Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

This new and improve Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is filled with 40% Moisturising Essence, it glides easily on skin to remove even waterproof makeup with less tugging, once rinse off it leave no sticky/oily after-feel! 
All you have to do is apply 2 – 3 pumps on hand, spread evenly on to skin and massage gently to dissolve makeup. For best result it’s recommended to use it on dry face and hands. Since you can rinse it off with water, there is no need to facial cotton pad or tissue!  
I found that with it’s jelly texture it is easier to massage and dissolve the makeup as you are no longer tugging your skin. This product is also suitable for all skin types.
Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover cost $24.90/230ml and is available at most Drugstore or Supermarket outlet!

Experience a whole new world with the new Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover! ~

Set Romance

One of the fashion trend these days is wearing the same print set. I’ve always love the idea of that as its easy, chic and two for the price of one. Getting a 2pc set allows you to wear it on the go without thinking too much of what to pair with. Since you are getting two for the price of one, it’s pretty worth the deal! 
You can even mix and match the top and bottom allowing you have 3 outfits with one 2pc set, hence favourable when travelling. Here are two clothing sets that I’m in love with!
 Outfit Details
Heels [ H&M ]
Outfit Details
Edilean florale set (3 pieces) | Ted Baker IPad Mini Case [ The Dancing Jewels ]
Hat | Heels [ H&M ]

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D’skin Oxygenating Facial Treatment

Hey lovey,
I am happy to share with you my very first facial experience and its with D’skin. Some of you might know this brand through Bellabox as I received one of D’skin skincare product from the March Bellabox. I was invited by the lovely Christine to try out the facial for the very first time! I hesitated at first as I had some concerned because my face was at one of it’s worse phase. Long story short, my entire face was clogged and bumpy. After learning a little more from Christine, I can truly tell that she was sincerely trying to give me some help rather than trying hard to sell it to me, I said yes and here I am writing up on a pretty great experience. 
Firstly one of the main thing that I knew I wanted to do badly was extraction! I was like yessssss please get rid of all those clogged pore! I was in desperate need of extraction because my face especially my cheek to my chin had been like that for many months. It got to the extend that I almost give up on the idea of having smooth skin ever again. Now that my face is smooth I shall share with you the process of it!
I went to the Toa Payoh branch, they have a few branches which you can find HERE and they have many different types of facial to choose from in order to cater to different needs.
The facial treatment I had is Oxygenating Facial Treatment.
Step 1
The first thing that the skin therapist did was checking the condition of my face using their machine. After scanning, my face turns out to be Dehydrated! I have dry skin! OMG! Something that I could not comprehend initially because my face have always been so so oily hence I got shock by the result. I was also told that water and oil is two different thing as in my face is lack of hydration even though it’s oily. The reason why its oily is because of my sebum. 
After my skin analysis, she let me know what are they going to do. 
Step 2
Cleansing is always the most important step of every skincare regime hence they help to remove my makeup with their Enriched Pure Cleansing Oil as well as cleansing my face thoroughly before moving to the next step. The skin therapist instructed me to always double cleanse whether I have makeup or sunscreen.
Their cleansing oil has 3 layers when you take a close look. It’s also
  • 0% chemical fragrance
  • 0% artificial colouring
  • 0% lanolin
  • 0% mineral oil 
  • 0% SD alcohol

Step 3
A steamer was used to open up my pore to prepare for the next step which is Extraction.
Before Extraction, the staff did a peel to remove those whiteheads that’s already on the surface.
During Extraction, it will hurt depending on how difficult it is to get out the black/white heads. Pimple are removed as well. Since I often do my own “extraction” at home. I have a higher tolerant towards the pain. Your face is going to be very red right after but that’s alright as treatments are done right away to calm those redness down.
Step 4
Once the Extraction is done, the first thing that they did for me was using an electronic device to kill all the bacteria on your face. As you may know all those black/white heads as well as pimple that are squeeze out probably has lots of bacteria hence this step is crucial. Note that you will feel mild electric shock on your face
Step 5
A mist device was then being used to help calmed down the redness on the skin. A pretty relaxing process.  
Step 6
Finally they finish off with an CO2 Gel Masque which customer can actually buy it to use it at home.
The CO2 Gel Masque is an effective mask treatment for refining skin texture, face slimming and brightening. CO2 promotes an increase of O2, results in active metabolism and cell renewal hence skin pigmentation, ageing and scars will be reduced. This mask will keep the balance between oil and moisture, slowing ageing and revitalise your skin to the healthy radiant condition. 
As you can see my face looks less red after the treatment. Which is good because you don’t really want to step out of the place looking like a strawberry though I would definitely not recommend to go to places after facial that involve Extraction.

