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You know how most cleanser that you use give you a very “squeaky clean” feeling in which I do honestly prefer, well this does not do that. What this gentle cleanser does is that you know your face is being cleanse without feeling like it removes every bit of moisture from your skin hence it’s definitely gentle enough on the skin. Basically, it live up to it name!If you are looking into a lightweight moisturizer, then this is the one. As for me, it’s a little too light and I’m not sure how well it will suit sensitive skin because I do found that if I just squeeze something out of my face and when this lotion touches it, it actually sting a little and that’s something that I don’t enjoy. Hence, my least favorite of this range to be honest.This is definitely one of my favorites as first of all, it’s oil-free and has a matte finish. It pumps out like light serum texture and after you applied on skin it blend out matte quickly. I found this to be a really good base before any makeup foundation as it’s doesn’t cause any cakey-ness. The product packaging I must say is well-made in the sense that one proper pump has the right amount of product dispense. I personally use this in the day before apply the next products below which goes hand in hand together.

This corrector is literally a perfect product for lazy people like me! I use this right after applying the Quick Matte Moisturizer above. It goes on my skin pretty well, its again oil-free/matte and lastly I get the protection as well as colour correction for my skin! Since it feels matte on the skin and it colour corrects your skin tone, you can easily opt this as a makeup based if you want the most natural looking makeup look. An easy favorite of the range that I would recommend!

If you know me, you would know that I LOVE scrub! Apart from getting rid of dead skin, exfoliating your skin helps to keep them baby smooth. The only problem that many would face is over scrubbing it because sometime, the particles in the scrub might be too rough on the skin. Well, this particular one isn’t too rough because the particles is fine, I can use this 3 to 4 times a week without feeling like its too harsh on my skin hence I really enjoy using this product. Side note, it’s easy to wash off the product too!This is a simple swatch of the products and I’ve used all these for almost 2 weeks straight without using other products in order to get a better feel of how I enjoy them. Do note that the products may work differently on different skin so I hope you give it try and see if you enjoy them as much as I do!

If you have any more question regarding these products, feel free to pop them down below in the comment section and I will be happy to answer for you. In the meantime, you can get these products at Shiseido counters or Sephora!

hugs, Cassandra

Lush | Go Any Where

Hi lovely,

I’m back with another Lush post and let just say, Lush never fail! There is some really interesting products to share this time round so lets hop right into it!Metamorphosis Bath Bomb [ S$12 ]

Lush Bath Bomb are literally what they are known for so of course it would be in this post! Just by the look itself of Metamorphosis, you might think it’s gonna comes out grey and dark, but WRONG. Once the outer layer of grey fizzy off almost as immediately, outburst a medley of orange, pink, yellow and green, releasing tranquil aromas of black pepper and myrrh to cleanse!

New Shampoo Bar [ S$24 ]

The name of this Shampoo Bar is literally call New! XD What this shampoo bar does is that it stimulate tired scalp that’s suffering from hormonal hair loss with spice. I loveee lush shampoo bar so much because they are travel friendly and omg, they foam so well by just rubbing the shampoo bar on your wet hair. It latter up so well which means I don’t find myself using so much product as compared to using the shampoo gel form. It’s just so much more convenient to use too. Definitely highly recommend you all to try out shampoo bar.

Damaged Hair Treatment [ S$24 ]

This is one of the new interesting products that I’ve got to try. It’s a hot hair oil treatment on a stick, so cute right! Basically all you have to do is slowly add a small amount of hot water to the solid treatment and stir gently. Once the treatment has all melted, apply directly to dry hair and leave for around 20 minutes before shampooing, this treatment will hydrate and replenish your beautiful hair with ingredients such as extra virgin olive, shine-enhancing almond and avocado oils . It’s perfect for my hair as I’ve really dry ends! Side note, I actually break it in 3 pieces because I want to have a few uses!Drop Of Hope Soap [ S$18 ]

Another item Lush is known for is their soap, this one in particular is made from oil extracted of rapeseed plant. With a delicate blend of moisturising silken tofu and protective pioppino mushrooms, the soap will keep your skin hydrated!Finally, I’m leaving the most interesting and new products from Lush which is their Tooth Tab and Mouthwash Tab. They are super travel friendly (to be honest, 80% of Lush products I found are very travel friendly) and so easy to use!!! You can just bring it with you in a small container or just pop the entire bottle in you bag. One tab is all you need in each use.

