Culottes LookBook

Culottes is one of the trending piece this season and who can say no to this interesting flattering cut.
For my first look, I pair my suede culottes with a strip formal blouse and a leather jacket. One of a must-have combo for culottes are strap-on heels because they fit right where the cut-off is hence giving you some height and culottes really brings out the strap-on heels as well. Finishing with a boxy bag!

Outfit Details
Strip Top | Suede Culottes [ H&M ]
Something Borrowed PU Zipper Jacket [ Zalora ]
Top Handle Box Bag [ Charles & Keith
Strap-on Heels [ Kurt Geiger ]
For the next look, I’m pairing the same suede culottes with a printed spaghetti straps top. Since the leg area are mostly covered, you can show some skin on the top instead to stay on the cooling side.
Since Culotte has a little straight flare to its cutting, you want to keep the top half a little more fitting, this way you would not look bigger than what you really are in size. You want the Culotte to elongate your body shape not loosing it. Overall this look is comfortable and realistic enough to wear on a summer day. I wore this out with my girls while cafe hopping.
Outfit Details
Printed Top | Suede Culottes | Necklace [ H&M ]
Heels [ New Look ]
Top Handle Box Bag [ Charles & Keith ] 
For the last look has a little more put together. I’m pairing culottes with a classic white vest in this case. I’ve always wanted a white vest but the “free size” range is a little too big for me and when I came across this one that fits me like a glove, I bought it! This Pleated Culottes on the other hand has a very interesting cut where there is a pleated slit. When the wind gets a little strong, it’s going to show some skin. 
Crop top works wonder with culottes so I suggest getting one that expose a little right in the stomach area as culottes looks perfect when wore high-waisted which helps to elongate your body.
Outfit Details
Crop Top [ Bugis Street ]
Alpine Snow Vest [ LeChic ]
Pleated Culottes [ Jumping Around
Necklace | Heels [ H&M ]
Bag [ Charles and Keith ]
Thankful for my awesome brother as he is the guy behind all of my outfits shoot! He love photography and have so much patience with me. When we are out for shoot, I usually shoot a few outfits at different locations all in one day and he would be the one willingly to carry my heavy bag. Despite the bad or very scorching hot weather, he never really complain much! I’m truly grateful for his patience and help! Do check out his Blog
Note: He is not a train professional photographer but love photography just like me so do show him some support/love and please be nice! Thank you!!!
 Culottes is the new Midi! ~

Set Romance

One of the fashion trend these days is wearing the same print set. I’ve always love the idea of that as its easy, chic and two for the price of one. Getting a 2pc set allows you to wear it on the go without thinking too much of what to pair with. Since you are getting two for the price of one, it’s pretty worth the deal! 
You can even mix and match the top and bottom allowing you have 3 outfits with one 2pc set, hence favourable when travelling. Here are two clothing sets that I’m in love with!
 Outfit Details
Heels [ H&M ]
Outfit Details
Edilean florale set (3 pieces) | Ted Baker IPad Mini Case [ The Dancing Jewels ]
Hat | Heels [ H&M ]

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Noir Blanc Romance

Another monochrome combo where the top is filled with tiny hearts adding a little cute touch and ending with a flare pants which gives a little more sophistication. Lastly carrying a red clutch that adds a pop of colours to complete the outfit.
An outfit thats suitable for events or a girls night out!
 Outfit Details
Top | Flare Pants | Strap-on Heels | Shades [ H&M]
Claire knot clutch [ The Dancing Jewels ]


Purrr Like A Lady

The furry sleeve was what caught my eyes and I can’t stop touching it because it so soft and pretty.
Instead of a plain white top you can opt for this kind of top with a settle and sweet detail.
 Outfit Details
Furry Sleeve Top | Houndstooth Printed Bottom [ Three Blind Mice Flea ]
Necklace [ The ClutterBug Shop ]
Rings | Heels [ H&M ]


Going for a more youthful vibe in this outfit by wearing a cute watermelon at the top and ending with a colourful & flowy floral slit skirt. 
Outfit Details
Top [ H&M ]
Santorini Floral Chiffon Slit Maxi Skirt [ Wonderstellar
Strap-on Heels [ Stradivarius ]