After the treatment, they recommended me to use these two product. The Multi-Calming Booster for the next few days as well as Soothing Essential Solution that’s very good for the sensitive skin. Click in the name to find out more.

This is how my face looks after 4 days. (note that I haven apply any moisturiser in these shoots) The redness has reduce a lot and the scar are recovering. There are some dry patches as the recovering area has some peeling. Overall the feeling of able to feel the skin smooth without bum was the best feeling I’ve felt on my face in a long time! 
I’m so thankful to Christine for encouraging me to give it a try as well as Kristine my skin therapist for doing a good job in removing all those clogged pores as I can imagine how gross it is. 
Note: There were eyebrows trimming and shoulder massage included in all their facial package which I enjoyed too.
In conclusion one of the biggest different in extracting the clogged pores at home and at a facial is firstly it’s done by professional who knows how not to scar your face while extracting , next is you do not have special device to kill those bacteria and calm your face down with treatment at home. This is why overall, I know I will be back again once I start feeling like my face is clogged or if I just want to enjoy other facial treatment. 
If you haven tried facial and want to try it for the very first time, I will recommend D’skin as I enjoy mine!
You can learn more about D’skin or shop for their skincare line HERE as well as where or what Facial they have. D’skin also consist of other treatments such as Eyes, Neck, Body Wellness or Body Therapy
D’skin Facebook & Instagram. Do check them out!
Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin ~ Zoe Saldana

L’Oreal Professionnel x Singapore Fashion Week 2015

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The L’Oreal Professionnel x Singapore Fashion Week 2015 Show

L’Oreal Professionnel x Singapore Fashion Week 2015 was pretty awesome for me so firstly I would love to thanks TouchPR & L’Oreal Professionnel Singapore for this wonderful experience.
From getting my hair done for the event to meeting Yoo Eun Hye in person and getting the beautiful V-look hair makeover! It has been nothing less than awesome!
L’Oreal Professionnel x Singapore Fashion Week is where L’Oreal Professionnel is showcasing their new package of the V-look that’s wore by the flawless beauty Yoo Eun Hye, the first Asian Ambassador of L’Oreal Professionnel. This V-look hair style is to help all of us ladies achieve a v-shape looking face without the need of surgery and just by a hair makeover from cutting to hair dying.
At the event, L’Oreal Professionnel have 2 amazing hair stylists on-board, Cha Hong from Korea and Christophe Gaillet from France.
Cha Hong who look really young even though she is actually in her 30s owns 3 hair salons in Korea, she is a media favourite that’s highly sought after and even appear on popular beauty show such as Get It Beauty.
Christophe Gaillet is the world class french master in hair styling and L’Oreal Professionnel Ambassador, he is very skilled with hair and when I say skilled I mean crazy skilled as he transform hair into art.
Of course not forgetting the Flawless Beauty Yoo Eun Hye who looks drop dead gorgeous and didn’t seem to age a single bit! Oh I wish I can have such good skin like hers in my 30s. As L’Oreal Professionnel Ambassador, she is of course having the V-look hairstylet showing us how the hair cut can give you a v-shape face.
I myself was really lucky enough to get my virgin hair makeover by L’Oreal Professionnel for the V-look so continue scrolling down it see my before and after!

