London Prep

Outfit Details
Coat | Top | Bottom | Oxford Shoe | Socks [ From Taiwan ]
Necklace [ H&M ]
Sidney Maple & Rose Gold Woodwatch [ JORD ]

This is by far my favourite outerwear lookbook! I love how preppy and fall looking it is. The little details from high neck and coat all the way down to sock and oxford shoe makes every thing very cosy to wear without losing the chic factor. This is something I would wear either to an event or a whole day out in town.
I hope you like this look and do let me know what lookbook would you like me to create next!


Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set

 Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set
finish look
before after
Step 1
Using the flat brush, apply the darkest shade by outlining the eyebrows. 
Step 2 
Filled it in with the medium brown shade using the angle brush and blend in the outline carefully. I will use this shade to fill up all those sparse area on my brows. Remember to blend in order to achieve an even more natural finish. Work little by little, avoid applying too much product at a go.
Step 3
The finishing touch would be using the angle brush in the lightest shade to blend everything together. This shade helps to balance up the colour.

Note that it’s okay if your brows did not look perfectly symmetrical as our brows are not grown to be perfectly the same. A slight different is normal, if you do prefer it to be exactly the same, then do take your time to apply the outline and blending.

I hope this simple tutorial helps. I myself have practise a lot to get the hang of applying eyebrows so do take your time to figure what brows looks good on you. I love how sleek and small this package is as its super convenient to bring along.

Powder texture like this helps to create a softer and natural looking brows like that Korean brows where as pencil give you a more define eyebrows which the American would prefer.

You can get your very own Limited Edition Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set which consist of the brow palette, the brow brush and brow comb which is in store from 6th November to 9th December at S$20.50. It’s a steal as the price of the brow palette itself cost the S$20.50. I especially enjoy the brow brush that came in this limited edition pack. Do give this a try if you are looking for a powder texture brow palette.


Outfit x Le Grand Boutique & Bridal and Zwedding Design Event

Out and about at City Hall area shooting my outfit before making my way to  Le Grand Boutique & Bridal and Zwedding Design The Prelude Couture Runway 2015 event. During the event, Mr Chris Ling himself, a wedding photographer share with us slide of how many boutique would lie about the photographer portfolio through buying the wedding pictures from roadshow and online. He manage to show us how different company may use the same picture by adding their boutique name onto the photo which result in customer complaint of why the photographer could get the type of feel that they see in those sample photos. 
Next he show photos that’s shoot by himself and it take certain skill for the photographer to shoot a wedding photo with feel to it while ensuring that the bride is looking good through posture and pose. He also mention that many times couple would argue during selection of wedding boutique because of a few factor such as wedding gown, photographer and the main contributing factor, the total cost. To him working together with Zwedding is like giving a solution to couple who wants the best but at the right price because we all know how expensive wedding gown to photoshoot can be. Hence if you are planning on getting marriage, do check out Le Grand Boutique & Bridal. Scroll down to view some of their bridal gown from The Prelude collection.
Outfit Details
Power Grid Checkered Culottes [ LeChic ]
White Outer-wear | Belt [ H&M ]
Bag [ Charles & Keith ]
Heels [ Stradivarius ]

Teenage Gorgeous Social Challenge | My 313 @Somerset Weekend List

Hey lovely,
since I’m given the task to come out with a weekend list, I decided to twist it a little and come out with this 313@somerset Student on a Budget List! Rather than just diving into different spot in 313@somerset, I decided to pick out some of the stores that I would recommend to go if you are a student on a budget. Window shopping is one of the most boring thing to me because what’s the point of shopping when you can’t afford to buy anything. I’ve been there, being a student on a tight budget and shopping in town was no fun so here’s some of my pick!

 Muji #B2-38/39/40/41 
Muji is like the all in one store, from household items to food and clothing. I secretly enjoy their DIY section where you get to purchase simple, Eco-friendly looking notebook and personalize it for yourselves or as a gift! Since Teacher’s Day is around the corner so why not surprise her with a sweet notebook of her very own!
 Typo #01-18
I love going to typo, getting cute stationery always help to give me a boost to study! Exam coming? Why not pamper yourselves with some cute notebook and pen as well as a schedule pad to keep you aware of what’s coming up! There is lots of gift ideas and decoration stuff for your room as well.
 Forever 21 #1st – 3rd floor
In this 3 levels storey Forever 21, you are bound to find something cute to wear. Whether is their affordable accessories items, makeup brush/ pouch or clothing pieces, all these will probably get you stuck in there for a while. *At least I did* After heading in I end up coming out with a necklace! *See what I mean?*
llaollao #B3-55
KOI Express #B3-51 | Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks #B3-50A
Sushi Express #B3-28/29
Lastly we can’t forget to feed ourselves, want a fulfilling meal,? Go for Sushi Express. Not that hungry and just want to grab a bite? Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks and KOI Express is a combo that never fail me. Dessert? Share llaollao Sanum with your friend! On one hand you get to split cost, on the other sharing is caring…
Need a place for selfie or outfit of the day? Head to Orchard Gateway bridge through 313 Somerset link, a spot where good lighting will definitely serve you well!!!
Do share with me what are some of your recommendation as I would love to know! Hope this list is helpful, in the mean time I shall go read my Teenage magazine!~


