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Watsons is a drug store in Singapore that carries beauty, skin/body/hair care as well as medical needs. They even have their own brand of beauty products. In this post, as you will see there is quite a range of products featured here. Let’s jump right into it!
Body & Hair
Watsons Essence Bath 975ml – This big bottle that will definitely last you quite a while. It contains natural extract as well as coconut oil so it doesn’t dry out your skin. It leans towards a more herbal smell rather than floral though.
Syoss Silicon Free Shampoo 750ml – This is a new brand of shampoo in Watsons that’s suitable for dry, fizzy and fragile hair. If you are conscious about having silicon free products in your shampoo, you can consider trying this out. It actually smells really nice!
Nivea Skin Delight Body Lotion 400ml – Nivea is no stranger to most people as it’s a brand that has been around for a really long time. Use this after bath to keep your skin moisturise!
DOVE Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment 100ml – Need some deep nourishing treatment then you can opt for DOVE Pure Care Dry Oil. I used this before drying my hair to act as a protective layer from the heat and it smells good too!
Bausch + Lomb Renu Colour Contact Lens Solution 355ml – I’ve always been a user of this brand Multi-purpose Solution so it’s interesting how they have branch out to making solution specifically for colour contacts. So the different between this vs the usual ones was this solution state that it increases wearing comfort, gentle and pH- balanced, strengthens lens wettability as well as contain Poloxamine. I’m just guessing that if you have colour contacts and wants it in tip top condition then maybe go for this instead of the one for the usual contacts lens. I however have no problem with using either.
Gillette Fusion Proshield Flexball – The newest addition to the Gillette Fusion family. This power pack comes with two blades and a protector. The Flexball right in the middle act as a flexible wand to ensure better glide while shaving. My man approve!
ZA True White Cushion Compact 12g – One of the newest products in ZA where there aren’t many reviews on this products so I will share a little about this. SPF 30 PA++ and made in Korea, this cushion compact is good for people who wants to obtain fairer skin. Coverage wise, it’s about 3/5 which more suitable for an everyday natural look.
Essano Treat Your Skin Pack – In this travel size package, you get to try 5 products. It consists of a facial cleanser, moisturiser, night cream, body lotion and rosehip oil. Their products works fine on me. Facial moisturiser and night cream both are creamy base. They all smell like roses but I’m not a fan of the smell of the rosehip oil because it didn’t have sufficient rose smell for me which means the oil smell was heavier. Other than that I think the products are pretty alright and absorb quickly into skin.
DHC Suncut Q10 EX Gel 80g – I personally never try this brand before and I definitely enjoy using this. This sun block of SPF50+ PA++++ is very light-weight and blends on easily on skin without leaving my face looking like a ghost because of its gel texture so I’m satisfied with the product.

SVR Sebiaclear Mat+Pores Cream 40ml –  Another brand that’s new to me and this is a pore mattifier which can be used before makeup and after skin care. It apparently gentle, has an AHA-free peeling effect, refines the skin texture and regulates excess sebum.


Eu Yan Sang Slender Gold Slimming Essence 14 x 15g – The benefits of this products is that it promises 6% reduction in BMI, 14X stronger than caffeine in blocking sugar and average of 1 to 8 kg weight reduction. Since it comes in sachet forms, it’s convenience to travel around with.

Blackmores Radiance Marine Q10 30 capsules – If you need collagen, CoQ10 and antioxidants, this covers your beauty from within. It all starts from within right!

Listerine Total Care Zero 250ml – I didn’t like using Listerine before because it’s very strong for me and for many. I believe this is why they decided to come out with one that doesn’t sting and taste sweet! Grape flavour is what I’m saying. Now I can use this without worrying about the pain!

There are way too many products and brands that you can check out in Watsons so I hope this post helps you in one way or another. Thanks for reading & enjoy shopping!


Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set

 Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set
finish look
before after
Step 1
Using the flat brush, apply the darkest shade by outlining the eyebrows. 
Step 2 
Filled it in with the medium brown shade using the angle brush and blend in the outline carefully. I will use this shade to fill up all those sparse area on my brows. Remember to blend in order to achieve an even more natural finish. Work little by little, avoid applying too much product at a go.
Step 3
The finishing touch would be using the angle brush in the lightest shade to blend everything together. This shade helps to balance up the colour.