 ?: Leona
 my pretty hair dresser who have gorgeous hair
Korea highly sought-after Hair Stylist Cha Hong working her magic
At the end of the event I manage to talk to Melissa Koh a little and get a selfie with her. She is so well dressed up and I love her grown!
After a couple of week, it’s my turn to get the V-look hair makeover and of course I’m thrill as I’ve never had my hair dye before due to a couple of reasons:
  1.  I’m worried how dry my hair will be after dying
  2.  Roots growing out hence different in hair colour
  3. Having to dye my hair after the roots grow out
With all these concern, I fail to dye my hair ever. This time round I finally decided to give it a try knowing that L’Oreal Professionnel will take good care of it.
The Makeover
After weeks of getting the schedule for the hair makeover appointment, I finally got my hair done! Here’s the before and after.
My hair makeover was done at Salon#1 Hair & Beauty located at BLK 513 #01-518 Bishan Street 13 Singapore 570513. I was serve by the very nice and understanding Jason and his team who did an amazing job for my hair. I am truly thankful for a great experience considering the fact that it was the very first time I had my hair dye. I had never had my hair cut outside before because my mum is a hair dresser herself hence growing up my mum cuts the entire family’s hair.
After my hair is dye, they proceed on to washing and best part is giving my sensitive scalp a cooling treatment which explain the wrap up head. I LOVE the treatment! Finally he cut my hair in layer form to help further achieve the V-look! 
Jason is really understanding in terms of listening to my request where I told him about not wanting bang or short fringe because I tend to have breakout. Next I also stated to go towards the brown tone hence Mocha was the colour that he recommended. I have 3 colour tone in my hair to help shape my face.
I am totally in love with my coloured hair because it feels more fun when I got to see different colour especially when I braid my hair. I love that the red stand out in a subtle that I want. The light brown tone on the top helps to add some volume to my usual flat looking hair. Now even if my hair looks messy, I’m still able to put it off because of the hairstyle. Most importantly, my hair didn’t dry at all which was a big relief of mine!
I am truly grateful to L’Oreal Professionnel Singapore as well as TouchPR for this wonderful and unforgettable experience as well as the goodies! Thanks to Salon#1 Hair & Beauty for giving me beauty looking hair!
Lastly it’s GIVEAWAY time!!!!!!! Together with L’Oreal Professionnel Singapore, we are giving away TWO  L’Oreal Professionnel Hamper (worth S$120) each! Head over to my Instagram HERE to find out how to win!!! Good Luck!!!
A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life ~ CoCo Chanel 

Etude Zero Sebum & Moistfull White Mela Perfect Serum

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Having oily skin is a pretty common problem to my fellow Singaporeans as we are constantly being blast with scorching heat by Mr Sunshine so what can we do?
Well, Etude House recently launch a new range of skincare products call Zero Sebum which is dedicated to the oily skin type. This range mainly tackle the sebum on our skin so these are the products.
Zero Sebum Drying Powder
What it does: A mineral powder that provide clear skin without dryness or flakiness
How to use: You can use it as a makeup loose powder by lightly dabbing onto sebum concentrated areas
I personally use it as a loose powder after BB cushion, if you found that it’s too light for your skin tone, you might want to lightly dab on concentrated areas after applying your usual compact powder.
Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear 
What it does: Help to melt white sebum on nose and chin
How to use: Apply on nose and chin, leave it for 3 minutes and remove with a tissue
It in a cream to gel like texture, easy to use and clean as only require 3 minutes and wipe off with tissue. It’s gentle hence can use a few times a week
Zero Sebum Day Matte Gel
What it does: With natural grain powder, it removes first signs of sebum oil with its gentle silicon-free formula, delivering powdery and oil-free skin all day
How to use: It’s a moisturise for your face so you can use it day and night
I found this pretty good to be used in the day as it keeps your face from getting too oily and shiny.
The light texture blends into skin easily and your skin will feels smooth and look matte.
Moistfull White Mela Perfect Serum
What it does: Purifying your skin off any dead skin cells in order to optimise your skin’s ability to absorb the serum. The intense moisture will give your skin a healthy glow, hence brightening a dull and darken skin.
How to use: Moisturiser to be use day and night before usual skincare routin
Since I use the Day Matte Gel in the morning, I prefer to use this at night for brightening and moisture as it can be a little heavy on my skin in the day. The texture is a liquidity gel that smell great too.
The Zero Sebum Line & Moistfull White Mela Perfect Serum are currently available at all ETUDE HOUSE outlets so you can head to the store and try it out yourself.
Smooth skin all day long ~

