Etude House Wisma 1st Birthday Party

Recently I was invited to Etude House Wisma Flagship Store first birthday! It as an exclusive session filled with food and makeup! Makeup artist Clarence Lee was there to teach some tips and trick of achieving different looks. Food there was super yummy as well! Thank you to my sweet Olivia of Touch PR and Etude House for the lovely session!

I was totes delighted upon getting to try some more new colours from the Etude House Play 101 pencil! They are super fun to play with and the colour payoff is pigmented as well! Glides on easily on the lids! If you haven heard, the Play 101 pencil are not just for your eyelids, you can be used on the cheeks and lips as well!

Their Sweet Cheery Lip Tint is moisturising and look at the lovely colour range! I love every one of them! You can even wear different colour each day!

Last but not least is the Etude House Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion that provides you with moist and radiance skin all day! Filled with ingredients such as Baobab Water and 4X more Hyaluronic Acid will sure keep those skin of yours dewy!

This is the simple comparison between the Precious Mineral Any Cushion that I have and the brand new Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion.

These products are all available in store so head over and find your colour!


Singapore Fashion Week 16th May 2015

Hey lovely,
Today I got to attend 3 show at a go and all I can say is I LOVE FASHION SHOW. If there is one thing that I always do in fashion show, that’s taking out my camera and capturing the beautiful design whether I’m seated at the front row or event the last! I was not paid to do that at all but I just can’t help it, maybe because I know how much effort goes into making a clothing, maybe because I love so many of the designs or maybe because I just love fashion!
I’m more of a stylist personality since young. I came from a middle income family where my dad is the sole bread winner hence growing up “working/earning for what you want” is something that have always stuck with me. Since I’m in a big family, I don’t get the privilege of having what I want from my parents but more of working it to get what I want. In fact majority which I would say 90% of my things (clothing, shoe, bag, phone) are either from my savings or earning.
Back to the story about having the stylist personality, since I don’t get to buy a lot of clothes, I tend to mix and match the same piece for many different look. I believe that’s how I develop the love for fashion. This way I can save money and at the same time it allows me to really make the best out of it. When I go shopping, I would picture how I can match my clothing before purchasing it. If you are a student who is on a tight budget, you may want to consider the versatility of the clothing that you are getting. This way you will definitely found yourselves saving a lot of money. If you are interested to know what are the versatile pieces you could get then do comment and let me know below. I will do a blog post on what are the versatile pieces to get!
Now let’s get into the exciting part which is the Fashion Show itself!

Outfit Details:
Lace Dress | Strap-on Heels [ H&M ]
Clutch [ Topazette ]
photo by: Anico

LASALLE Graduate Fashion Show 2015

I’m so in love with many of the design by the students because the theme was location of Singapore and I personally found that they did an amazing job on capturing the details of the location such as colour or environment. Some of my favourites are the Kalison inspired by a India Temple, Dragon Heart inspired by Chinatown, another one inspired by Esplanade and not fogetting the one inspired by Botanic Garden. Lastly I would love to applause to all this Graduates as they did a wonderful job and I look forward to their design in the market in the near future.

Harper’s BAZAAR Asia New Generation Fashion Designer Award 2015
This show was rather exciting as I didn’t just get to witness the talent of 11 designers from 5 different countries, but since it was an award show, the audience got to know and congrats the winner first-hand. I’m so proud of Silvia Teh from Singapore for winning! At the event I’ve got the chance to meet non other than the Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh. He was really nice and well-dressed! Sofia Wakabayashi was there too!
Anico and I took turn to bring each other to the event 
Zalora Presents WOO/FIZIWOO and ZALIA Collections 
These two collection are not just red carpet ready, they are Elegant, Feminine and Classy. I love the silhouette of the design as well as the structure of the fabric as it brings out the beautiful figure of a lady. I would love to wear their collection for the next fashion event if I got the chance to.
I really enjoyed myself during the fashion show and I’m already looking forward to any one in the near future! Singapore Fashion Week was a blast! I will be posting about the L’Oreal Professionnel x Singapore Fashion Week 2015 very soon so do lookout for that as Yoo Eun Hye will be in the blog too *hint hint*.
Singapore Fashion Week see you soon! ~