Bling! Toothy Tabs [ S$13 ]

I was so intrigue when I was first introduced this product, I was like for real, this tab can replace my tooth paste? So after I’ve got home that night, I tried it and I’ve been using this tab to brush my teeth everyday. Bling! is a dazzling tabs, rolled in edible golden sparkle which is papain extract. Taste wise is orange with a zing! All you have to do is nibble one of these shiny tabs between your teeth to break it up, then start brushing, it’s that simple!

Crème De Menthe Mouthwash Tabs [ S$18 ]

Another new item is this peppermint mouthwash tab which I enjoy using this a lot too! Just pop one tab into the mouth, take a sip of water to start the fizz then nibble it and swish before spitting out. Alternately, you can also dissolve a mouthwash tab in a small amount of water and rinse the mouth that way. I love this peppermint mouthwash! No burning sensation as compare to usual mouthwash.

Ugai Mouthwash Tabs [ S$18 ]

Ugai is another mouthwash tabs that’s suitable for the green tea and sea salt lover. Inspired by the Japanese custom of gargling to maintain health and vitality, each tab are packed with tantalising herbal taste to deeply cleanse and comfort your mouth. Antibacterial tea tree and sea salt offer freshness, while green tea gives a quenching, verdant flavour.Knot Wraps [ S$9-S$24 ]

Some of you might have know by now that Lush is a company that’s environmentally friendly, so it’s no surprise that they would introduce knot wraps as an alternative to usual packaging. If you didn’t know, even all of the paper wrap in Lush are made of recyclable material. The most interesting part about these knot wraps is that all of them are made from 100% recycled plastic, and can be used again and again! I really like that idea because lets be honest, we know how crazy the amount of plastic is being dump each day. There are actually so many ways to use a knot wraps, as head accessory to bag and as gift wrapper. Mine was tie into a bag which is super cute!

Do head down to Lush store to see the products yourself! Hope you enjoy the information shared here about the products!

Thanks Lush for having me once again! xx

Hugs, Cassandra

Nexcare™ x LINE

If you’ve ever had to deal with acne-prone skin at some point in your life, you might probably have heard of acne patch. Today, I’m gonna share with you the ones from Nexcare™ Acne Patch. What this acne patch does is it absorbs the oily secretion and pus to help clear acne with ingredients like hydrocolloid.

To tell that it’s working, the cover will turn white after absorbing all the oil from the pimple as seen below.

I tend to unconsciously touch and squeeze my pimples and if you’re like me, then an acne patch would be handy because you are reducing hand contact. What’s even more interesting is that Nexcare™ Acne Patch is waterproof yet breathable and can be used under makeup as well.

I had some acne struggle back in my secondary school days especially on my forehead cause I was rocking bangs back then, if only these acne patch was made known to me back then.

Nexcare™ Acne Patch  comes in 3 different types, Men, Ladies and thinner.As you can see the most interesting part of this product is the newly refreshed packaging that screams cuteness!

I enjoy using the thinner one as it’s the least visible one of all. If you have a bigger breakout then I would suggest using the ladies or men type which come in larger sizes – perfect for overnight use. You can pack them in your bag too since it’s very compact, making it easy to bring around so you are always well prepared.

Now here’s something fun for all LINE fans to take part in! Nexcare™ Acne Patch has collaborated with LINE to bring you a weekly LINE Fun questionnaire with 3M Hampers worth $50 up for grabs! Simply download the app and turn on push notifications to be notified the moment a new questionnaire is available each week. 40 lucky winners with the right answers will be chosen.

What’s more, the first 500 people who sign up on the LINE app each week will get a free Nexcare™  Acne Patch sample!

Get your hands on this newly refreshed packaging at Guardian or Watsons with 5% additional discount just by using the LINE App (Valid between 20th April – 17th May).

You can also get it on LAZADA page to enjoy the 5% additional discount with promo code “NEXCARELINE” (Valid between 20th April – 31 May).

ORBIS | Sakura Inspired Look


ORBIS had recently launch their Limited Edition Sakura-themed beauty products to celebrate the Spring Season.

As we all know, Japanese love their Sakura and Japanese ladies tend to wear minimal makeup as they like to look more natural hence this is what I’m going for in this look.

Here’s a quick and easy step by step guide. The base makeup has already been done so I will jump right into using the products shown above.