Etude House Dreaming Swan

On 21st May I was invited by the lovely TouchPR team to attend Etude House latest outlet opening located at Vivo City #B1-03. It was like stepping into a princess land from Nail Parlour, Makeup Corner to Sweet Catcher Machine and Interactive Social Media Wall. Together with the media opening was the launch of the limited edition Dreaming Swan Collection, a beautifully curated set of make-up and accessories specially designed by International fashion illustrator, Kerrie Hess. This collection is by far one of the prettiest design of Etude House makeup, so beautiful that I couldn’t help but went back to get another blush and the pink brush that came with the collection.
The colour of the blush are all so lovely and one particular colour got ladies going “okay, that’s interesting” was the lavender shades. I was told that the lavender shade happens to be the most popular one in Korea and when I swipe the colour, I realise it looks more cool tone pink rather than purple which I can see why Korean ladies love it. I personally found the colour more suitable towards fair skin tone as it’s really light. Hence, it will look a more natural on fair skin.
The great thing about the Dreaming Swan lipstick was getting the exact colour swatch from the lipstick that you see so the pigmentation is definitely on point.
The Sweet Catcher Crawl Machine is super cute! They have gift such as candy to voucher or Etude House product to win from!
The Nail Parlour consist of both manicure and pedicure so you can get yourself doll up from head to toe.
Korean makeup artist
Special Guest Actress & Model Carrie Wong
Thanks Amanda for this Liquid Lips!

I am totally in love with this collection and Fashion IllustratorKerrie Hess did an amazing job with the design. I am definitely sold! 

Do remember that this collection is Limited Edition so do get your hands on it as soon as possible before it’s sold out. This collection will be available at Vivo City so do take this opportunity to head down and take a look around the place.
Lastly I would like to give love and hugs to the TouchPR Team for such a wonderful evening. 

It’s not easy being a Princess, but hey if the crown fits! ~

My Travel Essentials

Hey lovely, 
I am heading off to Batam this weekend so I decided to just show you what’s my must have for this short trip. Firstly if you are planning on a short trip to a hot country these are what I recommend to bring along.
Small Bag
You want to travel light when walking around exploring so having a small bag helps to lighten up the weight especially if you are like me who tends to put a lot of stuff in a big bag and ends up not using. Small bags helps by forcing you to reduce the amount of items you can carry hence only bringing the important stuff.

Comfortable Shoe
Long walk can causes footsore hence you want to avoid heels and opt for a comfortable pair of shoe especially if those flooring are uneven. This white pair I have is a slip on and definitely comfortable to walk in.
Since I’m hitting a location that’s scream hot sun, shades is a must as you do not want to be screeching your eyes the whole time. This little guy is going to protect those beautiful eyes of yours.

[ H&M Shades & Case ]

Not exactly essential for the trip but it is to me. I often get pieces of food stuck in between those gap in my teeth so I am super embarrassed to only realise later that I have been talking to people with a piece of food stuck. I wished they would have told me but most of us didn’t have the courage to tell the person. I got this super cute two-sided mirror recently and can skip embarrassing myself after indulging my food.
[ Forever 21

Since it’s a short trip, you don’t want to bring a lot of products with you so this is when travel-size products or sample would step in! I love all my sample size products as it literally reduce the amount/size of items you have to bring such as facial wash and moisturiser. Here are my current favourite beauty products.

1. Shu Uemura Chrome Brightening & Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil
This product allow me to enjoy putting on makeup because this cleansing oil is all you need as an amazing makeup remover as well as facial cleanser. I have been using this as a daily facial cleanser and still enjoying it. Now I don’t need to bring a separately makeup remover as this remove everything! 