Glam-It! GlamPact

Recently I attended the Glam-it! event where I got to customise my own makeup palette from colour to placement. Glam-it! is a compact beauty kit that have been endorsed by beauty and fashion influencers and celebrity clientele. Founder of Glam-it! is a former actress turned successful serial entrepreneur who is passionate about luxury, beauty and fashion, Ms Jennifer Cheng who understand the needs of women have definitely felt the pressure to “look perfect” 24/7 and often experience it in a business world hence created GlamPact as she fully embrace the philosophy of “Me for Me’ knowing that each girl is her own best asset and advocate. By putting herself first, she had become more stronger and empowered hence feeling more beautiful of oneself. 
Her mission is to help girls to save time and and manage their purse space efficiently. At the event I got to meet up some ladies and get our hands on the shades. After hearing so much from Jennifer about Glam-it!, we can feel how passionate she is about this product. 
She have also won awards such as SuperAchiever Woman Award by CMO Asia & Most Promising Entrepreneur Award by Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards APEA
What’s special about GlamPact is you get to customise your GlamPact and with a total of 11 modules. 3 of which are large ones such as your press powder/blush/bronzer/highlighter. The rest of the 8 small modules are lip/eye shadow/concealer. Even the brush kits are all packed in. Did I mention they even has a LED lighted mirror without the use of batteries?
The GlamPact is re-design to make it fit better. Jennifer actually place her GlamPact in her clutch to show us how portable it is.
Most importantly all GlamPact contains clinical and botanical skincare ingredients to make your skin look good from inside out with long term benefits. We can’t say no to that! 
Since now a days many of us ladies start to take note of the ingredients that is used in makeup, Glam-it! guarantees that all products in the GlamPact are made with vegan ingredients with no animal testing and completely paraben, sulfate, and gluten free.
Fun fact: Behind each makeup shade there is either a deeper meaning, inside joke or some kind of inspiration. 
I Want Candy – After winning an award for entrepreneurship, Jennifer was asked if she would like anything else when leaving the stage and she responded “I Want Candy”. Therefore this ultra-feminine pink lip colour is the epitome of the sweetness if success.
Rich Girl – This was inspired by Jenn’s friends who mentioned that her upscale carefree life as a girl who seemingly had everything was more complicated than it appeared on the shiny surface.
Jennifer Cheng, an actress, a model, Founder & CEO of Glam-it! 
She was a Piano Prodigy as well!
                          June and I                                       Their hand cream and organic balm is awesome
swatches of the colours available for us to choose
Group Shot
The lighting there was really bad as it was dark but the place is pretty nice
All colours comes in individual pack
Small Module SGD $8
Large Module SGD $18

 You can press the module in and pop it out by
 pushing it from the bottom of the pact.

Each GlamPact holds up to 11 modules, 3 large and 8 small ones
(one of my pack went missing after placing the colour in the pact)
 The module takes a little bit of effort to place it in but definitely very secure once press in.
 Since the LED lights up like your own personal counter, the battery is chargeable.
USB cable come with it.
GlamPact Retail Price: SGD $110 
Include 3 large and 8 small modules (you can choose your own colour)
Brush Kit
USB Cable 
Velvet Pouch
You can get your very own GlamPact at She Shops
You can follow Glam-it! on their Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr
GlamPact is your secret weapon, your best beauty buddy, for you to feel prepared to take on any challenges in life. ~ Jennifer Cheng

Nine West Spring/Summer 2015

Hey lovely,
Recently I’ve got to attend Nine West SS15 Collection Preview thanks to my babe June!
Their Spring/Summer collection are chic, pop and comfortable! Now let’s head right into their collection!
Coffee time before heading to event.
With my gorgeous babe Anico & June.
 With their guest blogger, the lovely Christabel aka @bellywellyjelly
so sweet looking 
The sporty and confident section 
 The slip-on is really comfortable by the way!
June’s favourite pair of heels 
My favourite dress, it’s chic and I love the bow details at the side of the sleeve as well as the neckline cutting 
Another sweet dress with lace at the bottom 
Christabel is wearing nine west clothing and heels. 
she explain that she is not really a heels kind of girl and was really happy how the heels are really comfortable. 
Here she is introducing the pieces that she pick out. 
I was really lucky to won the Best Dress award and got to bring home a Nine West goodie! 
You can check out my outfit HERE for that day
 Say Hi~ to my new kicks! 
It’s both comfortable and pretty at the same time! I have always love British Fashion Style hence other then heels, oxford and loafer with tassel are my kind of thing! I am so happy about this pair and do lookout for my outfit on how I pair it with this!
Do Check out their Spring/ Summer Collection now in Store
Wisma Atri435 Orchard Road

