April BellaBox | Dare To Be Flawless |

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Hey Lovely,
This month Bellabox is also the very last box I would be reviewing as Bellabox has recently announce with effect of 30 April, they will be stopping the box subscription service. I was quite upset about it as Bellabox has play a pretty good part when I started my blogging journey. They have been so wonderful and I even got to meet many new friends at the Bellabox 2.0 event last year. Nevertheless I’m truly grateful for the opportunity I got to work with bellabox over the period.
This month Bellabox is about being Flawless by channelling our inner Beyoncé. As we all know being flawless is not easy because it will come down to the basic of one health and what we use. So let’s head right into the box on how to achieve flawless.
 The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell SPF50+ PA+++ 
First up we have cushion base which are usually my go to makeup base because they are light in texture compare to most liquid foundation and on days you just want to have a quick fix me up to balance out the skin tone as well as a bit of coverage then I would say base like this comes in very handy.
This is the world’s first cushion screen cell foundation where it is pack with 5 benefits in 1 compact, a lightweight  foundation that conceals, brightens, protects, minimises wrinkles and hydrates.
 VDL Lumilayer Primer
This primer will enhance the staying of your base makeup with brightening and radiance effect, at the same time, its violet-pigmented foundation will produces a gorgeous 3-dimensional skin.
VDL Skin P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence
Anti-Oxidant ampoule essence is pack with highly concentrated Centella Asiatica for extraoridnart anti-ageing benefits. It works to stimulate collagen synthesis to improve skin conditions.
Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Beauty Balm
Equipped with patented Cell Perfector, this hair beautifying cream protects normal to dry hair by using it’s technology to enrich hair health and enhance the shine and relieves for hair at it’s prime.
Kerasal Nail 
A clear non-sterile topical solution to help restore the appearance of discoloured,brittle and unpleasant-looking nails. With it’s silicone drop tips, it conveniently release the solution on to targeted area.
Dr.G Aquasis Water Soothing Gel Cream
 the moisture gel will calm and soothe skin and is clinically tested to lock in moisture for as long as 48 hours. Formulated with unique Aqua Soothing Water and Aqua Soothing Solution System technology, its lightweight texture will leave a cooling effect to re-adjust skin temperature to a healthy and normal level.
I would love to take this opportunity to thanks Bellabox once again for more than a year of love and partnership. Through Bellabox I got to know more products and brands, I wish Bellabox all the best and looking forward to its future. In the mean time, do stay tune to Bellabox Instagram for Bellabox Closing Down Sale. 
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March Bellabox | Fifty Shades Of Pink |