Note that it’s okay if your brows did not look perfectly symmetrical as our brows are not grown to be perfectly the same. A slight different is normal, if you do prefer it to be exactly the same, then do take your time to apply the outline and blending.

I hope this simple tutorial helps. I myself have practise a lot to get the hang of applying eyebrows so do take your time to figure what brows looks good on you. I love how sleek and small this package is as its super convenient to bring along.

Powder texture like this helps to create a softer and natural looking brows like that Korean brows where as pencil give you a more define eyebrows which the American would prefer.

You can get your very own Limited Edition Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow Set which consist of the brow palette, the brow brush and brow comb which is in store from 6th November to 9th December at S$20.50. It’s a steal as the price of the brow palette itself cost the S$20.50. I especially enjoy the brow brush that came in this limited edition pack. Do give this a try if you are looking for a powder texture brow palette.


Crabtree & Evelyn | New Damask Rose Restoring Eye Cream & Daily SPF45 PA+++ Lotion


New Damask Rose Restoring Eye Cream (15ml) | S$50
As we know eye care are important but how many of us often apply eye cream. I know I’m on of them that tends to neglect my eyes as I found it a hassle but now that I’ve receive this eye cream from Crabtree & Evelyn, I’m gonna get myself to start applying it regularly. Got to show the same amount of affection to our eyes as well.
This is their luxurious new eye cream that offers extra hydration and restoration. just press and the product will be out. I use the sliver tip to appear directly after cleansing my skin. This means no contact between fingers and eyes. Smell of French Damask Rose, the hyalurionic acid will increase moisture while improve the smoothness of the skin. 
As for hygiene wise, clean the metal tip with cotton pat or tissue after use.
Damask Rose Daily SPF45 PA+++ Lotion (30ml) | S$45
This is a silky and lightweight moisturiser that protect your skin while keeping it in moisture.With the same rose and blended with hollyhock, an everlasting rose that works on the surface like an invisible seal while keeping it in moisture. Defends against the damaging effect of UVB and UVA rays with sun protection factor of 45 PA+++. I use this as the last step in my skincare routin in the day.
Damask Rose Everyday Skincare Collection is suitable for all skin types, that encourages a healthier, more radiant complexion. More products of the collection can be found HERE.
Taking pleasure in simple things, making time
 for yourself and always expecting the best! – Crabtree & Evelyn


Recently I’ve got my hands on these few lovely products from my trip to Lush new pop up store located at Great World City #01-07A.
One of their best selling soap because it’s simple hard to resist it’s sweet caramel smell. Have you came across a smell so nice that you almost want to eat it? This is one of them! With the use of ingredients like Canadian honey, bee wax, sweet orange oil scent, soft honey water and aloe will benefit sore and sensitive skin. Want to smell like caramel or toffee then don’t skip this.

This Bath Bar allow you to break it in to smaller pieces for a few uses. A great alternative to use if you enjoy bubble bath because this helps to create lots of bubble and you get to enjoy the soap at the same time. Just remember to rinse it out before coming out of the shower, oh did I mention the water is purple in colour too which is so much fun!
I’m not sure about you but I am one of those people with bad hair days so dry shampoo always comes in handy for me. All you have to do is massage in sparingly in your scalp and through your hair. Corn flour and talc will absorb excess oil while the lemon, grapefruit and lime oil give your hair a fresh fragrance. I enjoy the smell a lot.
Leaving the best for the last here is one of the two products that I fell in love with. This is a shampoo bar! Yes you heard me right, it’s a shampoo bar that allows you to use 3 times longer than a 250ml shampoo, it’s travel friendly since you do not have to worry about leakage or limited amount of liquid. It foams more, better and faster than the usual shampoo so I haven stop using this since! 
With fragrant Ylang Ylang turns dull hair gleam once again, balancing the scalp and hair. This fragrant has been use by Aromatherapists to treat stress and depression too.
People with longer hair like me tend to spam a lot of shampoo and with this I don’t have to do so which means it’s friendly to my wallet too. Simply just wet your hair, start rubbing in and see it foam up! So much winning with this shampoo bar which is why I would definitely recommend you to get this the next time you happen to be in Lush!
Last but definitely not least, love a good facial scrub then Cupcake, one of Lush Fresh Face Mask is your new best friend! Once in a while I would give my face a good scrub to get rid of dead skin as well as achieving smooth skin. Since this scrub is pretty rough in texture, *which I prefer* I will only do this once a week or once every two week. This has to be kept in fridge as it’s a fresh mask which means when its time to whip it out, you get to enjoy a cooling massage on your skin. Apply this gently on skin since the texture of the scrub does not required you do apply much pressure. 
If you suffer from oily or spotty skin, this will be the mask you can opt for. With spearmint oil to cool, Rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse and vanilla absolute to calm redness, this is a savior for young faces. 
Fresh Face Mask is another recommended to get list because they have different once for different concern so you can click HERE to find out which will suit your concern.
In the mean time, I shall go slather on some cocoa concoction!
Lush, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics~

