Bold and Lace

I’ve always wanted to try out putting a turtleneck pieces together. In this look, I pair up the turtleneck with a button up top. This is inspired by the Korean artist who loves layering an outer piece on top of the turtleneck to help bring out the look. This outfit is suitable air-conditioning indoors or a colder climax location. I decided to finish the look with a lace skirt and lace-up heels to add a little more feminine touch. Overall the look is chic and the print helps brings out the turtleneck top.
Let me know what you think of this look in the comment section and what would you like to see next! Thanks and Hugs!
 Outfit Details
Turtleneck top | Printed button up | Lace skirt [ Bugis Street ]
Abstract Heels [ Something Borrowed ]

Varsity Ruby

 Outfit Details
Top | Coat [ Taiwan ]
Midi Skirt [ Flea ]
Heels [ H&M ]
Sidney Maple & Rose Gold Woodwatch [ JORD ]

This varsity look is different as it plays with knit and sleeveless. When match with a ruby midi skirt, it brings out the feminine side of it. I then pair it with a coat and red heels to complete the look. If you want to feel a little extra sexy, don’t hesitate to pop on a red lipstick.


London Prep

Outfit Details
Coat | Top | Bottom | Oxford Shoe | Socks [ From Taiwan ]
Necklace [ H&M ]
Sidney Maple & Rose Gold Woodwatch [ JORD ]

This is by far my favourite outerwear lookbook! I love how preppy and fall looking it is. The little details from high neck and coat all the way down to sock and oxford shoe makes every thing very cosy to wear without losing the chic factor. This is something I would wear either to an event or a whole day out in town.
I hope you like this look and do let me know what lookbook would you like me to create next!


Outfit x Le Grand Boutique & Bridal and Zwedding Design Event

Out and about at City Hall area shooting my outfit before making my way to  Le Grand Boutique & Bridal and Zwedding Design The Prelude Couture Runway 2015 event. During the event, Mr Chris Ling himself, a wedding photographer share with us slide of how many boutique would lie about the photographer portfolio through buying the wedding pictures from roadshow and online. He manage to show us how different company may use the same picture by adding their boutique name onto the photo which result in customer complaint of why the photographer could get the type of feel that they see in those sample photos. 
Next he show photos that’s shoot by himself and it take certain skill for the photographer to shoot a wedding photo with feel to it while ensuring that the bride is looking good through posture and pose. He also mention that many times couple would argue during selection of wedding boutique because of a few factor such as wedding gown, photographer and the main contributing factor, the total cost. To him working together with Zwedding is like giving a solution to couple who wants the best but at the right price because we all know how expensive wedding gown to photoshoot can be. Hence if you are planning on getting marriage, do check out Le Grand Boutique & Bridal. Scroll down to view some of their bridal gown from The Prelude collection.
Outfit Details
Power Grid Checkered Culottes [ LeChic ]
White Outer-wear | Belt [ H&M ]
Bag [ Charles & Keith ]
Heels [ Stradivarius ]

The Vintage Stash


The Vintage Stash

The Vintage Stash was founded in 2013, sell personalised accessories handpicked from around the world. The Vintage Stash believes in creating a personal style and owning it, basically being your own trendsetter.

I’m elated to get one myself, you can customise Passport Holder, Laptop Folder, Note Books, Sleeves and etc.
Instructions are clear and straight forward when browsing. Just start by clicking on the item of your choice and there you start the customisation in the option box provided. The one that I own is the Light Chestnut Cassia Passport Holder which comes in different colour. The material is of quality hence it worth every penny. Personalise items are often one of my favourite kind of gift so do check them out if your planning on getting something for that special someone. To get you started, my readers get to enjoy 10% off when you quote [ cassandra ]. TVS Facebook & Instagram

 Be your own trendsetter ~ The Vintage Stash

Teenage Magazine is my friend

Hey lovely,
I know the title might seem a little funny and out of my usual fashion and beauty post. As some of you might have know by now, I’m part of Teenage Gorgeous You Social Challenge 2015. I’m thankful to be part of it as I meet many new friends aka the contestant. Most importantly Teenage Magazine was like a friend to me during in my Secondary School days. Back then I was a pretty broke student so buying magazine was not up in my head but nevertheless I’ve always enjoyed reading Teenage Magazine whenever I got the chance to so I found myself heading to the National Library to try and borrow the latest copy of Teenage Magazine. Hence it was part of my teenage years memories. Honestly, I haven got to read it in a while since Secondary School so it’s really nice to get my hands on it once again.
If you are avid reader of Teenage Magazine you would definitely spot the different comparing the current September issue and those in the past. The first different is the texture of the cover page being matte as well as the quality of the paper in each page is better. Better as in not just the paper quality but the content as well.
Now, new section is clearly stated and as you flip through you will find that the content is very organise. It’s kind of like investing for a better blog structure page if that make sense, only different is you still get to pay the same amount 20 years ago but with better content.