Recently I’ve got my hands on these few lovely products from my trip to Lush new pop up store located at Great World City #01-07A.
One of their best selling soap because it’s simple hard to resist it’s sweet caramel smell. Have you came across a smell so nice that you almost want to eat it? This is one of them! With the use of ingredients like Canadian honey, bee wax, sweet orange oil scent, soft honey water and aloe will benefit sore and sensitive skin. Want to smell like caramel or toffee then don’t skip this.

This Bath Bar allow you to break it in to smaller pieces for a few uses. A great alternative to use if you enjoy bubble bath because this helps to create lots of bubble and you get to enjoy the soap at the same time. Just remember to rinse it out before coming out of the shower, oh did I mention the water is purple in colour too which is so much fun!
I’m not sure about you but I am one of those people with bad hair days so dry shampoo always comes in handy for me. All you have to do is massage in sparingly in your scalp and through your hair. Corn flour and talc will absorb excess oil while the lemon, grapefruit and lime oil give your hair a fresh fragrance. I enjoy the smell a lot.
Leaving the best for the last here is one of the two products that I fell in love with. This is a shampoo bar! Yes you heard me right, it’s a shampoo bar that allows you to use 3 times longer than a 250ml shampoo, it’s travel friendly since you do not have to worry about leakage or limited amount of liquid. It foams more, better and faster than the usual shampoo so I haven stop using this since! 
With fragrant Ylang Ylang turns dull hair gleam once again, balancing the scalp and hair. This fragrant has been use by Aromatherapists to treat stress and depression too.
People with longer hair like me tend to spam a lot of shampoo and with this I don’t have to do so which means it’s friendly to my wallet too. Simply just wet your hair, start rubbing in and see it foam up! So much winning with this shampoo bar which is why I would definitely recommend you to get this the next time you happen to be in Lush!
Last but definitely not least, love a good facial scrub then Cupcake, one of Lush Fresh Face Mask is your new best friend! Once in a while I would give my face a good scrub to get rid of dead skin as well as achieving smooth skin. Since this scrub is pretty rough in texture, *which I prefer* I will only do this once a week or once every two week. This has to be kept in fridge as it’s a fresh mask which means when its time to whip it out, you get to enjoy a cooling massage on your skin. Apply this gently on skin since the texture of the scrub does not required you do apply much pressure. 
If you suffer from oily or spotty skin, this will be the mask you can opt for. With spearmint oil to cool, Rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse and vanilla absolute to calm redness, this is a savior for young faces. 
Fresh Face Mask is another recommended to get list because they have different once for different concern so you can click HERE to find out which will suit your concern.
In the mean time, I shall go slather on some cocoa concoction!
Lush, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics~

Etude House Bling Me Prism Collection | Lashperm Curlfix Mascara‏

ETUDE HOUSE is bringing up the notch with the launch of Bling Me Prism Collection. This limited edition range is a collaboration between ETUDE HOUSE and Korea accessories brand High Cheeks!
High Cheeks is Korea hottest trendy accessories brand that scream fun, sexy & cool. With this Bling Me Prism Collection, you can see a sense of playfulness, pop-art graphics and the cute packaging as always. This collection consist of limited edition shades from Bling Me Prism Colour In Liquid Lip, Nails and their latest eyeshadow.
Bling Me Prism Colour In Liquid Lip | S$17.90
With the pigmentation of lipstick and texture of lipgloss, it will melt into a soft liquid form upon applications. It glides well and is long lasting as well. 
  • Pink Beam
  • Hologram In Jewel
  • Rubyring In Red
  • Spangle In Coral
  • Star In Pink Light

Swatch for the Bling Me Prism Collection
Bling Me Prism Eyes | S$12.90
This eyeshadow is a water-base eye colour that gives you a cooling and moisturising effect on you eyelid. It’s long lasting and non-sticky texture will glide on skin without smudging after applying hence once you place it on, you want to blend it out immediately to your liking. It’s like adding a touch of sparkle to your eyes as they consist of hologram pigments and crystal pearl giving you all-day bling effect!
  • #1 Honey Glam
  • #2 Sunny Carat
  • #3 Darling Heart
  • #4 Pearlfect
  • #5 Bling Bold