2. Lotus Youth Preserve Face cream with Super 7 Complex
An everyday moisturiser both morning and night. Smell amazing and not thick as well.

3. Innisfree Green Persimmon Pore Essence
I got this recently at Innisfree store for buying things and little did I know I would enjoy this as it leave my face matte and smooth. I believe I would be heading back to get the full-size, glad to got to try it.

4. Laneign [Pore Control] BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++
Having a sun protection makeup base allows you to skip bringing a facial sunscreen. This one is able to protect your face from the sun, serve as a makeup base as well as pore control. That’s a winner!

5. The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Power Long-lasting Sun Cream
If you want to skip putting on makeup yet want sun protection as well as a bit of base to balance out your skin tone then opt for this 2-in-1 Sun Cream where you can use it on your body as well! It’s beige in tone so this can help to balance out your skin tone acting as a base.

6. Fresh The Sugar Lip Treatment in Cherry
Want a SPF lip balm with colour, this is the one to go! If you prefer a little more neutral tone then opt for this lip treatment in Petal which I am totally in love with the colour! Planning on getting that next. The Sugar Lip Treatment comes in many different shade so you can check it out.

7. Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Sweet Violet
This is for the indoor when you don’t need any sun protection. Have been using it for a long while and still enjoying it.

These are just some of the items that I am bringing along with me. If you have more tips or item to recommend please feel free to comment down below to let me know! Hope you enjoy reading this! 

Stay Chic!~

March Bellabox | Fifty Shades Of Pink |

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Hey Lovely,
It’s Mid of March already and of course I am talking about my beautiful Bellabox greeting me at my door step! This month theme was Fifty Shades Of Pink that definitely got us ladies a little hype not just for the pink but a Benefit products that’s was revealed to be inside the box. I have been wanting to try the Benefit’s Roller Lash when it just launched so I am excited to be able to try the products in this month box!
Let head into the box!
Benefit Cosmetic Roller Lash
This Roller Lash was design to fit all types of eyelashes, from thin to thick, short to long and straight or curl. It states to help us ladies achieve super curl power for 12 hours straight so I shall put it to the test!
It contains an instant curve setting formula and an innovative Hook ‘n’ Roll brush grab, separate, lift and curl for powerful lash curling hold and wider looking eyes.
Here’s before (left) and after (right) how my eyelash looks.
The PPP Shop Post-Laser Facial Mask
Need a turbo-charged rehydration and embrace firmer, suppler skin in just 5 minutes, this is the mask to go to. Oil-free, fragrance-free and ideal for sensitive skin. Created with Hyaluronic Acid to support moisture lock-in without blocking pore. Sound like something that I would need.
Asience Inner Rich Shampoo & Conditioner
Powered by Asience innovative Beauty Serum, this duo is for the dry, frizzy hair with a luxurious blend of precious oils and essences to reveal youthful-looking hair. If you have dye your hair or often use heating tool on your hair, this shampoo might be the one for you.
D’Skin Hydra-Protective Calming Cleanser & Anti-Oxidant Hydra-Youth Toner
The cleanser is formulated without Flouride and Synthetic Foaming Agent to thoroughly cleanse away dirt without washing away necessary sebum. 
While the toner not only keeps your skin hydrated and protected, it helps to firm and improve the elasticity of the skin.
Daylong SPF 50+ Sunscreen Duo 
A super lightweight, quick absorbing, non sticky sunscreen that deliver very high protection against UVB/UVA/IR skin damage.
Comes in both for adult and kids(as of 1 year old), with SPF50+ that’s suitable from sensitive to oily skin.
Uriage Suppleance Corps (Uriage Nourishing Cream Body Milk)
Indulge your skin with powerful emolients like Edelwiss extract, Shea Butter and exclusive Uriage Thermal Water to extensively hydrates, soften, sooth and protect skin.
Tealy Spring Green Tea
An exceptional seasonal tea made only once-a-year, enjoy the exquisite pleasure of this bright and luminescent green blend, coupled with it’s revitalizing strong aroma and distinct sweetness.
Darlie All Shiny White Multi-Care Toothpaste
Multi-care formula combined with SWA whitening particles and fluoride, it eliminates plaque, strengthens enamel, delivers gum care, prevents cavities and deep cleans. strengthening you teeth and freshens your breath.