That’s the look, simple, clean and a hint of sweetness.

Product details are list down below.


Rooibos Blend Tea Sakura (Limited Edition)

S$22 | 15 Packets per box

The aroma of the tea smell like very sweet flower. Any tea lover who love flower tea will definitely enjoy this.


Twin Gradation Eye Color Cherry Blossom (Limited Edition)

S$18 | 1.5g


Balloon Puff Cheek Pink Bloom (Limited Edition)

S$28 | 3.5g


Essence Gloss Rouge Mandarin Red

S$20 | 7g

All of these products are now available in stores at All ORBIS counters except Robinsons The Heeren.

You can also find out more about them at [ https://orbis.com.sg/ ] or their Facebook page.

Hugs, Cassandra




Crabtree & Evelyn | New Damask Rose Restoring Eye Cream & Daily SPF45 PA+++ Lotion


New Damask Rose Restoring Eye Cream (15ml) | S$50
As we know eye care are important but how many of us often apply eye cream. I know I’m on of them that tends to neglect my eyes as I found it a hassle but now that I’ve receive this eye cream from Crabtree & Evelyn, I’m gonna get myself to start applying it regularly. Got to show the same amount of affection to our eyes as well.
This is their luxurious new eye cream that offers extra hydration and restoration. just press and the product will be out. I use the sliver tip to appear directly after cleansing my skin. This means no contact between fingers and eyes. Smell of French Damask Rose, the hyalurionic acid will increase moisture while improve the smoothness of the skin. 
As for hygiene wise, clean the metal tip with cotton pat or tissue after use.
Damask Rose Daily SPF45 PA+++ Lotion (30ml) | S$45
This is a silky and lightweight moisturiser that protect your skin while keeping it in moisture.With the same rose and blended with hollyhock, an everlasting rose that works on the surface like an invisible seal while keeping it in moisture. Defends against the damaging effect of UVB and UVA rays with sun protection factor of 45 PA+++. I use this as the last step in my skincare routin in the day.
Damask Rose Everyday Skincare Collection is suitable for all skin types, that encourages a healthier, more radiant complexion. More products of the collection can be found HERE.
Taking pleasure in simple things, making time
 for yourself and always expecting the best! – Crabtree & Evelyn

Teenage Magazine is my friend

Hey lovely,
I know the title might seem a little funny and out of my usual fashion and beauty post. As some of you might have know by now, I’m part of Teenage Gorgeous You Social Challenge 2015. I’m thankful to be part of it as I meet many new friends aka the contestant. Most importantly Teenage Magazine was like a friend to me during in my Secondary School days. Back then I was a pretty broke student so buying magazine was not up in my head but nevertheless I’ve always enjoyed reading Teenage Magazine whenever I got the chance to so I found myself heading to the National Library to try and borrow the latest copy of Teenage Magazine. Hence it was part of my teenage years memories. Honestly, I haven got to read it in a while since Secondary School so it’s really nice to get my hands on it once again.
If you are avid reader of Teenage Magazine you would definitely spot the different comparing the current September issue and those in the past. The first different is the texture of the cover page being matte as well as the quality of the paper in each page is better. Better as in not just the paper quality but the content as well.
Now, new section is clearly stated and as you flip through you will find that the content is very organise. It’s kind of like investing for a better blog structure page if that make sense, only different is you still get to pay the same amount 20 years ago but with better content.

I enjoying reading through celebrity gossip, fashion mix & match as well as Astroscoop, but the one that stand out most to me which I never fail to flip to was none other than “Dear Kelly”. I would read the story of trouble teens and feeling thankful that I didn’t make the same mistake as they did. I enjoy how “Dear Kelly” was always so patience and compassionate even though teens always ends up making the same mistake knowing that she warned them not to commit over and over again. Now thinking back I believe if I ever get to meet “Dear Kelly” in person, she would be proud of me because I do listen to her advised. *I secretly hope I can meet this amazing lady in person* I think as a teenager, we are at the stage where we tend to explore as well as rebel and often or not we didn’t know what’s the right thing to do or dare not go to our parents for advise so I can safely say “Dear Kelly” have help a lot of teenage out there who are struggling with school, relationship or emotion problems.
Now I’m looking forward to reading the next Teenage Magazine issue and see what’s new, what’s hot and what’s for Kelly to advise!
If you are a teenager reading this post, do give Teenage Magazine a try. I really do hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Good night~

Teenage Gorgeous Social Challenge | My 313 @Somerset Weekend List

Hey lovely,
since I’m given the task to come out with a weekend list, I decided to twist it a little and come out with this 313@somerset Student on a Budget List! Rather than just diving into different spot in 313@somerset, I decided to pick out some of the stores that I would recommend to go if you are a student on a budget. Window shopping is one of the most boring thing to me because what’s the point of shopping when you can’t afford to buy anything. I’ve been there, being a student on a tight budget and shopping in town was no fun so here’s some of my pick!