 Lashperm Curlfix Mascara | S$24.90
The brand new Lashperm Curlfix Mascara has just become one of my favourite Mascara. With density lighter than water, this mascara does not weight your lash down. The fact that it is water, sweat and sebum resistant is worth the hype! I’m attracted to it small precise bristle as it allows me to apply with precision and not worry about accidental contact with my skin. With it’s 24HR technology, it promise to stay curl and up all day!
The real hype about this mascara is its the World’s first dual jelly brush. With special jelly material to design this bristle for the Asian eyes. The key to this dual jelly brush are its clean finish, through application with no mess.
The ultra fine 0.2mm bristles ensure each lash receive a perfect coating, the special arch that you can see within the brush will pick up the right amount of formula for each stroke. As stated it’s a short brush compare to most in the market measure only at 18mm in length so you can be smudge or mess free. It comes in 4 shades:
  • Black 
  • Brown (limited edition) 
  • Plum Burgundy (limited edition) 
  • Pink (limited edition)

Black will be available at all ETUDE HOUSE store. Brown, Plum Burgundy & Pink is available at Wisma Atria store.

After apply makeup base on my face, I move on to my eyes.
 Here I’m applying the eyeshadow #1 Honey Glam as the base colour and blend it out quickly with my finger.
Next I apply #5 Bling Bold on the outer corner of my eyes to add a little depth.
I then finish the eye look with Lashperm Curlfix Mascara in brown.
Lastly, the entire makeup look is done with the touch of  Liquid Lip in PK010.

ETUDE HOUSE Bling Me Prism Collection will be available from September 2015 exclusively at the Flagship store located at Wisma Atria #B1-20/21/22 and Vivo City #B1-03

Go be playful~

Shu Uemura | Light Sculptor

Hey lovely, 
Shu Uemura new collection is all about the “contour-makeup” concept of slimming down the face without surgery which is very popular in Asia hence leading expert in Asian beauty SHUATELIER develop Light Sculptor that enables easy sculpting and instant contouring through a fusion of light using 3 main products.
These 3 main products have a specific application method to enhance the beauty of the bone structure, giving a natural dimensional effect without looking artificial. This means your makeup will look less like you have been piling on a ton of bronzer.
Stage Performer Glow Creator | 30ml S$62
Prime & Finish 
24 Hours Moisturizing – Dazzling Glow (limited Shade)
This deep moisturizing base and top coat will give you an instantly boosted inner glow look. Comes in 3 shades Dazzling Glow (limited Shade), Pure Gold and Warm Gold. 
When translucent glow meets moisturized glow, it immediately smooth skin and gives a natural glow. Talk about having dewy looking skin! 
Ingredients like Royal Jelly Extract will give your skin a nourish feel, Sodium Hyaluronate support water retention while adenosine has anti-aging effect. Not to forget it has anti-oxidation element.
Lightbulb Fluid Foundation and Sponge – 564 Medium Light Sand | 27ml S$72
This lightbulb foundation comes with a sponge where you can learn the technique of using this duo HERE. Loving the high coverage which allows me to apply less concealer around my dark eyes circle, at the same time it has a very dewy/glowing finish that’s moisturising too. Comes in 10 different shades so do head down to Shu Uemura counter to find your perfect shade.
Lightbulb Glowing Face Powder + Puff | 15g S$60
Since this is in the shade colourless, it adds a soft and warm-lit glow to your skin. The secret lies in the formula where it is an oil-coated powder which create a translucent glow minus off the powdery feeling. The puff on the other hand works to pick-up thin and even layer before applying on face. The mesh helps to give fine powder with each pick-up which you can see below.
Multi-Concealer Palette – 7YR light & 7YR dark
The light concealer I use it on my under eyes as for the dark one, I use it as a contouring shade applying on the side of my face as well as the chin area. Since it is cream in texture it blends very well with the lightbulb foundation.
Now that I’ve shown you the products, it’s time to show you the application process. Do note that Step 3 I didn’t follow the exact method. 
Step 1 | Prime
You can see the slight glow where the sunlight hits.
Step 2 | Create
Using the lighbulb fluid foundation, my skin looks extra dewy and moisturised. Even my dark circle are mostly covered up.
Added step | Conceal and Contour
Skin I receive the concealer I wanted to put it to good use before moving on to Step 3, so here is me using the light shade to conceal my under eyes area and the darker shade to contour as mention before. after blending it out it looks very natural and not harsh. This allow me to skip the bronzing powder.
Step 3 | Control
As mention on top I didn’t follow exactly by applying the powder on the T-zone as show in the techniques as well as the glow creator on the selected area. I would definitely do it the next time round. Overall I enjoy how it turns out, the lightbulb glowing face powder is really light hence even after applying all over my face, it does not feel cakey at all! 
After finishing off the makeup here’s how you can look photo ready below, or in this case selfie ready at all time!!! *smile*
Enhancing the beauty of your bone structure by playing with light~