#01-08/09/10, SecretEscorts
6735 6660


Raffles City Singapore 6336 5488


Fresh Opening Ceremony

Thanks to Cosmopolitan Singapore and Fresh I got myself an invites to Fresh Flagship Store Opening Ceremony located Ion Orchard. The moment I step in front of their store it just smell amazing! I love how it don’t come off too strong! Just the right amount to lurk you in.
At the event opening there was Cutting of the ribbon as well as lion dance to give it a Fresh beginning.
Fresh started back in 1991 where Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg open an apothecary store on Boston’s Tremont Street, bringing natural, upscale personal care products from around the world to the people of Boston.
In 1993 they launch their own line of Oval Soaps, a collection of triple-milled, vegetable-based soaps infused with shea butter and laced with delicate, single-note scents. They personally hand-wrap each in ornate cotton inlaid paper tied with a delicate wire and topped with a semi-precious stone.
As the year goes on they launch even more great product which you can take a look HERE.
 A little every one to take photo in! 
Look at the amount of beautiful rose petals!
(yes they are real rose petals)
Yummy food corner.
lots of effort put in for the decoration
 The Strawberry Rose Tea and Rose Popsicle is both amazing! 
I got to speak with Don and Trisha, turns out the Fresh team wanted the food to consist of natural ingredients(something that Fresh is known for) so Rose is a definite yes!
Both the Strawberry Rose Tea and Rose Popsicle taste so good that I can have them every day.
My lovely +1 June
 Got to meet up with my girl Amanda
 The super sweet Sonia who still remember me! 
She is really sweet and down to earth.
 Of course not to forgot the super cute miniature goodies that I got
I was lucky enough to win a full size lip balm during their spin and win session which I have been wanting!
Soy Face Cleanser
A gentle gel for all skin types. This cleanser will whisk away all those impurities and remover makeup, even mascara. Most importantly, it would not strip the skin essential moisture
 Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask
It is an intense hydrating mask, so when you feel your skin need some serious hydration then just apply this mask and let it do it’s magic. This mask is very interesting other than the fact it smell so good, it actually have cooling effect upon application. When rising it off, its so cooling!
 Rose Face Mask
With their unique gel formula, it hydrates, tones, and smooth the complexion. Infused with real rose petals which smell so goooooood!
 The Sugar Lip Treatment in Cherry
If you have been reading my blog, you would have heard about this lip balm on one of my bellabox post where I receive it Rose miniature size. I love it so much that I use it daily, unfortunately due to the weather my lip balm melted off. I was a little sad but now I am super happy to got myself the mini Rose and full size in Cherry! In fact I first learn about Fresh for the Sugar Lip Treatment. With SPF 15, you can keep your lips moisturise and protected at the same time. The colour pigmentation for Cherry is as good as a lip stick but this is the creamy and moisturising version.
 The Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose
Smell amazing and keep your lips moisturise with a tint of colour.
What more can we ask for!
 Lotus Youth Preserve Face cream with Super 7 Complex
A Universal daily moisturiser that provide 24-hour moisture and improve the elasticity and immediately enhance radiance. I have start using it daily.
Photo taken at the photo booth with my ladies, I enjoy it a lot and if you haven, do head down to Fresh Flagship store located at Ion Orchard B3-45 as there is way more products to explore!

Fresh is Pure Beauty~

Clozette K Party


I recently spent my Saturday afternoon attending Clozette K Party for all the Ambassador which I have a lot of fun meeting many of my ladies again as well as some of the new ones! 
K-pop was the theme so every one was dress up for it, I myself went with a sequin skirt which seem to caught the eyes of many and finish off with my “Style Nanda” inspired makeup look as well as blazer and boots as a lot of kpop star love to add edge to their outfit!
I was too busy with shooting everything else that I totally forgot to get a picture of my ootd.. LOL!!!

Anyway brands like Laneign was there to get us to try their BB cushion (of course we can’t miss that) and their brand new gradient lip bar which is not even out in the market yet so I am excited because gradient lips can be little tricky to achieve but with their new two-tone lip bar, getting a gradient lip look is easy peasy!

JL Heart was there too, a brand that I would never forget as I got the privilege of modelling for their jewellery! What’s even better is that they have came out with more design!!!! I am super excited as they all look super gorgeous and some even quirky. Let’s just say the Joyce has a good eye!

There was a golden foil tattoos booth which I love it a lot! Kind of wish I have more on my hands and many other parts of my body since it’s too pretty.

The Nails Social was there to help the ladies getting their gel nails prep! I didn’t get to try it as I was growing out my nails. 

Last but not least the food is very yummy too! Manage to filled my stomach before heading off to work! Anyway I had lots of fun and can’t wait for another event soon to catch up with everyone! Thanks clozette for the invites and congrates on the successful event! 
On the side note, I wish to wear the Korean traditional Hanbok again!

 In love with the tattoos

*But first, let me take a selfie*
Jody & Fenny
FiFi and Roanna