How to be a Bella? Getting yourself a Bellabox of course!
Sign up HERE at just S$19.95 per month!
  • Free delivery by courier service
  • Cancel at any time
  • 5+ surprise products delivered to your door
  • Discover deluxe beauty mini’s every month
You can also shop HERE and gift HERE
Go be Belle~


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Hey lovely,
I was recently invited to Penhaligons fragrance store for a breakfast tête-à-tête as to celebrate the launch of their latest fragrance OSTARA EAU DE TOILETTE.
I haven been to the store and did not know about the brand so it’s was pretty eye-opening to step in because it doesn’t look like your normal fragrance store. Since this brand is originally from London and they take their bow very seriously which you can see that every different scents consist of different bow on the perfume bottle, hence the store has its own English feel to it. I especially adore the royal purple curtain to the back room as it somehow remind me of Harry Potter. The interior is really stunning!
With a wide selection of scents available in their store (almost up to 50), you are bound to find one that you’ll like. They carry from the very first old classic one with a simple red bow to luxury edition ones in fancy box which by the way Caroline the manager of the brand who is not just gorgeous looking but witty at the same time told us we could use it as our makeup brush contain because it was really pretty. 
 Penhaligon’s London Empressa is my favourite smell
It happens to be under their luxury collection too
The packaging of the box has a very Greek marble feel to it.
 The gorgeous and witty Caroline introducing us to PENHALIGON’S LONDON OSTARA EAU DE TOILETTE
I have a thing for greeting cards with my name place to show me my seat, just found it really lovely for them to do that
 Beautifully design by Melissa Bailey who have amazing illustration.
 Poem written by William Wordsworth
Penhaligon’s launch “Ostara” this spring, a luminous solar floral created by Master Perfumer, Bertrand Duchaufour. Inspired by the daffodil, the fragrance is a modern interpretation of this delicate and incandescent flower. An olfactory journey – from bulb to bud to bloom.  
An iconic feature of the British countryside, the daffodil symbolises the optimism and revival of spring. In 1802, the distinguished poet William Wordsworth wrote about a sea of daffodils in his poem, ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.’ Excerpts have been included on the outer packaging of the fragrance to reflect the radiance of the flower. 

Ostara opens in an affirming burst of green and yellow: Juniper, Violet Leaf Absolute and Spearmint are layered against vibrant notes of Aldehydes, Blackcurrant and Clementine. Narcissus Absolute leads the sun-drenched floral bouquet, gathered with Hyacinth, Hawthorn, and Cyclamen, which are given depth by the humming warmth of beeswax. The fragrance then settles into a powdered, resinous base of Benzoin, Vanilla, Styrax, Amber and White Wood effects.
Top Notes: Clementine, Bergamot, Red Berries CO2, Juniper, Spearmint, Blackcurrant Bud CO2, 
Violet Leaf Absolute, Leafy Effects, Aldehydes 
Heart Notes : Hyacinth, Narcissus Absolute, Beeswax Absolute, Cyclamen, Ylang Ylang, Hawthorn, 
Base Notes : Styrax Resinoid, Vanilla, Benzoin, Musk, Amber, White Wood Effects

The complete Ostara Collection:
  • Ostara 50ml  $205
  • Ostara 100ml  $290  

If you want to get your hands on this gorgeous scent or try the others which I think you should really go and explore their different scent. 
Ostara will be available in Penhaligon’s stores in Singapore in March 2015.  
Penhaligon’s Ltd is located at 10 Bayfront Avenue #01-34 Marina Bay Sands Singapore 018956 and 2 Orchard Turn #03-16 ION Orchard Singapore 238801 

Beside the lake, beneath the trees, 
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.  
And then my heart with pleasure fills, 
And dances with the daffodils.~ William Wordsworth 


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Hey lovely,

This post made a special mark to me because I have finally came up with the courage to do something that seemingly easy for others but took me years to give it a try. As epic as it sound I am talking about trying on Contact Lenses for the first time. 
I know that using contact lenses isn’t a big deal for many, because most of the people I know are either wearing contact lenses or have at least tried before. I hated wearing spectacle since I started wearing them because often then not my eyes gets tired easily and to add-on, back then my spectacle was really ugly! Thankfully the current one is good-looking.