Teenage Gorgeous You Social Challenge | Jack’s Cola Cafe

Hey lovely,
as you might have seen on my Instagram and the title here, yes! I’m in this year Teenage Gorgeous You : Social Challenge 2015! *Yeaaaaaaaa* For beginner, I’m sharing with you our first gathering session where the participants meet up at none other than Jack’s Place Cola Cafe! This is located at Paya Lebar Square #B1-15/16. When you first enter, you will be greet with the menu as well as different variety of ingredients. It’s almost like a shopping cafe from wine to spice. Since it’s a cafe style, the warm light and wood layout gives a cozy feeling. I love how they play with the stool by adding our Singaporean punk!
The New Jack’s Cheese Fondue Sampler Platter | S$16
This is one of my favourite dish as they did the cheese just right! This platter consist of Tempura Kani, Oriental Fired Chicken Wings, Crispy Onion Ring, Battered Mushrooms and lastly the Cheese Fondue of course! If you love cheese dip you will love this!
Cob Salad Shaker | S$8
Filled with layers of veggie, this is a must have for those healthy junkie! 
Meat Loaf With Tartar Sauce | S$5
This is what we Singaporean would know it as “luncheon meat”! I have eaten luncheon meat all my life but never knew that it could go so well with tartar sauce! Looks like I know what to eat the next time I need a bite.
Bangers & Mash | S$10
All the sausage lover, yes I’m calling you! If your like me who love mash potato and sausage, this is what you need to get, no second thought!
Jack’s Best Beef Stew in Trendy Mini Casseroles | S$18
This is a Jack’s Place traditional dish served with mashed potato and seasonal vegetable. 
This fulfilling dish will keep your stomach full for quite a while so if you are hopping in for dinner why not! Beef lover don’t skip this.
Char-grilled Flambe Fire Tendrloin Steak | S$31.50
Fire up steak right on your table, we can’t say no to that! Cook to Medium Rare (how I like) it’s tasty and juicy without losing it’s taste. This will make your man happy!
Prawn & Chicken Pesto | S$10
I’m a big fan of Aglio olio so I found myself digging this even though its a little salty. I ate this together with the salad which helps to balance out the taste!
*We all went food coma that morning*
Hot Mocha | S$7.50
Hot coffee lover, I can’t say no to art!
 *A little behind the scene*
 While everyone is shooting the steak lighted on fire, I manage to got the shot and start chomping down the food. Thanks Aidil for shot!

I want to first Congrats to all of us here to make it to the next round and see you soon! 
Thanks Teenage Magazine for this fulfilling meal and the opportunity!
May the odds be in your favor~