 Muji #B2-38/39/40/41 
Muji is like the all in one store, from household items to food and clothing. I secretly enjoy their DIY section where you get to purchase simple, Eco-friendly looking notebook and personalize it for yourselves or as a gift! Since Teacher’s Day is around the corner so why not surprise her with a sweet notebook of her very own!
 Typo #01-18
I love going to typo, getting cute stationery always help to give me a boost to study! Exam coming? Why not pamper yourselves with some cute notebook and pen as well as a schedule pad to keep you aware of what’s coming up! There is lots of gift ideas and decoration stuff for your room as well.
 Forever 21 #1st – 3rd floor
In this 3 levels storey Forever 21, you are bound to find something cute to wear. Whether is their affordable accessories items, makeup brush/ pouch or clothing pieces, all these will probably get you stuck in there for a while. *At least I did* After heading in I end up coming out with a necklace! *See what I mean?*
llaollao #B3-55
KOI Express #B3-51 | Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks #B3-50A
Sushi Express #B3-28/29
Lastly we can’t forget to feed ourselves, want a fulfilling meal,? Go for Sushi Express. Not that hungry and just want to grab a bite? Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks and KOI Express is a combo that never fail me. Dessert? Share llaollao Sanum with your friend! On one hand you get to split cost, on the other sharing is caring…
Need a place for selfie or outfit of the day? Head to Orchard Gateway bridge through 313 Somerset link, a spot where good lighting will definitely serve you well!!!
Do share with me what are some of your recommendation as I would love to know! Hope this list is helpful, in the mean time I shall go read my Teenage magazine!~

Etude House Bling Me Prism Collection | Lashperm Curlfix Mascara‏

ETUDE HOUSE is bringing up the notch with the launch of Bling Me Prism Collection. This limited edition range is a collaboration between ETUDE HOUSE and Korea accessories brand High Cheeks!
High Cheeks is Korea hottest trendy accessories brand that scream fun, sexy & cool. With this Bling Me Prism Collection, you can see a sense of playfulness, pop-art graphics and the cute packaging as always. This collection consist of limited edition shades from Bling Me Prism Colour In Liquid Lip, Nails and their latest eyeshadow.
Bling Me Prism Colour In Liquid Lip | S$17.90
With the pigmentation of lipstick and texture of lipgloss, it will melt into a soft liquid form upon applications. It glides well and is long lasting as well. 
  • Pink Beam
  • Hologram In Jewel
  • Rubyring In Red
  • Spangle In Coral
  • Star In Pink Light

Swatch for the Bling Me Prism Collection
Bling Me Prism Eyes | S$12.90
This eyeshadow is a water-base eye colour that gives you a cooling and moisturising effect on you eyelid. It’s long lasting and non-sticky texture will glide on skin without smudging after applying hence once you place it on, you want to blend it out immediately to your liking. It’s like adding a touch of sparkle to your eyes as they consist of hologram pigments and crystal pearl giving you all-day bling effect!
  • #1 Honey Glam
  • #2 Sunny Carat
  • #3 Darling Heart
  • #4 Pearlfect
  • #5 Bling Bold

 Lashperm Curlfix Mascara | S$24.90
The brand new Lashperm Curlfix Mascara has just become one of my favourite Mascara. With density lighter than water, this mascara does not weight your lash down. The fact that it is water, sweat and sebum resistant is worth the hype! I’m attracted to it small precise bristle as it allows me to apply with precision and not worry about accidental contact with my skin. With it’s 24HR technology, it promise to stay curl and up all day!
The real hype about this mascara is its the World’s first dual jelly brush. With special jelly material to design this bristle for the Asian eyes. The key to this dual jelly brush are its clean finish, through application with no mess.
The ultra fine 0.2mm bristles ensure each lash receive a perfect coating, the special arch that you can see within the brush will pick up the right amount of formula for each stroke. As stated it’s a short brush compare to most in the market measure only at 18mm in length so you can be smudge or mess free. It comes in 4 shades:
  • Black 
  • Brown (limited edition) 
  • Plum Burgundy (limited edition) 
  • Pink (limited edition)

Black will be available at all ETUDE HOUSE store. Brown, Plum Burgundy & Pink is available at Wisma Atria store.