Back to the point, I’ve finally try on Contact Lenses for the very first time after knowing an inspiring story from Agnes from Contactlens. She is the nicest lady who happen to share the same problem as me, need spectacles yet dislike wearing it. Turns out it took her many years to try and now she is hook and prefer contact lenses (which I can totally understand).

I am so thankful for this opportunity because if it wasn’t for her, I would still have never try contact lenses as I was too afraid that my sensitive eye can’t take it. Turns out I had no problem and didn’t go through any drama putting or removing it although at first my finger was shivering because I was really excited and scare at the same time.  

The experience of seeing the world clearly without wearing my spectacles almost feels like I got a brand new pair of eyes. I’m not exaggerating but just stating how I really feel at that moment. Bear in mind that it took me almost 10 years to try on for the very first time. I can’t thank Agnes and Contactlens enough!

You might now wonder who’s behind Contactlens?
Mr. Benny Chian, Founder of Contactlens has been in practice for over 30 years. He is registered with The Association of Malaysian Optometrist and General Optical Council in United Kingdom. He currently specializes in eye care consultations in his private clinic as well as services like Vision Therapy. He also has several retail optical shops in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. With a strong customer base of over 20, 000 satisfied local customers, he is using E-Commerce to extend our products and services beyond Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Our mission is to be your trusted eye care brand from consultations to products.

Brands which we carry: Acuvue, Adore, Bionics, Ciba, ColorVue, CooperVision,Bausch & Lomb, FreshKon & more…

Note: They are operating an Online Store in Singapore! Best part > FREE SHIPPING

Why Contactlens?
Very simple, usually when you get your contact lenses in Singapore retail store can cost A LOT!
The Contactlens however is able to sell the contact lenses at 30%-50% CHEAPER than the retail store in Singapore due to the exchange rate as well as lower cost structures in Malaysia.
Between when you sign-up for their mailing list, you can receive $10 off discount code!

Contactlens also have a new unique feature is that it allows subscription to contact lenses.

This means for customer who buys contact lenses on a long term basis, they’ll be able to receive the supply of contact lenses on a fixed interval after subscribing. 
It will be much convenient and hassle-free as there is no need to panic when running low in stock or stock up a lot at one go.
On top of that, subscription mode offers huge discounts. The longer you subscribe, the more discounts you be entitled to. 
If you are not interested in the subscription mode, Contactlens also sell individual boxes on the website too.
Here are the step on how to subscript
| Step 1 |
Select the type of lenses you want, 
e.g. Brand:Acuvue/Freshkon & Type daily/monthly
 | Step 2 |
Select your latest prescription, followed by which subscription
e.g. billing/delivery cycle your prefer. 
Add To Cart when you’re done
  | Step 3 |
Enter coupon code
(can use mine [CASSANDRA10] for 10% off]
| Step 4 |
Login if you’re a returning customer or login via social login for faster checkout, tracking of orders, easy reordering and receive promotions
| Step 5 |
Fill in your billing/shipping address
Double check order and you can checkout, payment though paypal.
Thanks to Contactlens, they are giving my followers 10% off when you enter the code [ CASSANDRA10 ] . Code can also be found on the side ads of my blog!
You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram
I hope that for those of you who haven tried contact lenses will take the courage too like me to try it out yourself and those who are already wearing it, you can now shop with Contactlens without feeling so much pain for your wallet. 
“everything is more beautiful reflected in your eyes” ~ pon and zi