Laneige Meets Fashion – LANEIGE X PLAYNOMORE

Hey lovely,
recently I’ve been invited to the Laneige Meets Fashion – LANEIGE X PLAYNOMORE event where I got to know more about this collection which will be available in Singapore during September 2015!
LANEIGE’s partnership with PLAYNOMORE, a brand designed by Chae-yeon Kim whose signature SHYGIRL square tote bag has garnered a large following of K-pop celebrities and models in South Korea since its recent launch in 2014. Incidentally, the brand philosophy of PLAYNOMORE reflects the 2015 brand slogan of LANEIGE, “Unleash the sparkling beauty in you”, highlighting the stunning compatibility between the leader of K-Beauty and the mega-trendy fashion label. This marks the beauty brand’s second collaboration of LANEIGE Meets Fashion. 
This Project features “SHYGIRL” of PLAYNOMORE wearing LANEIGE cosmetics. Named “My Darling, SHYGIRL”, SHYGIRL with her curious but shy eyes transforms into an even lovelier and more attractive character that displays the cheerful sensibility of both brands.
This collection consists of four specially designed LANEIGE products.
At the event located at Brew Maison we got to have fun at the photo booth and customising your own bag charms which is then attached to the “bag” that came with the products!
Chloe from Korea works for Laneign travels to different part of Asia to promote this collection.
Now let’s get into the super pretty products of this Laneige Meets Fashion – LANEIGE X PLAYNOMORE collection!
BB Cushion Pore Control – S$59
 BB Cushion Whitening – S$59
This best-seller from LANEIGE needs no introduction, by protecting the skin from harmful UV rays with SPF50+ PA+++ to refreshing and soothe fatigued skin with its Ion Mineral water content.
For lasting freshness, BB Cushion Pore Control contains Pore Purifying ComplexTM to control excessive sebum and provide pore coverage along with benefits such as SPF50+PA+++ UV protection, sweat- and sebum-resistant, soothing properties, as well as a semi-matte finish. This collection of BB Cushion comes in shade #13 True Beige and#21 Natural Beige.
 Intense Lip Gel – $36
The Intense Lip Gel combines lip glosses and lip balms hence is rich in colours, great moisturising benefits, long-lasting, and high gloss minus the stickiness. With the double-layer gel-forming technology called Oil Floating Tech, it effectively separates the colour (Hydro Chroma colour + Water Polymer) and the gloss (oil) for incredibly glossy lips with long-lasting vivid colour payoff. The Intense Lip Gel also boasts Oil-Water Double Moisturizing, keeping the lips moisturised as if you had just applied a super-hydrating lip balm! Good news is, following the launch of LANEIGE X PLAYNOMORE collection, the Intense Lip Gel will be continued as a regular item and is available in 10 shades!
 Intense Lip Gel No.4 Custard Coral
 Intense Lip Gel No.9 Loyal Red
Laneige Meets Fashion – LANEIGE X PLAYNOMORE will be available from September 2015 onwards at all LANEIGE boutiques 
  • ION Orchard – 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-66A S(238801) 
  • Plaza Singapura – 68 Orchard Rd, #03-77 S(238829) 
  • Suntec City – 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-312 S(038983) 
  • JCube – 2 Jurong East Central 1, #01-04 S(609731) 
  • Jurong Point – 1 Jurong West Central 2, #01-59/79/80 S(648886) 
  • Parkway Parade – 80 Marine Parade Road, #01-20 & 21 S(449269)

L’Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Range

I am happy to be working with L’Oreal Professionnel once again to share with you the Serioxyl Confidence Challenge. As you know hair loss is a common issue face by many ladies and even men too! Mostly start with thinning hair and then hair loss which then may leads to the lost of confidence.
Losing hair is REAL! It’s a real problem that many face, I personally found the the longer your hair is, the more hair it may loss. This is why L’Oreal Professionnel’s initiatives to Empower women and build up Confidence of ladies who are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair, letting them know that they are not alone and they need not suffer in silence anymore.
L’Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl is the best-selling and award-winning haircare range that helps to give you fuller, thicker & denser looking hair. 
 Before I start to use these product, I decide to measure the thickness of my hair to see if there is any different. The beginning of this challenge, the thickness of my hair is 7.8cm. Now its time to get into the 5 Step of the Serioxyl Haircare Range.
Step 1 | Clarifying Shampoo |
A silicone-free formula that gently washes off excess sebum while providing a long-lasting refreshing and soothing action. I love that this range of products has a minty smell to it which makes it feels pretty refreshing.
Step 2 | Bodifying Conditioner | 
Instantly re-densifies hair without weighing it down; leaves a wonderful feeling of lightness. The texture is a gel form unlike the usual cream conditioner texture.
Step 3 | Densifying Mousse | 
Root-to-ends hair care with a bodifying styling effects. Since it leave a feeling of after styling effect, I would recommend to use after the last two haircare product as this is useful for styling if you are going for that volume look.
Step 4 | Serioxyl Thicker Hair Serum |
This intelligent serum instantly re-densifies hair and leaves it feeling fuller and thicker. Thicker because this hair serum works to increase the diameter of each hair strand by apply a few pumps to the lengths and ends of damp hair. Let dry or blow dry.
Step 5 | Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum |
Applying Denser Hair Serum directly to the scalp each evening for three months will help to increase hair per CM². This serum is very light, cooling, refreshing and its a no-rinse formula. I enjoy applying this every night.
As you can see after more than 2 weeks of using the L’Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Range my hair thickness has increase by 8cm from 7.8cm to 8.6cm (when alight).
I do found that the amount if hair loss when washing my hair seem to have reduce too! I very happy with how it turns out!
The exciting part now would be Giveaway time! With the courtesy of L’Oreal Professionnel, 3 of my readers/followers will get to win a Fuller Hair Kit worth $78 each! 
Head over to my Instagram now to join! Once again I would like to thanks L’Oreal Professionnel Singapore for this opportunity and thicker, healthier hair!
My Next Steps Towards A Healthy Scalp & Hair ~