, established in Finland that recently expanded into Singapore. They start-up to takes the hassle out of creating unique nail art for the trendy, independent modern woman. INNI offers affordable, easy-application, high quality nail wraps that are 100% customisable, lasts for up to ten days, with no dry time or toxic fumes.

Currently they are having a Crowdfunding Campaign for their mobile app which is supported by Channel News Asia and Crowdnomic. it ends on 8th of March so you can head over HERE to support now! With just $10 and above, you will receive one set of nail wraps(UP S$12.90) with your own design and handwritten thank-you note from them. Just take any image with your phone, send it to them and they will ship you an amazing instant manicure.
If you fall in love with a particular print and always wish that it could be on your nails instead then look no further as now you can customise your own nails wrap by heading to their website, go to “Open Studio” there upload your own image and start creating your own design. 
Not eyeing on any particular print, they also have a huge gallery of design to choose from.
Note: Their normal website with all the design features will be back up on after the 8th of March when the campaign ends.
Now let’s jump right into how I did my nails using INNI nails wrap.
 | Step 1 |
Measure the side of your nails using the measurement they have already povided at the top right-hand corner of the nail art wrap.
| Step 2 |
Use polish remover to clean your nails surface.
This step is important to ensure that the nail wrap can stick well.
| Step 3 |
Peel off the nail wrap according to the measurement you have taken in step 1.
 | Step 4 |
Apply nail wrap on your nail starting from the middle, press it down horizontally and vertically. You don’t want the nail wrap to be sticking on your skin, this means you have gotten the wrong size and need to use one size smaller.
You can stretch a bit to smooth out any wrinkle.
  | Step 5 |
Press down the extra layer after you have smooth out your nail art.
  | Step 6 |
File it off using the brown side of the filer provided.
File DOWNWARD starting from the middle then the side corner to remove the extra wrap.
Use the white side of the nails file to smooth your nails edge
  | Step 7 |
After you are done you should be left with clean nail edge like this.
To let nails design last longer just apply a top coat and you are good to go!
Thanks INNI for the super cute nail art!
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Pretty Nails, Happy Girl~

Bellabox x Jacqueline Burchell Nails File Guest Post

Hey lovely,
I believe many of us ladies love to have beautiful nails hence we go out spending so much money on nails care and nails art. For some who have job that often causes the nails to break or chip (me!), we would at the very least wish that our nails doesn’t look like we haven been to the manicure for years! This is why I am here to share with you tips that I use to keep my short nails neat while waiting for it to grow out. 

Firstly you will need:
– Nails Clipper
– Crystal Nail File [Jacqueline Burchell Crystal Nail File]
– Nail File (Fine Grit)
– Nail Strengthener/ Base Coat [OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener]
– Nail Polish 
– Top Coat [Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat]
– Cuticle Oil (optional) [Butter London Cuticle Oil]

Crystal Nail File works as good as a metal one but they are more gentle on your nails as compared to the metal one. I think is important to invest in a good quality nail file that will last you really long! I used to use the metal nail file until I got my hand on the Jacqueline Burchell Crystal Nail File in my November BellaBox which I have been using it every since!
As you can see, this is what often happen to me, one of the nails either chip or break during work hence I have to file down the rest in order for my nails to look balance in length. I am going to show you how I file my nails. 
Note: You need to know what nails shape you want to achieve before clipping. I personally love square so here is the square shape look. You can clip your nails tiled if you are trying to achieve the almond, mountain peak, rounded or oval shape as shown below.

Step 1:
You want to use the nails clipper to clip some of the nails off. Not too much as you want to leave some nails for filing down. You can see how much I am roughly clipping off on the red line.

Step 2: 
After you are done clipping, you can take your Crystal Nail File and start filing one way. 
I prefer filing on the right way. It is recommended that not to go back and forth but at time I know that I personally can’t help it. Still try not to do that. 
After you are done filing down to your preferred length, go on to the next step.

 Step 3:
Now the side edge is probably very sharp, even with the square look, you do not want it to be too sharp as you might end up hurting yourselves when scratching or it will chip easily, hence filing a little bit on the side will prevent all that from happening.

Step 4: 
You want to use another nails file with a Fine Grit to just help clean up the edge of the nails as you will see some thin layer of flake still attach to your nails. Don’t panic when you see it because our nails grow in layer form hence why you will see some very thin layer of nail dangling after the first file. 
Example of Fine Grit nail file is this. You can actually feel how rough the grit is by comparing it to your Crystal File.


Now the square look is complete!
Continue repeating the step to the rest of the nails.

Once you are done, you will have something like this.

To prevent yourself from biting your nails, you can apply your favourite nail polish but remember to start off with a base coat or strengthener and then finish off with a top coat.
Last touch is optional but I like applying cuticle oil on the surrounding of my nails after painting to keep it moisturise. In case you are wondering the nails colour I am using is OPI Malaga Wine.

I hope that you have learn something from this post and am able to take care of them at your own comfortable home!
Last but not least I would like to thanks Becks and Bellabox for this opportunity on sharing this guest post with all of you and you can see it HERE!!!!