Lacey Light

The moment I saw this top I knew I had to get it. The front is simple but the back lace details is just plain gorgeous and let’s just say I am in love with the simplicity of the outfit.
A fairy like outfit that’s definitely suitable for wedding or at the beach.
Outfit Details
Lace Top | Heels [ H&M ]
Out Skirt In White [ Young Hungry Free ]


Pink & Meow

Spring is here and I am incorporating bright colour and fun print to bring out this look! 
Adding a see through clutch for a more interesting touch.
Outfit Details
Cat Top | High-waisted Jeans | Heels [ H&M ]
Outerwear [ Cache Cache ]


My Travel Essentials

Hey lovely, 
I am heading off to Batam this weekend so I decided to just show you what’s my must have for this short trip. Firstly if you are planning on a short trip to a hot country these are what I recommend to bring along.
Small Bag
You want to travel light when walking around exploring so having a small bag helps to lighten up the weight especially if you are like me who tends to put a lot of stuff in a big bag and ends up not using. Small bags helps by forcing you to reduce the amount of items you can carry hence only bringing the important stuff.

Comfortable Shoe
Long walk can causes footsore hence you want to avoid heels and opt for a comfortable pair of shoe especially if those flooring are uneven. This white pair I have is a slip on and definitely comfortable to walk in.
Since I’m hitting a location that’s scream hot sun, shades is a must as you do not want to be screeching your eyes the whole time. This little guy is going to protect those beautiful eyes of yours.

[ H&M Shades & Case ]

Not exactly essential for the trip but it is to me. I often get pieces of food stuck in between those gap in my teeth so I am super embarrassed to only realise later that I have been talking to people with a piece of food stuck. I wished they would have told me but most of us didn’t have the courage to tell the person. I got this super cute two-sided mirror recently and can skip embarrassing myself after indulging my food.
[ Forever 21

Since it’s a short trip, you don’t want to bring a lot of products with you so this is when travel-size products or sample would step in! I love all my sample size products as it literally reduce the amount/size of items you have to bring such as facial wash and moisturiser. Here are my current favourite beauty products.

1. Shu Uemura Chrome Brightening & Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil
This product allow me to enjoy putting on makeup because this cleansing oil is all you need as an amazing makeup remover as well as facial cleanser. I have been using this as a daily facial cleanser and still enjoying it. Now I don’t need to bring a separately makeup remover as this remove everything! 

2. Lotus Youth Preserve Face cream with Super 7 Complex
An everyday moisturiser both morning and night. Smell amazing and not thick as well.

3. Innisfree Green Persimmon Pore Essence
I got this recently at Innisfree store for buying things and little did I know I would enjoy this as it leave my face matte and smooth. I believe I would be heading back to get the full-size, glad to got to try it.

4. Laneign [Pore Control] BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++
Having a sun protection makeup base allows you to skip bringing a facial sunscreen. This one is able to protect your face from the sun, serve as a makeup base as well as pore control. That’s a winner!

5. The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Power Long-lasting Sun Cream
If you want to skip putting on makeup yet want sun protection as well as a bit of base to balance out your skin tone then opt for this 2-in-1 Sun Cream where you can use it on your body as well! It’s beige in tone so this can help to balance out your skin tone acting as a base.

6. Fresh The Sugar Lip Treatment in Cherry
Want a SPF lip balm with colour, this is the one to go! If you prefer a little more neutral tone then opt for this lip treatment in Petal which I am totally in love with the colour! Planning on getting that next. The Sugar Lip Treatment comes in many different shade so you can check it out.

7. Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Sweet Violet
This is for the indoor when you don’t need any sun protection. Have been using it for a long while and still enjoying it.

These are just some of the items that I am bringing along with me. If you have more tips or item to recommend please feel free to comment down below to let me know! Hope you enjoy reading this! 

Stay Chic!~

A Peak Of V

My very first V-Neck top.
I like how I can adjust this V-Neck knitwear according to how high or low I want the V line to be as it’s very flexible to work with. Pairing it with my boyfriend jeans for a classic look and finishing with a pink coat to brighten up the outfit.
Outfit Details
V-Neck Knitwear | Nude Heels | Clutch [ H&M ]
Coat [ Cache Cache ]

A Little Peak Of Skin Is Sexiest!~