After apply makeup base on my face, I move on to my eyes.
 Here I’m applying the eyeshadow #1 Honey Glam as the base colour and blend it out quickly with my finger.
Next I apply #5 Bling Bold on the outer corner of my eyes to add a little depth.
I then finish the eye look with Lashperm Curlfix Mascara in brown.
Lastly, the entire makeup look is done with the touch of  Liquid Lip in PK010.

ETUDE HOUSE Bling Me Prism Collection will be available from September 2015 exclusively at the Flagship store located at Wisma Atria #B1-20/21/22 and Vivo City #B1-03

Go be playful~

Shu Uemura | Light Sculptor

Hey lovely, 
Shu Uemura new collection is all about the “contour-makeup” concept of slimming down the face without surgery which is very popular in Asia hence leading expert in Asian beauty SHUATELIER develop Light Sculptor that enables easy sculpting and instant contouring through a fusion of light using 3 main products.
These 3 main products have a specific application method to enhance the beauty of the bone structure, giving a natural dimensional effect without looking artificial. This means your makeup will look less like you have been piling on a ton of bronzer.
Stage Performer Glow Creator | 30ml S$62
Prime & Finish 
24 Hours Moisturizing – Dazzling Glow (limited Shade)
This deep moisturizing base and top coat will give you an instantly boosted inner glow look. Comes in 3 shades Dazzling Glow (limited Shade), Pure Gold and Warm Gold. 
When translucent glow meets moisturized glow, it immediately smooth skin and gives a natural glow. Talk about having dewy looking skin! 
Ingredients like Royal Jelly Extract will give your skin a nourish feel, Sodium Hyaluronate support water retention while adenosine has anti-aging effect. Not to forget it has anti-oxidation element.
Lightbulb Fluid Foundation and Sponge – 564 Medium Light Sand | 27ml S$72
This lightbulb foundation comes with a sponge where you can learn the technique of using this duo HERE. Loving the high coverage which allows me to apply less concealer around my dark eyes circle, at the same time it has a very dewy/glowing finish that’s moisturising too. Comes in 10 different shades so do head down to Shu Uemura counter to find your perfect shade.
Lightbulb Glowing Face Powder + Puff | 15g S$60
Since this is in the shade colourless, it adds a soft and warm-lit glow to your skin. The secret lies in the formula where it is an oil-coated powder which create a translucent glow minus off the powdery feeling. The puff on the other hand works to pick-up thin and even layer before applying on face. The mesh helps to give fine powder with each pick-up which you can see below.
Multi-Concealer Palette – 7YR light & 7YR dark
The light concealer I use it on my under eyes as for the dark one, I use it as a contouring shade applying on the side of my face as well as the chin area. Since it is cream in texture it blends very well with the lightbulb foundation.
Now that I’ve shown you the products, it’s time to show you the application process. Do note that Step 3 I didn’t follow the exact method. 
Step 1 | Prime
You can see the slight glow where the sunlight hits.
Step 2 | Create
Using the lighbulb fluid foundation, my skin looks extra dewy and moisturised. Even my dark circle are mostly covered up.
Added step | Conceal and Contour
Skin I receive the concealer I wanted to put it to good use before moving on to Step 3, so here is me using the light shade to conceal my under eyes area and the darker shade to contour as mention before. after blending it out it looks very natural and not harsh. This allow me to skip the bronzing powder.
Step 3 | Control
As mention on top I didn’t follow exactly by applying the powder on the T-zone as show in the techniques as well as the glow creator on the selected area. I would definitely do it the next time round. Overall I enjoy how it turns out, the lightbulb glowing face powder is really light hence even after applying all over my face, it does not feel cakey at all! 
After finishing off the makeup here’s how you can look photo ready below, or in this case selfie ready at all time!!! *smile*
Enhancing the beauty of your bone structure by playing with light~