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Hey Lovely,
It’s Mid of March already and of course I am talking about my beautiful Bellabox greeting me at my door step! This month theme was Fifty Shades Of Pink that definitely got us ladies a little hype not just for the pink but a Benefit products that’s was revealed to be inside the box. I have been wanting to try the Benefit’s Roller Lash when it just launched so I am excited to be able to try the products in this month box!
Let head into the box!
Benefit Cosmetic Roller Lash
This Roller Lash was design to fit all types of eyelashes, from thin to thick, short to long and straight or curl. It states to help us ladies achieve super curl power for 12 hours straight so I shall put it to the test!
It contains an instant curve setting formula and an innovative Hook ‘n’ Roll brush grab, separate, lift and curl for powerful lash curling hold and wider looking eyes.
Here’s before (left) and after (right) how my eyelash looks.
The PPP Shop Post-Laser Facial Mask
Need a turbo-charged rehydration and embrace firmer, suppler skin in just 5 minutes, this is the mask to go to. Oil-free, fragrance-free and ideal for sensitive skin. Created with Hyaluronic Acid to support moisture lock-in without blocking pore. Sound like something that I would need.
Asience Inner Rich Shampoo & Conditioner
Powered by Asience innovative Beauty Serum, this duo is for the dry, frizzy hair with a luxurious blend of precious oils and essences to reveal youthful-looking hair. If you have dye your hair or often use heating tool on your hair, this shampoo might be the one for you.
D’Skin Hydra-Protective Calming Cleanser & Anti-Oxidant Hydra-Youth Toner
The cleanser is formulated without Flouride and Synthetic Foaming Agent to thoroughly cleanse away dirt without washing away necessary sebum. 
While the toner not only keeps your skin hydrated and protected, it helps to firm and improve the elasticity of the skin.
Daylong SPF 50+ Sunscreen Duo 
A super lightweight, quick absorbing, non sticky sunscreen that deliver very high protection against UVB/UVA/IR skin damage.
Comes in both for adult and kids(as of 1 year old), with SPF50+ that’s suitable from sensitive to oily skin.
Uriage Suppleance Corps (Uriage Nourishing Cream Body Milk)
Indulge your skin with powerful emolients like Edelwiss extract, Shea Butter and exclusive Uriage Thermal Water to extensively hydrates, soften, sooth and protect skin.
Tealy Spring Green Tea
An exceptional seasonal tea made only once-a-year, enjoy the exquisite pleasure of this bright and luminescent green blend, coupled with it’s revitalizing strong aroma and distinct sweetness.
Darlie All Shiny White Multi-Care Toothpaste
Multi-care formula combined with SWA whitening particles and fluoride, it eliminates plaque, strengthens enamel, delivers gum care, prevents cavities and deep cleans. strengthening you teeth and freshens your breath.

How to be a Bella? Getting yourself a Bellabox of course!
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Go be Belle~

October BellaBox | Bday Blowout |

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This month is BellaBox 3rd Birthday so I would love to shout out to the amazing BellaBox, Happy Birthday to you!!! Wishing you continuous prosperity and success! 

Birthday blowout, another month of pampering from Bellabox which always put a smile on my face upon seeing the pretty blue box that pops right on my table. 

This month beauty covers from inside till out from SkinBiotics whitening tablets to Benefit They’re Real! Push-up liner!
 Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Push Up Liner
This liner was on a high with everyone trying to get their hands on it. It’s the first every gel liner that’s designed with a slant tip to provide easier precise line when applying. It is also waterproof, smudge-proof and have a the creamy formula which I like. I personally do found it easy to achieve the precision that need hence it is a good one to give it a try!

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Primer
This primer works on your entire eye area from eyelid to the bottom part of your eyes where you apply concealer. Keeping them in place and longer lasting. How cute is the packaging even for the mini.

Crème Simon Crème Universelle
This is the multi-purpose moisturiser that works on your body, hands and feet which also helps to soothes and relieves skin

Crème Simon Brightening-Detox Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub
This scrub is one of my favourite item in this month box because there are lots and lots of very tiny beads of scrub particles pack in a tube. It’s so tiny hence gentle but it scrub so well at the same time as there are just so much tiny beads that every time when use, it’s relaxing and leave skin feeling smooth after use. I am hook!

Crème Simon Brightening-Detox Multi-Benefits Eye Treatment
This mini size allow me to bring along easily in my pouch to apply it as and when I feel like I need a little boost as it is a brightening and detoxifying treatment for those tiring eyes of ours.

SkinBiotics Even+Whiter
These tablets are pack to lighten skin tone, clear blemishes & enhance antioxidants defense for celebrity- worth skin. Since beauty start from inside out and if you feel a little lazy to head out to get fresh fruit juice, you might want to opt for this tablets form which will probably much more faster and effective.

This brand is known to tackle especially the dry and sensitive skin. In this trial kit range it consist of a cleanser, lotion and cream. easy to use for traveling. If you have dry and sensitive skin, you definitely want to give this brand a try.

SpectraBan Sensitive 30
Have sensitive skin and want to try sunscreen? This may be the one you are looking for. Provide UV protection, anti-UVA, anti-UVB and PA++ SPF 30

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream
Hydrate, Smooth, Ligthens and Refines for your skins, need me say more?

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