D’skin Oxygenating Facial Treatment

Hey lovey,
I am happy to share with you my very first facial experience and its with D’skin. Some of you might know this brand through Bellabox as I received one of D’skin skincare product from the March Bellabox. I was invited by the lovely Christine to try out the facial for the very first time! I hesitated at first as I had some concerned because my face was at one of it’s worse phase. Long story short, my entire face was clogged and bumpy. After learning a little more from Christine, I can truly tell that she was sincerely trying to give me some help rather than trying hard to sell it to me, I said yes and here I am writing up on a pretty great experience. 
Firstly one of the main thing that I knew I wanted to do badly was extraction! I was like yessssss please get rid of all those clogged pore! I was in desperate need of extraction because my face especially my cheek to my chin had been like that for many months. It got to the extend that I almost give up on the idea of having smooth skin ever again. Now that my face is smooth I shall share with you the process of it!
I went to the Toa Payoh branch, they have a few branches which you can find HERE and they have many different types of facial to choose from in order to cater to different needs.
The facial treatment I had is Oxygenating Facial Treatment.
Step 1
The first thing that the skin therapist did was checking the condition of my face using their machine. After scanning, my face turns out to be Dehydrated! I have dry skin! OMG! Something that I could not comprehend initially because my face have always been so so oily hence I got shock by the result. I was also told that water and oil is two different thing as in my face is lack of hydration even though it’s oily. The reason why its oily is because of my sebum. 
After my skin analysis, she let me know what are they going to do. 
Step 2
Cleansing is always the most important step of every skincare regime hence they help to remove my makeup with their Enriched Pure Cleansing Oil as well as cleansing my face thoroughly before moving to the next step. The skin therapist instructed me to always double cleanse whether I have makeup or sunscreen.
Their cleansing oil has 3 layers when you take a close look. It’s also
  • 0% chemical fragrance
  • 0% artificial colouring
  • 0% lanolin
  • 0% mineral oil 
  • 0% SD alcohol

Step 3
A steamer was used to open up my pore to prepare for the next step which is Extraction.
Before Extraction, the staff did a peel to remove those whiteheads that’s already on the surface.
During Extraction, it will hurt depending on how difficult it is to get out the black/white heads. Pimple are removed as well. Since I often do my own “extraction” at home. I have a higher tolerant towards the pain. Your face is going to be very red right after but that’s alright as treatments are done right away to calm those redness down.
Step 4
Once the Extraction is done, the first thing that they did for me was using an electronic device to kill all the bacteria on your face. As you may know all those black/white heads as well as pimple that are squeeze out probably has lots of bacteria hence this step is crucial. Note that you will feel mild electric shock on your face
Step 5
A mist device was then being used to help calmed down the redness on the skin. A pretty relaxing process.  
Step 6
Finally they finish off with an CO2 Gel Masque which customer can actually buy it to use it at home.
The CO2 Gel Masque is an effective mask treatment for refining skin texture, face slimming and brightening. CO2 promotes an increase of O2, results in active metabolism and cell renewal hence skin pigmentation, ageing and scars will be reduced. This mask will keep the balance between oil and moisture, slowing ageing and revitalise your skin to the healthy radiant condition. 
As you can see my face looks less red after the treatment. Which is good because you don’t really want to step out of the place looking like a strawberry though I would definitely not recommend to go to places after facial that involve Extraction.

After the treatment, they recommended me to use these two product. The Multi-Calming Booster for the next few days as well as Soothing Essential Solution that’s very good for the sensitive skin. Click in the name to find out more.