I enjoying reading through celebrity gossip, fashion mix & match as well as Astroscoop, but the one that stand out most to me which I never fail to flip to was none other than “Dear Kelly”. I would read the story of trouble teens and feeling thankful that I didn’t make the same mistake as they did. I enjoy how “Dear Kelly” was always so patience and compassionate even though teens always ends up making the same mistake knowing that she warned them not to commit over and over again. Now thinking back I believe if I ever get to meet “Dear Kelly” in person, she would be proud of me because I do listen to her advised. *I secretly hope I can meet this amazing lady in person* I think as a teenager, we are at the stage where we tend to explore as well as rebel and often or not we didn’t know what’s the right thing to do or dare not go to our parents for advise so I can safely say “Dear Kelly” have help a lot of teenage out there who are struggling with school, relationship or emotion problems.
Now I’m looking forward to reading the next Teenage Magazine issue and see what’s new, what’s hot and what’s for Kelly to advise!
If you are a teenager reading this post, do give Teenage Magazine a try. I really do hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Good night~

Teenage Gorgeous Social Challenge | My 313 @Somerset Weekend List

Hey lovely,
since I’m given the task to come out with a weekend list, I decided to twist it a little and come out with this 313@somerset Student on a Budget List! Rather than just diving into different spot in 313@somerset, I decided to pick out some of the stores that I would recommend to go if you are a student on a budget. Window shopping is one of the most boring thing to me because what’s the point of shopping when you can’t afford to buy anything. I’ve been there, being a student on a tight budget and shopping in town was no fun so here’s some of my pick!

 Muji #B2-38/39/40/41 
Muji is like the all in one store, from household items to food and clothing. I secretly enjoy their DIY section where you get to purchase simple, Eco-friendly looking notebook and personalize it for yourselves or as a gift! Since Teacher’s Day is around the corner so why not surprise her with a sweet notebook of her very own!
 Typo #01-18
I love going to typo, getting cute stationery always help to give me a boost to study! Exam coming? Why not pamper yourselves with some cute notebook and pen as well as a schedule pad to keep you aware of what’s coming up! There is lots of gift ideas and decoration stuff for your room as well.
 Forever 21 #1st – 3rd floor
In this 3 levels storey Forever 21, you are bound to find something cute to wear. Whether is their affordable accessories items, makeup brush/ pouch or clothing pieces, all these will probably get you stuck in there for a while. *At least I did* After heading in I end up coming out with a necklace! *See what I mean?*
llaollao #B3-55
KOI Express #B3-51 | Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks #B3-50A
Sushi Express #B3-28/29
Lastly we can’t forget to feed ourselves, want a fulfilling meal,? Go for Sushi Express. Not that hungry and just want to grab a bite? Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks and KOI Express is a combo that never fail me. Dessert? Share llaollao Sanum with your friend! On one hand you get to split cost, on the other sharing is caring…
Need a place for selfie or outfit of the day? Head to Orchard Gateway bridge through 313 Somerset link, a spot where good lighting will definitely serve you well!!!
Do share with me what are some of your recommendation as I would love to know! Hope this list is helpful, in the mean time I shall go read my Teenage magazine!~

Klarra Pre-Fall 2015 RTW Collection

Recently was at Beatrica’s Klarra event for the Pre-Fall 2015 RTW Collection. This collection plays with interesting cutting as well as details, from pleated to flower. Beatrica was really lovely to chat with and down to earth. 
This skirt was obviously my favourite piece. The front and back is different in length which helps to elongate the body by showing some skin. This piece is so pretty that I would even wear it to a wedding. Overall I love that the fabric is of quality and not too thin especially for white clothing piece. 
Now you can head down to Robinsons The Hereen to view their collection as their pop up store is currently there. You can try on and get the feel of their fabric to see the quality and fitting for yourselves. Thanks Beatrica and Venelyn for the invites; and Congrates on the collection! Looking forward to more!