This is how my face looks after 4 days. (note that I haven apply any moisturiser in these shoots) The redness has reduce a lot and the scar are recovering. There are some dry patches as the recovering area has some peeling. Overall the feeling of able to feel the skin smooth without bum was the best feeling I’ve felt on my face in a long time! 
I’m so thankful to Christine for encouraging me to give it a try as well as Kristine my skin therapist for doing a good job in removing all those clogged pores as I can imagine how gross it is. 
Note: There were eyebrows trimming and shoulder massage included in all their facial package which I enjoyed too.
In conclusion one of the biggest different in extracting the clogged pores at home and at a facial is firstly it’s done by professional who knows how not to scar your face while extracting , next is you do not have special device to kill those bacteria and calm your face down with treatment at home. This is why overall, I know I will be back again once I start feeling like my face is clogged or if I just want to enjoy other facial treatment. 
If you haven tried facial and want to try it for the very first time, I will recommend D’skin as I enjoy mine!
You can learn more about D’skin or shop for their skincare line HERE as well as where or what Facial they have. D’skin also consist of other treatments such as Eyes, Neck, Body Wellness or Body Therapy
D’skin Facebook & Instagram. Do check them out!
Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin ~ Zoe Saldana

Glam-It! GlamPact

Recently I attended the Glam-it! event where I got to customise my own makeup palette from colour to placement. Glam-it! is a compact beauty kit that have been endorsed by beauty and fashion influencers and celebrity clientele. Founder of Glam-it! is a former actress turned successful serial entrepreneur who is passionate about luxury, beauty and fashion, Ms Jennifer Cheng who understand the needs of women have definitely felt the pressure to “look perfect” 24/7 and often experience it in a business world hence created GlamPact as she fully embrace the philosophy of “Me for Me’ knowing that each girl is her own best asset and advocate. By putting herself first, she had become more stronger and empowered hence feeling more beautiful of oneself. 
Her mission is to help girls to save time and and manage their purse space efficiently. At the event I got to meet up some ladies and get our hands on the shades. After hearing so much from Jennifer about Glam-it!, we can feel how passionate she is about this product. 
She have also won awards such as SuperAchiever Woman Award by CMO Asia & Most Promising Entrepreneur Award by Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards APEA
What’s special about GlamPact is you get to customise your GlamPact and with a total of 11 modules. 3 of which are large ones such as your press powder/blush/bronzer/highlighter. The rest of the 8 small modules are lip/eye shadow/concealer. Even the brush kits are all packed in. Did I mention they even has a LED lighted mirror without the use of batteries?
The GlamPact is re-design to make it fit better. Jennifer actually place her GlamPact in her clutch to show us how portable it is.
Most importantly all GlamPact contains clinical and botanical skincare ingredients to make your skin look good from inside out with long term benefits. We can’t say no to that! 
Since now a days many of us ladies start to take note of the ingredients that is used in makeup, Glam-it! guarantees that all products in the GlamPact are made with vegan ingredients with no animal testing and completely paraben, sulfate, and gluten free.
Fun fact: Behind each makeup shade there is either a deeper meaning, inside joke or some kind of inspiration. 
I Want Candy – After winning an award for entrepreneurship, Jennifer was asked if she would like anything else when leaving the stage and she responded “I Want Candy”. Therefore this ultra-feminine pink lip colour is the epitome of the sweetness if success.
Rich Girl – This was inspired by Jenn’s friends who mentioned that her upscale carefree life as a girl who seemingly had everything was more complicated than it appeared on the shiny surface.
Jennifer Cheng, an actress, a model, Founder & CEO of Glam-it! 
She was a Piano Prodigy as well!
                          June and I                                       Their hand cream and organic balm is awesome
swatches of the colours available for us to choose
Group Shot
The lighting there was really bad as it was dark but the place is pretty nice
All colours comes in individual pack
Small Module SGD $8
Large Module SGD $18

 You can press the module in and pop it out by
 pushing it from the bottom of the pact.

Each GlamPact holds up to 11 modules, 3 large and 8 small ones
(one of my pack went missing after placing the colour in the pact)
 The module takes a little bit of effort to place it in but definitely very secure once press in.
 Since the LED lights up like your own personal counter, the battery is chargeable.
USB cable come with it.
GlamPact Retail Price: SGD $110 
Include 3 large and 8 small modules (you can choose your own colour)
Brush Kit
USB Cable 
Velvet Pouch
You can get your very own GlamPact at She Shops
You can follow Glam-it! on their Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr
GlamPact is your secret weapon, your best beauty buddy, for you to feel prepared to take on any challenges in life. ~ Jennifer Cheng